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(“Tarzan” / Buena Vista Pictures)
Over the years I have uploaded many videos supporting the Holy Trinity and Holy Mother Church, and so for a change, I thought I would upload a film overlaid with two of my favourite songs.

UPDATED/BREAKING: "Half" of Belgium's Le Chalon sports complex downed in accidental explosion

The explosion occurred just after midnight. One person has died; four with injuries (two serious) are being treated; others are feared trapped in the rubble. A fire rescue official reported gas canisters inside the building were the suspected cause …
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George Soros to launch aggressive plan to suppress pro-life laws in Catholic countries

— Secret documents reveal a billionaire's global strategy to promote abortion in every country on earth.…
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One German describes daily life during Merkel’s Muslim migrant mayhem

Lauren Southern of travelled to Europe on assignment this year. Her German guide agreed to be interviewed about the migrant crisis in his country, but only anonymously. See why... MORE:… www.faceboo…
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Have Lots Of Children. It’s Good For The Planet

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By David Harsanyi AUGUST 23, 2016 "Overpopulation is a myth." Continue reading at The Federalist.
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How true union is achieved in any ambit of the Church

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THE DENSINGER-BERGOLIO, August, 2016 On the day of the spectacular descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the Apostles were so filled with strength and courage, that Saint Peter went out and converted three thousand people that very day with his …
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Reparation Made in Oklahoma City

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Reparation Made in Oklahoma City August 17, 2016 District of the USA Hundreds of faithful from SSPX parishes throughout the Midwest answered the call to make reparation for another Black "Mass" in Oklahoma See the Photo Gallery of the Event The Soci…
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Exclusive Blood Red Moon and ´Nibiru´ August 21st 2016

On August 19th and 20th a blood red moon was seen in the Skies over Pennsylvania and this video was produced showing our moon and Planet X AKA Nibiru directly next to it casting it's Red Shadow upon the Moon.
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Regina et Domina

"From early times Christians have believed, and not without reason, that she of whom was born the Son of the Most High received privileges of grace above all other beings created by God. He "will reign in the house of Jacob forever", "the Prince of …
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Gloria.TV News on the 25th of August 2016

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Tragedy: At least 35 inhabitants of the Italian town of Amatrice have lost their lives during the recent earthquake. In the retreat-house, Father Giovanni Minozzi, ”Three of the six sisters are unaccounted for. Thirty-two-year-old Albanian born Sr. …
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Drone coverage shows devastation from the earthquake in Italy much more extensive than first known. The death toll has risen at this time to 247 lives lost.

Repurposing Europe | Pierre Manent

For the Frenchmen who lived through World War II, the defining event of their lives was quintessentially political. It was the great refusal, embodied by General Charles de Gaulle, to accept the defeat of June 1940. With that refusal came a …
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@charisma: I agree, the most obvious thing we can do is to have (very) big families and to bring the children up separated from this world that is doomed to be destroyed.

Queenship of Mary

Father Odon's homily for the Feast of the Queenship of Mary 2016 - Garabandal prophecies
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Earth Quake: Benedictines of Norcia move temporally to Rome

Dear Friends, After a careful study of the developing seismic situation in our region of Italy, as a precautionary measure, we have decided to transfer our community to Rome. The monks of the international Benedictine headquarters at St. Anselmo in …
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