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Next Blow: The well-informed Italian blog AnonimiDellaCroce writes that before the end of April Pope Francis' Council of Cardinals will gather again. For this date, a kind of pastoral letter will be … More

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Next blow: ... For this date, a kind of pastoral letter will be ready in order to prepare the people of God for a liturgical ecumenism which has, at its core, intercommunion with Lutherans who do not even believe in the reality of the consecrated host.

In any case, it is not known if the Lutherans believe in the reality of the consecrated host.
But why the tabernacle is removed from the center? … More
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Ecumenical Communion with Lutherans who don't even believe in the Real Presence!!! Are you kidding??? What more has to happen in crucifying our Eucharistic Lord before Frankenstein is declared a Heretic?!
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apvs mentioned this post in Belgique : huit salariés se font implanter une puce sous la peau.
Holy Cannoli
Doctrinal Striptease: under Francis we are being stripped of certainties
How true! Never properly learning the Heimlich maneuver, an unnamed Cardinal slaps Pope Francis in the face trying to dislodge the large piece of Cannoli that got stuck in the pontiff's windpipe.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
I think its a perfectly logical conclusion to reach for communion for all..if you don't believe in the real presence of God in the Eucharist...if a goody goody club membership means eating a round wafer..go ahead...bring your pets along too...
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Dr Stuart Reiss
its a bit like saying that the Pope might give you a nod to go ahead and sin when it comes to adultery...because its too haaaaard not to....but be merciful all's well on the 2+2 = 5 count
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Dr Stuart Reiss
if that bishop said that..someone ought to occasionally give him flowers too