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Cardinal Sarah Criticises Communion In The Hand

Cardinal Robert Sarah notices in a preface for the Italian book The Distribution of Communion on the hand. Historical, juridical and pastoral survey that Communion in the hand “undoubtedly involves …
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Heretic German Bishops Introduce Communion For Protestants

The bishops of the [formerly] Catholic Church in Germany sink deeper and deeper into the mud of heresy and disbelief. During their meeting in Ingolstadt which ended today, they voted by a large major…
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Atanasio de Trento
Apostates sodomites who are excommunicated for publicly promoting the Eucharistic sacrilege To receive the Eucharis… More
And who introduced it first ? Wojtyla, this staunch and conservative "Pope". Don't believe me ? §3. Catho… More

Bishop Paprocki is denying Communion to pro-abortion U.S. senator

Bishop Thomas Paprocki announced last week that Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, who lives in his diocese, is not to be admitted to Holy Communion until he repents of his public abortion advocacy. The …
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The german bishops should learn the Faith from bishop Paprocki

Fasten Rules in the middle ages (according to St. Thomas)

Rules for Lenten penance as described by St. Thomas Aquinas: Ash Wednesday and Good Friday were “black fasts.” This means no food at all. Other days of Lent: no food until 3pm, the hour of Our Lord’…
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Bring back Tradition!!!
Compare those rules to the rules we follow today. They were adults, we are spoiled babies.
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Minimise sin in the name of mercy

"A pastoral strategy that minimises sin in the name of mercy cannot be merciful, because it is dishonest." November 24th, 2015
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Maudie N Mandeville
and that is the reason Pope Humble has not elevated Chaput to cardinal. Too Catholic.
Roberto 55
It's also a big lie...
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See how Twitter plans to "ban a way of talking"

Is the Twitter Lock Out what Twitter Trust & Safety Manager Olinda Hassan said they're "working on" in order to "get the shitty people to not show up?"
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These people and what and who they represent are nothing in comparison to the power of our Lord Jesus Christ
We Catholics are considered "shitty people".
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NYT, Climate change as religion

The NYT makes the case that climate change is a secular religion far better than I could.
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Recycling ,wanting clean air and a clean planet is part of our civil duty ,but putting it up there like a religion like a god , forcing it on people`s throats that is wrong
Roberto 55
There is more, like holocaust, political correctnes, gender agenda, hate law, etc.
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Support the Rosary on the Coast

Visit our website: to register as an organiser or to see the latest coastal locations.
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Roberto 55
I like that scottish rrr...osary.
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German nun with 88 years

She has learned this before the Vatican II.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
@BrTomFordeOFMCap snap....didnt read your comment before i made mine.....but i suspect some of the German bishops might enjoy it...and so would some inside the Vatican....or so I hear
Dr Stuart Reiss
Now all she has to do is get the German bishops to line up in front...
Already from 2016

How Betty Hewitt, nun, became Betty Ali, Muslim - Philly

As a girl, Betty Hewitt attended Sunday Masses spoken in Latin. As Sister Catherine Robert, she prayed along in English. These days, Betty Ali studie…
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Apostate. Let us pray that she returns to the only faith that can save. Otherwise, she will wind up in hell.
Maudie N Mandeville
Oh pray tell, how is "killing in the name of Islam" and some random hitman mistakenly killing her sister in law of any equivalence, he asked rhetorically. She obfuscates very well.
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She Hated Catholicism But Realized that It Was True

More Than an Abuse Victim: The alleged Chilean abuse victim Juan Carlos Cruz, a merciless and fanatic crusader against the Chilean bishops, is presently receiving a lot of euphoric media attention. … More
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Uncle Joe
Here are a few Moldovian boys who are happy they discovered
Jim Dorchak
OPUS DEI???????????? The Old Mass the Latin Mass, is only held regularlly in Santiago at the SSPX Chapel in Los Dominicos. (Wondierful people and … More
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@mccallansteve , I guess full water cleansing...
Does this cleaning method have a name?
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Roberto 55
He as a "branch manager" is probably overqualified for this kind of work.
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“World Meeting of Families” Spreads Gay Ideology

The 2018 World Meeting of Families published video “catechesis” in preparation for the event due to be held in Dublin, Ireland, in August. The video “Let’s Be Family!“ (January 21) features eight …
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When hear about these bishops that approve these idiologies , are they following Jesus Christ`s Gospel and the dogma of His Church , or something else more sinister
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Cardinal Kasper Pushes for Abolishing Priestly Celibacy

The ultraliberal and influential Cardinal Walter Kasper has urged to think "thoroughly and timely" about abolishing priestly celibacy. Talking to kathpress (February 19), Kasper stated that married …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
@Jim Dorchak agree....stand corrected...who would co-habit...with him?
This man has tried to influence other Popes before without success , but this time he has done it he has helped the church to be more than ever to … More

Ireland World Meeting of Families Promotes Homosexuality

Sodomy Supporters Hijack World Meeting of Families by David Nussman • • February 20, 2018 Preparatory video titled "God's Mercy: …
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sad story
Católicos Apostólicos

Santa Margherita da Cortona explained by Frate David Gagrcic

ASU Hispanic Research Center on Oct 1, 2013 02:14 - Margherita da Cortona, Saint and Friend 04:56 - Papa Giovanni Paolo II visits Cortona in May 1993 06:13 - Franciscan Province of Jalisco assumes … More
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Like the other european countries they are drinking the poison of secularism and ant christian idiologies that leads them to death
adeste fideles