Who is Pope Francis?

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Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, DC, and currently counselor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Born in New York City in 1930, Cardinal McCarrick … More
Joseph a' Christian
@alex j - Thank you brother, please mention me in your prayers.
Let’s keep up the fight against these destructive frauds!
Christ our Life, bless you and your family.
alex j
@Joseph a' Christian. Love your comment!
Makes you want to Vomit!
Joseph a' Christian
MACHIAVELIAN : Duplicity. Deceit. A person existing, with personal lusts/ambitions above morality.
In publik, McCarrick, False Francis and their associates are deceitful actors.ACTORS. The priests garments are just costumes for these creatures, a bible is just a prop to them.
Leeches, robbing and destrying all they can.
McCarrick, False Francis, Homo James Martin.. are deceit and death.
Our Lord … More