Sixth O Antiphon - O Rex Géntium - O King of the Gentiles

Father Reto Preaches 6 5
Advent 2012 Father Reto Nay Gloria Retreat in preparation for Christmas Sixth O Antiphon - O Rex Géntium More
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Harmonia celestiala
Thank you for these words who open the door for Christmas.
Dear Rev. Father Reto, Thank you very much, through the intercession of the most blessed Immaculate Virgin, may the good example you make as a Priest serve to strengthen the faith and may your Preaching and the praiseworthy undertakings of be rendered fruitful too!


Gloria Thomas
What has a greater majesty than Truth? If we look for God in our feelings we mistake His character; He is instead to be found in the Truth: "Illuminatio mea." Fr. Reto, your description of the spiritual violence which wrenches one from his sin in confession...the drama of the squander of our souls and this sublime concept of Christ as the Desire, as the very force within our souls that loves God.… More
We celebrate Christ the King but never related it to every single celebration of the Mass. Takes prudence to speak truth to power without being martyred. Addicted to Christ? Good zeal and bad zeal. More prudence needed. Charity must prevail. I agree God breaks through with His graces in the sacramental life. Tend more toward monastic worship but helps many to have more beautiful structures to … More