Francis [living in a luxury hotel], stop your generic accusations! Christians in the Middle East suffer.

Pope Francis: clergy in the Middle East should not be living in luxury |

Some bishops and clergy in the region profess poverty but live like rich people, the Pope said
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ktozjak Bog
Poor comments same as person who expressed them. Let's pray for pope Francis, about his faith... He is suffering a lot from possessing...
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Mass-Immigration: Francis Plotted Behind the Scene

Marco Tosatti's blog has revealed (15 June) that Pope Francis was instrumental in opening Italy to illegal mass-immigration and human trafficking. According to then high-placed sources in the Italian…
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No es un Papa, es un hipócrita monstruoso
Pipe Frants called and Enrico letta them in, carefully camouflaging the muslim army as poooor refugees. Thanks God the new Italian government is … More
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Mysterious: Despite False Accusations - Faculties Remain Withdrawn

The faculties for public ministry of Father Frank Phillips “will remain withdrawn” and he “will not return as pastor of St John Cantius” neither as Superior of his group, the Canons Regular of St …
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De Profundis
He advanced the restoration of the sacred & founded a new religious order of like-minded men. Thus, "improper conduct with adult men." The words "… More
One speculates this was all a pre-planned process, akin to recent synods, the results a foregone conclusion.
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Theresia Katharina
@Sunamis 46 Sehr schönes Video, schöne Bilder und Papst Benedikt ist auch am Schluss zu sehen! @Vered Lavan @Gestas

Celebration of The feast of St. John the Baptist at his birthplace.

CMC on Jul 5, 2017 On Saturday, June 24, the Church celebrated the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, at Ain Karem, the place where the prophet was born. The Custos of the Holy Land, Father Francesco … More
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Pro-lifers currently serving jail sentence

Monica Miller and William Goodman were part of a (Hero Mary Wagner-inspired) Red Rose Rescue in the area of Detroit, Michigan, USA. On the same day as others in the USA, they entered an … More
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@alexamarie good question! I have edited the post to include some detail.

Debate on Immigration is Naive, Hypocritical and Inconclusive

Debate on Immigration is Naive, Hypocritical and Inconclusive The European debate about immigration is naïve, hypocritical and inconclusive, Fulvio Scaglione writes on He takes … More
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13-17 is not adult.

Welcome Home Baby #6

Before late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart moved his office from Germantown, Maryland, the husband and father of this lovely family used to hold a sign in front of his office that read, "I will … More
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Certainly they are more Catholic than most Catholics. God is surely guiding them to the Church.

Rome has lost the faith

It’s difficult to say this and uneasy to the mind, it feels like it’s unreal, sadness as is difficult to accept, our Blessed Mother told us so and today we see how Rome has lost the faith. We could … More
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Atanasio de Trento
Rome has lost the faith, no one can argue otherwise. Francis does not act or speak as a Catholic. The apostacy begins at the top.

Sanctity of life will be mocked (prophecy)

Sanit Francis of Assisi prophecy Act bravely, my Brethren; take courage, and trust in the Lord. The time is fast approaching in which there will be great trials and afflictions; perplexities and … More
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Looks like we are living this prophecy in real time.

Francis Lost Touch With People [But Not With Oligarch Media]

“Super Ex” writes on Marco Tosatti’s blog that “the disconnect between elites and people at the political level has a counterpart in the Catholic Church: never before have pastors been farther away …
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Lisi Sterndorfer
This is the niveau of oligarch media A woman giving birth to a baby aged 54 - already the fifth time. More

The search for food in Venezuela. Bergoglio does not call immoral or condemn the crimes of the …

Los pobres en Venezuela se mueren de hambre PERO Bergoglio no condena los crímenes del socialismo ni llama inmoral a MADURO But Bergoglio does not condemn this socialist government or call it immor… More
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Atanasio de Trento
Bergoglio does not condemn as immoral the dictatorship of Maduro that is killing the people with hunger or condemn his crimes against Humanity of … More
Atanasio de Trento
Bergoglio no condena como inmoral la dictadura de Maduro que está matando a la gente de hambre tampoco ha condenando sus crímenes contra la … More

The Paston Treasure: A Painting Like No Other

The Paston Treasure: a painting about the meditation on fragility of life and certainty of death.
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Poland: Western Regimes Promote Leftwing Gay-Ideology in Poland

The ambassadors of 53 countries, almost all of them Western regimes, have endorsed a march of homosexualists in Warsaw on June 9. The march was organised by leftwing extremists. The U.S. and the U.K.…
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Holy Cannoli
Mother Russia did in no way endorse the grizzly event. Mother Russia and Vlad have international homo issues to contend with. Vladimir Putin has … More

Cardinal Brandmüller Corrects Francis, German Proposal Contradicts Canon Law

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller has contradicted Pope Francis' claim that the German proposal allowing intercommunion is in accord with canon law. Writing on (June 23), Brandmüller admits …
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"Catholicism à la carte is impossible.” Bravo your excellency God bless you

Saint Etheldreda

"Born and brought up in the fear of God — her mother and three sisters are numbered among the Saints — Etheldreda had but one aim in life, to devote herself to His service in the religious state. … More
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Your pictures are always a testimony and proof of the beauty of the pre-conciliar Church.

A world without the SSPX

you see priests running away? Entire vocations destroyed? Religious fleeing to the desert? Can you imagine a world without the Latin mass? I’m not here to give you a History lesson, but what …
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Something I didn't put in this piece, because the timeline wasn't right: the motu propio on the ancient mass proclaimed by Benedict XVI was in 2007, … More
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Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce the divine office that in 2005 made him Vicar of Christ, but only to the ministry of Bishop of Rome and to the …
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Angie W.
Pablo1720: Benedict XVI forced to resign, so that the usurper Bergoglio took power. Benedict, bloodless martyr

Bergoglio eliminates the hierarchies granting powers reserved to bishops and popes to a modernist …

Luis Toro See how far the modernist heresy has come. In 2016 Bergoglio conferred to the modernist priest Luis Toro indefinite power to forgive sins …
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Francesco I
Atanasio de Trento