Italy's young people reject Laudate Si

This is what resulted from Bergoglios meeting with the youth, the other day, in the Circus Maximus at Rome. Seems to kinda reflect the authenticity of the event.
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N.J. priest in sexting sting thought he was talking to 16-year-old boy, wanted to meet

The Rev. Matthew Riedlinger exchanged more than 1,200 text messages, many of them sexually explicit, over four weeks last year
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'The Torah of Israel teaches us clearly and unambiguously what a family is: a covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, who will, with G-d's help, be blessed with children.'

75 Jewish women slam LGBT ‘families’ as against Torah and tradition

'The Torah of Israel teaches us clearly and unambiguously what a family is: a covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, who will, with G-d's …
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Mormon church President Russell M. Nelson said he wants people to stop using “Mormon,” or “LDS” as substitutes for the full name of the religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nels… More

Church president: Use 'Latter-day Saints' not 'Mormon' - Religion News Service

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The terms "Mormon," ''Mormonism" and "LDS" have been frequently used for decades to refer to the Utah-based faith that counts …
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Credible accounts of a priestly “subculture, with its own group of men...openly homosexual and petty and vindictive with everyone else” in the Diocese of Newark. Cardinal Tobin, call your office.

New allegations surface regarding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark priests

Recent allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick include reports that he made sexual advances toward seminarians during his tenure as …
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One priest worked in close proximity to the archbishop in the archdiocesan chancery for a number of years. “There were the ‘nephews,’ for sure,” he … More
This is an article with the same ol' story of McCarrick (maybe a few added details to "shock" as the article says) and some important description of … More

New statue of the devil in Arkansas

The satanists have wheeled a giant statue of their devil god of transexuality, Baphomet, onto the lawn of the Arkansas capitol building.
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Why Men Like Me Should Not Be Priests | Daniel Mattson

Because the sex scandals of the Church are overwhelmingly homosexual, the Church can no longer risk ordaining men with gay inclinations in the hopes …
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Most of the horrific abuse detailed in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report involved adolescent boys and young men. This isn’t pedophilia.
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New Code Of Canon Law Inadequate to Handle Sexual Abuses

“We need to return to the more explicit and detailed language of the 1917 Code of Canon Law”, Cardinal Raymond Burke told EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on August 16. Burke called the language of the 1983 …
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In light of the scandal, publisher cancels Cardinal Wuerl's forthcoming book. Screenshot sent to me by a bookseller.

Dialogue 65

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #65
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The World Meeting of Families won't be Pope Francis's first visit to Ireland. He lived in Dublin for three months in 1980:" Nobody who lives there today remembers meeting their Latino colleague, but … More

The year Pope Francis came to live in Dublin -

January 1980 marked a bleak beginning to a new decade in Ireland. Recession gripped the streets. The new year celebrations were short-lived as …
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World Over - 2018-08-16 – The Clerical Abuse Crisis, Liz Yore and Brad Miner with Raymond Arroyo

The latest on the clerical abuse crisis from the viewpoint of the laity with LIZ YORE, attorney and child advocate, and BRAD MINER, senior editor of The Catholic Thing.
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis
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Cardinal Raymond Burke on the Abuse Crisis with Raymond Arroyo

CARDINAL RAYMOND LEO BURKE, former prefect of the Apostolic Signatura joins us to talk about the sex abuse scandals engulfing the Church in the United States and what the response should be by the … More
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The men who have perpetuated the crisis may not be trusted with fixing it.
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Francis Turns Vatican Into Latin American Gay Junta

Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra (58), Francis' new Substitute (second man) in the Vatican’s Secretariat of State is a “very close friend” of Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga and of his disgraced …
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@angry bob : This pope needs to come back... More
More news from Pentin: As a diplomat in the nunciature in Honduras 2002-2005, new sostituto +Edgar Peña Parra forged v close friendships with Pineda … More
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Francis Blesses Jailed Pro-Gay and Pro-Abortion Ex-President

Pope Francis welcomed on August 2 for a one hour meeting three allies of the former leftwing Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva. Lula is pro-abortion and pro-gay. Since April he is serving a 9-…
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Cardinal Burke on conducting audits of dioceses to uncover abuse

World Over Sneak Peek - Cardinal Raymond Burke on Raymond Arroyo's proposal to conduct financial audits in order to gain transparency into the dioceses' protections of abusive priests.
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Pope names new Vatican bishop who claims Jesus didn’t ‘establish rules’

Pope Francis has put the new bishop in charge of the Vatican's secret archives.
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Barnhardt: Mendonça is an open, active, highly promiscuous sodomite and HUGE “LGBT” activist. Mendonça’s wretched life of open, sacriligious sodomy … More
Bergoglio nombró obispo a un homosexual que profesa que Jesús no estableció ninguna regla .…/mas-sobre-le-ob…

Budapest: Saint Stephen of Hungary (Feast Day: August 16)


St. Stephen's right hand relic can be seen at the St. Stephen Basilica. More
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Dormition of the Virgin Mary

"In the liturgical books which deal with the feast either of the dormition or of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin there are expressions that agree in testifying that, when the Virgin Mother of … More
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Vatican Under Thumb of Fake-News CNN Feels "Shame and Sorrow"

Vatican press officer Greg Burke published on August 16 a bootlicking statement on the [fraudulent] "Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report" about alleged clerical abuses in six Pennsylvania dioceses. Catho…
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@Campion the Champion Those were all bad wars America had no business being in. Politicians and the press lied to Americans to get them into … More
Campion the Champion
Is the ‘article’ down playing the seriousness of the excrement storm hitting the American Church AGAIN? Bill Donahue is a lap dog of the US Bishops. … More

Vatican statement on Pennsylvania report: Shame and Sorrow

Greg Burke, the director of the Vatican press office, released today a statement in response to the Pennsylvania report on sex abuse in the Church. The statement (in full) was released in English:
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