Gloria.TV News on the 13th of April 2017

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Dis-appointees: Pope Francis appointed 13 councilors to the Vatican Secretariat for Communications. One of them is the Jesuit James Martin of America Magazine, a prominent promoter of homosexualism. … More

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Happy Easter to everyone at Gloria.TV
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Happy Easter to all the staff @gloria tv, Thank you for all you do!
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a lot of the portuguese newspapers are also fake news ,and this bishop Fernando Ocariz his last name does not sound like portuguese what he said is heretic , ""oops did i said that ""? it was an impulse !
Losing Strategy: It must be a joke...There is absolutely no hope that "young agnostics, atheists and those who have a lukewarm faith" could be converted by counterfeit bishops in teamwork with the atheistic UN agenda...!…/agenda-21-conve…
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