Beware! You will choose life or death!

What’s it all about? It’s not about the candidate’s artificial image. It’s about the inside! What system either of them represents. Today, reduction of humanity is being promoted with the use of

Saint Raymond of Penyafort

"O God, who chose the blessed Raymond for a glorious minister of the Sacrament of Penance, and who did guide him wonderfully across the waves of the sea: grant that through his intercession we may … More
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Raimundo de Peñafort.

The Ploumen Case: Does the Vatican Have a Pro-Abortion Lobby?

The story of a papal award for a Dutch pro-abortion activist has reached such levels of absurdity that it is difficult to avoid talking about a real …
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Vatican Prevented A Future For Mariawald Abbey

The German Kölner Stadtanzeiger (January 23) has published more information on the imminent shutdown of the Old-Rite Trappist Abbey Mariawald, Germany. During the last weeks, the ten monks of …
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The modernist infiltration is coming to a head.
@tbswv Hello. Yes, but slyly & with stealth they've each (since 1958 or so) been slowly unpicking & unraveling the true Dogmas of the RC Church, … More
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Cardinal Burke Slams Contradictions Set Forth By Malta Bishops

The confusion in the Church is growing “almost exponentially” according to Cardinal Raymond Burke. Talking to the blog Thinking with the Church (January 22), Burke criticised applications of Amori…
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Vatican Asked Catholic Bishops To Resign In Favour Of State Bishops

The Vatican has asked at least two bishops of China’s underground Catholic Church to leave their sees to Government bishops. AsiaNews (January 22) reports that Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian, 88, of …
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Last week the scandal was Francis esteeming and validating a Catholic abortionist with $400 million to kill babies This week the scandal of Francis … More
James Cheung visited Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong in December the year before last: "He was told that he had been excluded from Chinese affairs."

On Human Respect

Why do we fear human respect? Fr starts out this sermon with the example of Mother Theresa's 1994 National Prayer Breakfast speech she gave condeming these united States & our pro abort policies we … More
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Muslims leaving Islam and comming to Jesus Christ

Muslims coming to Jesus.
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Very trustful thanks
@ tearlach Dr Gloria Polo;'s traumatic "after death" condemnation is referred to in Dr Ricardo Castanon's analysis of the Eucharistic Miracle of … More

How the ARK of the Covenant was found. Great Discovery!

Just how was the Ark Discovered by Ron Wyatt. He was the Archeologist who found the Red Sea Crossing, Sodom and Gomorrah, Mr. Sini, and Noahs Ark.
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Ron Wyatt did some unbelievable work in this field. Now deceased, he worked as an anaethetist to raise money for his trips to the Middle East. His … More
Thanks for sharing this information

The Money Trail: Why Catholic Bishops Are Silent on Hillary

Crickets....... The silence about Hillary Clinton is deafening. One hears nothing but crickets from the U.S. Bishops and Cardinals about the democrat…
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Take a look at this excellent article on feminine strength by Suzanne Sammons.

I Am Woman, See Me Love: What Is Feminine Strength? - OnePeterFive

This week is book-ended with woman-centered marches in our nation’s capital, the Women’s March and the March for Life. The first touted the “rights” …
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US Bishop Conference Lobbies Congress to Fund Agency Funding Planned Parenthood - The Lepanto …

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) have once again written to Congress requesting “robust funding” for …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
@Tesa thank you fordigging this up. Excellent work by the Lepanto institute, which first came to my radar via Fr Z…/lepanto-institu…
Their logic sounds eerily unmoored from Planned Parent's logic regarding funding not being used for abortion. They could be twins.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
@Jim Dorchak and its not cricket
He moves so well ,but ,doesnt kneel in front the Sacrarium
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Francis, Aboard-Marriage Was „Regular“

During his press conference on the flight from Peru to Rome, Pope Francis said that someone told him that he was "crazy" to perform an airplane marriage. Francis insisted that he had asked the spous…
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re: The comment I made regarding St Michael further down the page. There is a half hour program on YOUTUBE which discusses the apparition of St … More
Contempt is a very good word used to describe how Francis sees the historical Church and its teachings.
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Francis Stands Firm Despite Opportunistic Advisors

On his flight from Peru to Rome (January 22) Pope Francis again defended Chilean Bishop Juan Barros whose skin the insatiable abuse propaganda is asking for, although there is no evidence against …
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Vatican Currently Has No Plans to Change Honors System After Ploumen

Vatican Currently Has No Plans to Change Honors System After Ploumen

A source close to the matter says the Dutch government must take responsibility for how Lilianne Ploumen, a militant pro-abortion politician, abused …
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somebody is responsable Whom????
Uncle Joe
Please be more prudent than you aim to show in some of your analysis... My analysis was absolutely accurate. Whereas it is YOU who should be more … More