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The Vatican Has Killed Another Catholic Bishop: The diocese of Albenga-Imperia, Italy, which has a Catholic bishop, Monsignor Mario Oliveri, and many seminarians has been normalized by the Vatican. … More
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la verdad prevalece
BrAlexisBugnolo martes, 08:33

I would beg every Catholic on earth to insist that the Cardinals investigate the allegations of scandal commited by Team Bergoglio during and before the last Conclave…/from-ivereigh-t…
I think you'll find that while some blogs have gone ballistic about the so called scandal of Pope Francis' election - the author himself, Austen Ivereigh has cleared up any confusion about any wrongdoing. You can read it…/4158763.htm

@Gloria.TV News - this should be enough to clear up the story you posted about the so called team bergolio story last … More
The way the term, "normalized," is used here creeps me the heck out...
I would beg every Catholic on earth to insist that the Cardinals investigate the allegations of scandal commited by Team Bergoglio during and before the last Conclave…/from-ivereigh-t…
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la verdad prevalece
Gracias Abramo Con todo respeto estoy en desacuerdo con usted porque la famosa frase de Francisco fue maliciosa y es la que ha causado que los curas sodomitas en vez de obedecer el Evangelio se sienten como reclamando derechos de ser gay y cura a la vez olvidándose de su voto de castidad. Francisco es directamente responsable por su permisividad y negligencia asi como fue … More
@la-verdad-prevalece: I do agree with you that Pope Francis statements as a cardinal and as a Pope in matters of homosexualism at times lack the clarity needed for the high standards of the Gospel. But this is not at stake in the case of Fr Martin Dolan. Pope Francis is not involved in this case. You cannot directly blame the Pope for Dolan in case you are a Christian.

Here's a more important fact - you have a subjective opinion of Pope Francis based on your reliance on a certain type of 'news' (and I use the word loosely) sources.

As Cardinal in Argentina, he was critical of same-sex marriage and gay adoption. Please stop reading anti-Francis blogs and using them as a basis for more slander against your Pope.
la verdad prevalece
Abramo Here is the fact;
Bergoglio since was a Cardinal allow the gay couple in Argentina adopt Children and allow homosexual receive communion sacrilegious Argentine Transvesti Cardinal Bergolio permitted a homosexual ceremony in a Basilica of Buenos Aires. The phrase of Bergoglio in Brazil was maliciously and contradicts the word of God This quote was an answer to a question about Mons. … More
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Francis is persecuting true catholics.
Pius XI defended Fascism in Quadragesimo Anno as the solution to the imperialism of money. Given Francis' sympathies for Peronism, the Argentine Mussolini, it shouldn't be surprising the he regards that disgraceful encyclical highly.
Harmonia celestiala
Thank you Abramo, for this reference
@la-verdad-prevalece: You play in favour of your enemies if you blame just everything on "Bergoglio". There have unfortunately been many priests who have done the same as Dolan before Francis was Pope. Please, stick to facts and limit insults. That's what the Gospel asks as to do (in case you are a Christian).
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la verdad prevalece
El nuevo Apostata Martin Dolan
Otro cura mas que cae en Apostasía y se rebela contra las enseñanzas morales de la Iglesia gracias al efecto Bergoglio que abrió la caja de pandora por eso los sodomitas desobedecen la palabra de Dios que nos advierte que debemos de apartarnos de toda inmoralidad sexual y desobedecen los mandamientos de la Ley de Dios el 6 y 9 mandamiento y ellos … More