Aggiornamento and Francis

The heresies which Francis proclaims and incorporates are not merely his fabrication, but are deeply rooted in the spirit of aggiornamento. Aggiornamento was Vatican II’s main programme. Jesus …

Invalid canonizations by Francis

Francis has canonized three Popes who are closely connected with the Second Vatican Council. John XXIII devised the Council, Paul VI confirmed its heretical programme and spirit, and John Paul II by …

Sainte Famille Church - Boucherville, Québec - A.D. 1801

The high altar, considered a masterpiece of antique sculpture in Quebec, has two gradins (step-like shelves) and a monstrance with four recesses, each containing a statue of one of the four … More
The only thing really bothering is that Luther table! Altars, communion rail are there. Nothing lacking.

School of Darkness - Bella Dodd

109 pages
libro que Bella Dodd, ex comunista, escribió, sobre la infiltración comunista en la Iglesia Católica: «School of Darkness».
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A Long List of “Embarrassing Figures“, Francis "Prefers, Protects and Defends"

Marco Tosatti published on January 21 a list of embarrassing figures whom Pope Francis “prefers, protects and defends”. He mentions first the Cardinals who contributed to his election, Danneels,
And the list will continue to get longer
HJA Sire in 'Dictator Pope's said Francis likes the vulnerable and blackmail-able as his minions, but honestly Ann Barnadt might be right that he … More

This Was The Angle That Was Deleted From Facebook!

This is the side of the story between the Covington High school students wearing MAGA hats and the Native American Nathan Phillips that you didn't see because it was deleted from Facebook.
The Catholic Kids did behave good under the circunstances ,The hatred came from those grown ups . the media and the holywood people ,The school and … More
Holy Cannoli
Nope this materializes.
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Vatican Lies Again, Knew "Nothing" Despite Devastating Photos

Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti "firmly reiterated" on January 22 that the Vatican allegedly knew nothing about Orán Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta's alleged misconduct before he was appointed to a …
De Profundis
Alessandro Gisotti said: “In reference to the articles published recently by several news sources, as well as to some misleading reconstructions, I … More
"For much too long, some of the most visible spokesmen for the pro-life movement have sought desperately to be seen as respectable, to be treated fairly by the mainstream media. It’s never happened. … More

They came for Covington Catholic; next will they come for you?

It’s time for the pro-life movement to grow up. The disgraceful treatment of students from Covington Catholic—and by that I mean the pell-mell rush …
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Best commentary on the Covington affair

Tucker Carlson: “This story is about the people in power protecting their power, and justifying their power, by destroying and mocking those who are weaker than they are.”
What was terrible were all those harpies and soy-boys who threatened violence against these Catholic youths.
De Profundis
“Don’t tell me what you think, don’t tell me what you believe, just tell me what you can prove. If you can’t prove it, I don’t care what you think … More
'Neil Ackerman, historic environment record assistant at Aberdeenshire Council, said: “These types of monument are notoriously difficult to date. It is obviously disappointing to learn of this … More

‘Amazing’ 4,500-year-old stone circle was actually built in 1990s by farmer, admit archaeologists

When archaeologists announced the discovery of an ‘amazing’ 4,500-year-old stone circle on an Aberdeenshire farm in December they admitted it was …

Pontifical Mass in 1960, Lisbon

Footage from 1960, of Pontifical Mass in the presence of the Patriarch of Lisbon, on the Feast of St. Vincent of Saragossa, the Patron of Lisbon, in the Cathedral of Lisbon, followed by veneration … More
The V2 Mass will eventually fade, but great leaders like PM Salazar are of era long gone.
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Convington Catholic School Does Not Apologize

Parents of the kids at Convington Catholic High School just got this email. It does not apologize for wrongfully claiming the maga teens engaged in harassment.
De Profundis
Two days ago, Nathan Phillips stated: "You know, when I was in Vietnam times and when I was in the Marine Corps times, that’s what I was. I was … More
De Profundis
To cut short, Covington principal Robert Rowe didn't apologize for the school's initial statement suggesting the students may be expelled. More

Trump Weighs In

Sue the fake news media.
De Profundis
"treated unfairly" and "smeared by media". Trump even mentioned by name the student who has received some of the most threats and attacks. More
Lisi Sterndorfer
The horror. Catholics participating in a vigil against abortion. Those kids are monsters for opposing butchering kids in the womb.

Saint Publius

"As the Acts of the Apostles narrates, when St Paul and his companions were shipwrecked on Malta, they were welcomed by Publius, the prefect of the island, and entertained hospitably for three days … More
The pro-aborts are as shameless as their father; Satan.
10 likes. If I could.

Dialogue 104

How to resolve the issue about the real Pope
rofl. She didn't want to drag her bike and herself thru the mud. Men don't mind mud. lol.
Jim Dorchak
Well it is not important how she did it as much as is the cute little bike suit she was wearing....
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Pro-Gay Bishop Raúl Vera Has Done It Again

Saltillo Bishop José Raúl Vera, 73, Mexico, suffered a relapse when he presided a “Eucharist” whose main scope was to spread gay propaganda. Raúl was made a bishop by John Paul II. He has a long …
Merrily are they on the road to hell, led by the bishop
They might as well be holding up a picture of the devil. It's no different. The devil has got them.

Lay Archbishop: “I Pray in Tongues Every Day”

Justin Welby, the Anglican lay Canterbury archbishop, told the Christian radio station, Premier that “In my own prayer life, and as part of my daily discipline, I pray in tongues every day – not as …