Meet the priest who bought an ambulance on eBay and converted it into a mobil...

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what an innovative idea, thanks for sharing
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"Take one a day at 3 p.m."
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Jim Dorchak
Wow what I would give to have the LATIN MASS like this here in Chile where it is only offered on a regular basis, 12 hours north of me, in Santiago! No Latin Mass for the rest of the country. WHooo Hooooo.......... how is that working for saving souls eh?
Back in the 1860s the Jesuits used to make circuits through out Chile and say Masses (Yes of course it was the Latin Mass, the Mass of the … More
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Actually this is not a new idea. In the 1950's Fr Werenfrid von Stratten, among others, used a similar idea to bring the Sacraments to Catholics who were far from home and their Catholic churches. He didn't have an ambulance but they used vans as mobile chapels.
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If it's working over there, why not ....
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He reminds me of Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show.

Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies
And ev'ryone goes, 'cause everyone knows
Brother Love's show