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What China is doing to Muslims (and sooner or later Catholics)

China has detained more than a million Muslims in concentration camps — and no one is doing anything about it
What about all the Christians being murdered by moslems??!!! No one's doing anything about that. They are rapists and murderers. I don't have much … More
This is horrible...
Pope Francis cares about protestants, does he? The Communist regime in China is now arresting protestant ministers.

Pastor Charged With ‘Inciting Subversion’ as China Cracks Down on Churches

Wang Yi, one of China’s best-known Protestant pastors, has been charged for “inciting subversion,” suggesting a serious crackdown on religious …

Saint Lucy

"Hallow the vespers and December of our life, O martyred Lucy: Console our solstice with your friendly day." – from Thomas Merton's poem for St Lucy. This statue of the saint from Catania who was … More

Dialogue 94

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #94

Cardinal Burke’s Address to Faith Defenders (December 2018).

Cardinal Burke’s Address to Faith Defenders (December 2018). Catholic Action for Faith & Familiy: More
Tina 13
too bad it was taped so low
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Daily Bible Reading 14 December 2018 of Catholic Mass

USCCB. Holy Gospel Saint Matthew 11, 16-19
The Gospel of the Day:

St John of the Cross

"O God, who gave the Priest Saint John an outstanding dedication to perfect self-denial and love of the Cross, grant that, by imitating him closely at all times, we may come to contemplate eternally … More
Vered Lavan
"Church of England to offer baptism-style services to transgender people to celebrate their new identity for first time'" |

Church of England to offer baptism-style services to transgender people to celebrate their new …

The Church of England has encouraged its clergy to create baptism-style ceremonies for transgender people to welcome them into the Anglican faith. …
shame on them
They approved contraception in the '30s so this is hardly a startling surprise.

Al-Qaeda in Syria: THE evidence

The ultimate evidence that President Barack Obama and Socialist French President François Hollande want to fight for Al-Qaeda in Syria...
We always remember what happened in Iraq. Unfortunately, Iraq is still in a bloody nightmare. we have to help
Jésus est Dieu
Syrian Christians targeted by outsiders, says bishop Christians in Syria are continuing to be targeted by outside fundamentalist groups who have … More
7 5 607 Nearly Doubled Its Visitors in One Year

With your unfailing help, managed to nearly double its monthly unique visitors in 2018. In autumn 2017 we registered each month around 2,5 million unique visitors, in autumn 2018 they were …
@Holy Cannoli Thanks for this list. According to your list there is a declining interest in the news show. I've never checked that an can therefore … More
Holy Cannoli
Dear Eva, Please comment on the following: I did a search for the news presented by Doina and Lucia at approximately 3 month intervals arbitrarily … More
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1 bead=1000 dead babies

Video by Fr. Pavone
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Dancing is no liturgy

Video from Facebook without further information (date, location).
Oh no! Not in front of the alter?! Oh my ....

...for calling me and 17.4 million people 'extremists'

Owen Paterson calls on Philip Hammond to resign: "The person who should go frankly is the Chancellor for calling me and 17.4 million people 'extremists'!"

Advertising the Rich: Francis Get Himself Entangled in Contradictions

Pope Francis said during a December 8 "surprise" visit to the headquarters of the controversial Roman daily Il Messaggero that he gets “much of his information” from this paper. He added that he read…
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Francis’ Partisans Defend Cardinal Pell, Even His Enemies Admit Innocence

Pope Francis’ biographer Austin Ivereigh, 52, has defended Cardinal Pell and criticised his iniquitous conviction. Ivereigh writes on Twitter (December 13) that he knows many [heterodox] Australian …
Maybe a stopped clock, but Austin Ivereigh is right. The conviction is utterly incredible. Hopefully reversed soon.