Happy ‘Drive the Faggots Out’ Day! (Didn’t You Know? “Snakes” is Code for Faggots)

Saint Patrick’s greatest miracle was driving all of the faggots out of Ireland. This was a key reason why he was recognized as a saint, and this was …
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The faggots need to go!
Atanasio de Trento
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Christ priest and victim

Ave Maria! Passion Sunday A.D. 2018 אהיה אשר אהיה "He entered once for all ... by virtue of His own blood, into the [Holy of] Holies, having obtained eternal redemption." Today is Passion Sunday, … More
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Pope Francis Implements George Orwell Into the Catholic Church

The excellent political commentator known as The Saker, a Russian, born in Switzerland and living in the United States, commenting on the British “Skripal nerve-gas assassination” hoax, has made … More
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Católicos Apostólicos
Bergoglio the "church" that you want already exists is called Masonic Temple fill out a request to see if they accept you as their 'pope' or maybe … More

UK’s most senior cardinal given last rites after fall injury

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, formerly the Catholic Church’s most senior cleric in Britain, has been given the last rites after suffering injuries in a …
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The Prefect of the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See has a communication problem: he has a hard time telling the truth.
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Ave Crux
What kind of commentary is it on modern dance that the mindless gyrations of a 2-year old look like those of adults?
Dr Stuart Reiss
What a guy

Where I Am My Servant Is Also

"Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there also will my servant be. The Father will honour whoever serves me." – John 12:36, which is part of today's Gospel at Mass. My homily for … More
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Vexilla Regis, from yesterday's First Vespers of Passiontide

Catholic Sat on Twitter: "The wonderful Vexilla Regis, from yesterday's First Vespers of Passiontide, from the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris (via Radio Notre-Dame)
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Lord Pearson in Parliament "Can we talk about Islam?"

25:39 Lord Pearson is a life peer who has stood up many times in the House of Lords to question the government on its policies and attitudes towards Islam. This week he stood up … More
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"There will be any personnel consequences to the Vatican's fake news fiasco"

The Vatican says it altered the photo of a letter Pope Benedict sent to Pope Francis on his fifth anniversary. Edward Pentin, Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Register, describes the … More
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Vigano will be made a cardinal at the next consistory
Word is that Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications for Vatican will be sending his resignation letter to … More

98-Yr-Old Nun & March Madness Team Chaplain Goes Viral, Reveals Prayer She Offers for Her Team

Sr. Jean Dolores-Schmidt is a 98-year-old religious sister who serves as the basketball team chaplain at Loyola University Chicago. She’s so involved with the team that one player called her more of … More
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She forgot her habit...(the one, nuns wear)

"best of" Team Bergoglio


Tweeds by Team Bergoglio.
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Chief Exorcist Father Amorth: Padre Pio Knew The Third Secret and related it to the apostasy in …

In a recent article on the Secret of Fatima, Steve Skojec, the founder and editor of OnePeterFive, published, to my knowledge, for the first time in the English language words from Rome’s chief …
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The Church of today does not even compare with the Church of yesteryear. God bless Holy Mother Church.
So Padre Pio allegedly said in 1960 that Satan would come to rule a false church? Does that mean that the current day church is a false one? Given … More
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Zuzanna Is the 16th Child of Her Parents, Polish President Present at Baptism

Polish President Andrzej Duda, ex-Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and other high-ranking Polish politicians attended on Saturday the baptism of Zuzanna Nelec. Zuzanna is the 16th child of the Nelec famil…
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The Exact Number of Wounds Suffered by Christ

Regarding how many wounds Christ’s suffered in total, we look to St. Gertrude the Great, a Benedictine nun, mystic, and theologian of 13th century Germany. She received many supernatural experiences …
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Polish Priest Suggests Praying for [Good] Death of Pope Francis

Father Edward Staniek, 77, said in a homily on February 25 that he is praying that the Holy Sprit may help Pope Francis to return to the Catholic Faith or else let him quickly go to his eternal …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Former Polish priest suggests praying for [good] death of Pope Francis
Poor Francis, he is as blind as the Pharisees of old

Chloe has a message:

Wear odd socks on March 21st to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Day!
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What a lovely little girl - God bless her parents for looking after her

Archbishop Prays In Front of Abortion Mill

Archbishop Cordileone joined 40 Days for Life in San Francisco March 17 to pray the rosary for an end to abortion.
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Here is another brave soul fighting the spiritual war fare
This is the evil plan for the West - in miniature.

Sweden vows to ban ALL religious schools to tackle segregation

Ardalan Shekarabi, Sweden's minister for Public Administration said that 'teachers, not priests and imams should be in charge of schools', as he …
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if mostly schools are christian (59) vs 11 moslems ,the intent of this left wing party is to finish christianity in Sweden under the disguise. its a … More
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I think we are to believe this is how it is supposed to look, just like the new paradigm.