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Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce the divine office that in 2005 made him Vicar of Christ, but only to the ministry of Bishop of Rome and to the …
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God Bless Gracida...
Atanasio de Trento

Bergoglio eliminates the hierarchies granting powers reserved to bishops and popes to a modernist …

Luis Toro See how far the modernist heresy has come. In 2016 Bergoglio conferred to the modernist priest Luis Toro indefinite power to forgive sins …
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Francesco I
Atanasio de Trento
Bishop Fellay about a relatively unknown exchange of letters between Cardinal Ottaviani and Archbishop Lefebvre

The Crisis in the Church – Roots and Remedies | FSSPX.Actualités

Message of Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, on the occasion of the conference on “The Roots of the Crisis in …
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800 priests listening to a protestant about morality.

Pastor Rick Warren Talks to New York Priests About Maintaining Moral Integrity

Nearly 800 New York Catholic priests received a message about how to maintain their moral integrity from Pastor Rick Warren, who used Scripture …,17510
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Why don't these priest just join the protestant church already. Sheesh. Pathetic.
So the heretic teaches the Catholics on how to be better Christians? Sounds like the Catholics will become heretics.

We now have bishops making their own memes.

Bishop Richard Umbers, auxiliary bishop of Sydney, has dabbled with memes online.
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I like the Saint memes better
I saw this. He tried.

The Papal Posse

The latest news from Rome, Pope Francis’ criticism of US immigration policy, and the removal of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick from public ministry amid sex abuse allegations, with the Papal Posse, … More
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PRAYER EXORCISM of SAINT BENEDICT (Exorcism and the Cross of Eternal Salvation)

PRAYER EXORCISM of SAINT BENEDICT (Exorcism and the Cross of Eternal Salvation) MARCELO LAGO… PRAYER and MEDAL of SAINT BENEDICT (Exorcism and … More
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Happy Father's day

I Love you pope Benedict, you weren't perfect but at least at the end you tried to amend for the ancient mass. Happy Father's day... God bless you
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Worried about the Papacy? Christ is the Point

Do you worry about what is going on in the Vatican & worrying about everything the Holy Father says or does. Father speaks about historical events that caused massive confusion to the faithful. Stay … More
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Holy Cannoli
save the duck....🐥 The Pope says More
What's the whole thing about the rubber duck?
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Radical Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

It has emerged from Friday's Vatican trial against Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, 51, that the late Milan Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was Capella’s promoter. Capella, a former collaborator of …
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No, he isn't just said to be, Francis has said this one and communist Helder Camara are his role models
Holy Cannoli
The picture included in the above story appears to be the late Milan Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. This is a photo of Capella.

Washington Post's Amazing Editorial - By Bill Donohue

The June 22 editorial in the Washington Post is a marvel. Writing about the accusation made against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, it notes that the alleged offense took place almost 50 years ago, “…
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Dr Bobus
He's still a Cardinal because of Bella Figura. The hierarchy doesn't want any bad news to interfere with the Church's message of Joy! Joy! Joy!.More

Francis Intention is to “Ridicule” the Papacy

The pseudonymous Pezzo Grosso has explained on Marco Tosatti’s blog (June 22) Pope Francis’ claim that he heard from the Dubia only from the newspapers. If this claim were true, Pezzo Grosso contin…
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I've been saying this for 4 and a half years, since it was obvious we have here a communist mason crypto jew, whose existential purpose is to … More

Father Frank Phillips – False Accusations Debunked

On 16 March Fr Frank Phillips, the Superior of the Canons Regular of St John Cantius in Chicago, U.S.A., was removed as pastor of St John Cantius Church by the archdiocese after [bogus] allegations …
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Jim Dorchak
This is the best news I have heard all year!

Dialogue 46

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #46
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Islam: What Do They Really Believe?

What do Muslims really believe? Although we hear alarming facts in this sermon, I draw from the Qur’an, world history and secular sources like Atlantic Magazine and Washington Post. Towards the end, … More
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Jesus was born into the JEWISH people NOT the Arab people who were all pagans during His time.

A Man for All Seasons


The film covers the years 1529 to 1535, during the reign of King Henry VIII. During a private late-night meeting at Hampton Court, Cardinal Wolsey, Lord Chancellor of England, chastises More for … More
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Bergoglio Honorary Member of Masonic Rotary Club Argentina St. Thomas says, against a fact, there is no argument (contra factum non argumentum est).- Contra factum non valet argumentum - There … More

The Vatican

Rotary Global History from the birth of the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris, to present day. ROTARY GLOBAL HISTORY FELLOWSHIP (An Internet Project) …
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Gesù è con noi
Contra factum non valet argumentum - Contra los hechos, no hay argumento que valga. Bergoglio es miembro del masónico club rotario de Argentina. More
Atanasio de Trento
Contra factum non valet argumentum - Contra los hechos, no hay argumento que valga. More

Saint John Fisher and Saint Thomas More

In the Chapel of the English Martyrs in Westminster Cathedral is the last carving of Eric Gill. It portrays Christ on the cross, not suffering, but gloriously triumphant over death; to his left … More
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Our Lady of Sorrows
If only we had some Church Leaders like these two Martyrs. Instead we have Cardinal Nichols complicit in Alfie's murder and 9 million babies aborted … More

Even Bergoglio Devotee Admits: „Francis Is Mis-Quoting Canon Law”

Pope Francis said on June 21 in the aeroplane from Geneva that canon law allows bishops but not bishops’ conferences to introduce intercommunion. Francis called a sacrilegious German proposal on …
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