Christ the High Priest

"Since in Jesus, the Son of God, we have the supreme high priest who has gone through to the highest heaven, we must never let go of the faith that we have professed. For it is not as if we had a … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Exceptionally Beautiful.

St Teresa of Ávila

"May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Excellent, uplifting statement, by Saint Teresa.
Thank you St. Therese ❤

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Archbishop Christophe Pierre: Cardinal Tobin must not be made Archbishop of Washington before investigation
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Gesù è con noi

Never Kneeling

On the Memorial of Pope St. John Paul II, Pope Francis visited the tomb of Karol Wojtyla and paused for a moment in prayer. (Photo: Vatican Media)
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Nice photograph
Before confused people, crazy, in fact, who say they have an identity other than the one that comes from the ontological act which constitutes them. … More

Saint John Paul II

"O God, who are rich in mercy and who willed that the blessed John Paul the Second should preside as Pope over your universal Church, grant, we pray, that instructed by his teaching, we may open our … More
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Joseph a' Christian
@mccallansteve True, and he was the head of the 1986 prayer meeting in Assissi. That demonic ceremony included: Zoroastrians who believe fire is … More
Saint John Paul II pray for us. “I plead with you! Never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.… More
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"great joy" at converting from Islam

Via Catholic Sat. youth delegate, Henriette Camara (Guinea), who is representing Catholic Scouts, speaks of her "great joy" at converting from Islam, the difficulties she experienced, especially her … More
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Courageous girl in love with Jesus. May our Church leaders not let her down...
Joseph a' Christian
MUHAMMAD WAS A MURDERER - (updated with more of the prophets profits) 1) Muhammad and his gang murdered numerous travelers on the road to Mecc… More
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College of Cardinals in Serious Troubles – Cardinal Burke

The College of Cardinals which eventually will have to elect the next pope, is “in a very bad way” - Cardinal Raymond Burke told on October 21. He mentioned that Pope Francis …
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St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis
@frjimanderson God speaks loud and clear, but franky and his minions insist on interpretting and interupting.
God will hear our prayers and respond how and when He chooses. Don't let your hearts lose hope...
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This sculpture titled “Pregnant mountain”

The sculpture is a tribute to the woman that gives life according to the artist Dubian Monsalve. It is located near the town of Santo Domingo, in Colombia
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US priest who acts as ‘spiritual guide’ for sex abuse victims photographed attending drag show

A high-profile archdiocesan priest who is also appointed by his archbishop as spiritual director for victims of sexual abuse by clergy apparently entertains his friends at drag shows and with … More
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very sad
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Speaking at an international conference in Poland, Cardinal Gerhard Mueller said on Thursday that “no nation can be a teacher of others in Europe” and that “no European institution can impose its … More

‘No country has right to lecture to Poland’: German cardinal

No country has the right to lecture to Poland on the principles of democracy because Poland has done the most for maintaining democracy in Europe, a …,%e2%80%98No-country-has-right-to-lecture-to-Poland%e2%80%99-German-cardinal
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Brussels the head of EU wants Portugal to erase their history aswell because its not friendly to other nations that are not christians ,This is a … More
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Pope Francis the Insulter Preaches Against Insults

Insulting is “a way of killing”, said Pope Francis in his October 17 general audience. He added that it would be wonderful if each of us could say: “I will never insult anyone.” In June 2016, …
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Hipocrisy lives well and proud in the Vatican
..."Faraway contemplative" also sounds pretty good.
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Second Young French Priest Commits Suicide

Father Pierre-Yves Fumery, 38, a priest of the Diocese of Orléans, France, was found dead on October 20 in his presbytery in Gien, France. Orléans Bishop Jacques Blaquart wrote in a statement that …
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The Upside-down world of the Kingdom. Homily for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Fr.GeoffreyPlant on Oct 16, 2018 The upside-down world of God's kingdom is about a cross, not a crown; about being last, not first; about being a servant, not lord; self-sacrifice, not glory.
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It strongly suggests (alongside other evidence) that pro-gay bishops are generally gay themselves, perverts.
Lisi Sterndorfer
They speak open.

Facebook Chick Sounds Like a Programmed NPC

Facebook Product Manager pretty much says they are defaulting to "third party fact checkers" to stamp out fake news on their platform. These "third party" organizations don't even attempt to hide … More
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Resist this marxist organization
Lisi Sterndorfer
Perfect answer - by Donald Trump
2011 Interview with Fr. Gary Thomas, exorcist. Quote: "Now I will tell you in the same breath, that there are bishops who don’t believe. I’ve had rector generals tell me they don’t believe."

An Interview with An Exorcist: Fr. Gary Thomas - - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

Editor’s Note: As part of our coverage of the opening of The Rite, I’m pleased to share the following interview of Fr. Gary Thomas whose story …
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The Difference Between Francis and Paul VI

The Difference Between Francis and Paul VI In a lecture given in mid-October in Melbourne, Cardinal Raymond Burke compared Paul VI with Francis. Burke noticed that Francis speaks frequently and … More
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Has it actually recorded?
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The Trump Admin has a definition of sex as "a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.”

‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration

The Trump administration is considering a legal definition of gender as immutable and fixed at birth, the most drastic in a series of moves against …
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Do these kids have parents, teachers, and pastors...? Vote or lose our country...
alex j
More power to you Mr. President! Common sense at last!!!!!!!!

Cardinal Burke pictured after today's Mass at the church of Santa Trinity, in Rome.

Burke visits with the children from the catechism class for first communion and preparation for confirmation.
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Cardinal Burke

Understanding "accompaniment"

(in the Indian restaurant)
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I'd prefer that accompaniment or side-dish to Bergoglian accompaniment which frankly appears to be a euphemism for sodomy.