This is what German television is showing

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You watch it but cannot believe what you see...
May God forgive her and by His grace save this child. Viva Cristo Rey!
Substitute Satan for Allah and you have the truth. Once Christ is rejected, Satan gladly steps in and fill the void.
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Fruits of Nostra Aetate in antitrinitarian heresy and dialogue. Moreover, Germany is in the stage of self-destruction through multi-cultural ethnic mix up of its nation and religious syncretism of Christian religions. This well orchestrated plan lead to a complete loss of self-identity in many Germans who are now the slaves of production and consumption. This may also lead to serious economic … More
Roberto 55
Brainwashing! Satanic perversion.
Sick. God continues to punish the Germans. Luther, Hitler, Merkel.
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Jim Dorchak
I love the BLA BLA BLA part.
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Uncle Joe
Obviously a made for TV commercial with actors and not actual Muslims. She's too pretty to be muzzie and where's that black rag muzzie women wear on their heads?

Why are they doing it? The actors are doing it for the $$$. The German Gov. is pushing it to try and placate the uneasiness of concerned citizenry who have already seen the lack of assimilation and the
increase in crimeMore
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