Promoting Mass-Emigration is Evil

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Cardinal’s Father Shot Five Killing One Neo Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako, the Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon, Iraq, told about the story of his family which in 1925, during the … More
@Poitiers Integration is going so well, they're defiantly remembering their fallen in a battle that happened 1286 years ago, which was against their new host nation.
Holy Cannoli
Saddam Hussein Helped the Later Cardinal

Cardinal Sako personally met then president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, who later was murdered by American marionettes.

“Murdered by American marionettes”?
Murdered? As in unlawfully killed?
The implication is that Saddam was innocent. In fact, he was a
ruthless bustard dictator
who plunged his region into chaos and bloodshed. It was not only … More
Holy Cannoli
"Saddam Celebrates September 11", Little Green Footballs, 7/21/2003 "Here’s a photograph taken by members of the 3rd Infantry Division near the Baghdad Airport, that you haven’t seen published by our quagmire-obsessed, relentlessly negative media. It doesn’t prove a connection between Saddam Hussein and the September 11 atrocities, of course; but clearly, he wanted someone to think the … More
All these politicians have sold out their people, culture, history, and faith for money and power.