Old Mass returns to prison

Latin Mass to be Sung in San Quentin State Prison Starting August 25th

Twenty-five inmates to form new schola under the guidance of Benedict XVI Institute Among the various initiatives of the recently rejuven...
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Pro-gay singer performs for Francis

Outrage Over Pro-Gay Marriage Daniel O'Donnell Performing For Bergoglio

Country star, Daniel O’Donnell will be among the acts singing for Bergoglio and an estimated audience of 75,000 at the Festival of Families in Croke …
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"Francis Does Not Believe in God"

Source: Rorate Caeli, Twitter
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Wow! Who would have ever thought that?
I opined on Twitter that Bergoglio is no heretic for he has no belief in God. At least he doesn't pretend to be reverent.

Problem With Pope Francis' Change in Catechism on Capital Punishment

Pope Francis' change to the Catholic Catechism on the death penalty is confusing, ungrounded, and seems contrary to natural law & scripture.
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Before and after reading Hegel.

Youth Crash in the Churches of Rome for Youth Meeting


For two days, Saturday and Sunday, 50,000 young Catholics from all over Italy came to Rome last weekend. 195 out of 226 dioceses participated in this event in preparation for the Youth Synod, which … More
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Francis got a new "Ferula"

Meeting with Youth, August 2018
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Is it a symbol for a forked tongue?
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Bergoglio in complicità con i Bergoglians, continua a deridere la fede cattolica

McCarrick's "special place in hell" for priests who abuse minors

Here is a story: on on how McCarrick so deftly maneuvered in Washington. But nothing is more illuminating than this exchange in 2004 with Tim Russert.
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In a July statement, O’Malley said he did not “personally” receive the letter but the statement said “at the staff level the letter was reviewed and determined that the matters presented did not … More

Abuse letter to Cardinal O'Malley was second priest sent officials about McCarrick

n a June 2015 letter to Boston's Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, a New York priest tells the prelate about "sexual abuse/harassment/intimidation" allegati…
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De Profundis
Catholic Ireland, RIP (already known before)

Majority in Ireland support married clergy and women priests

A survey published less than two weeks ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland has shown that the majority of Irish people support married clergy, …
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Majority in Ireland support homosexual marriage, abortion and not going to Mass on Sunday
angry bob
This what happens when poorly catechized Catholics are led by wishy washy bishops. Bishops who are more concerned about their position and apeasing… More
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Vatican Cardinal Promotes Ecclesiastic Antisemitism

Cardinal Kurt Koch, the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, has put "antisemitism" and the Mission to the Jews on the same level, "It is important for me that [...] …
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Don't talk in chimeric terms: antisemitism is a nothing invented to persecute anyone who the jews don't like or criticizes them. Yeah, you know, the … More
and his beliefs are antiChrist.

Woman with cerebral palsy stun the crowd with her angelic voice

The video of this woman's singing has gone viral.
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Wasn't expecting the girl to sound like that.
So beautiful! Was that her Mother holding her? God Bless this beautiful woman!
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Cardinal Farrell Suggest That Second Vatican Council Was A Disaster

"Pastoral patterns and methods of the past seem to be no longer functional in the face of profound social changes", pro-gay Curia Cardinal Kevin Farrell told (August 13) speaking about …
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Sounds more like he wants Vatican 3, just to make sure the Church is properly wrecked.
Read Christopher Ferrara's brilliant book on the Council:…/1621381498 More
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Francis Follower Implies That Church Has Become a Sect

“Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants because he is ‘free from disordered attachments’”, Father Thomas Rosica, an adviser and English-language spokesman for the Vatican has …
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De Profundis
Fr. Rosica answered (and has some nerve) (Sidenote: It would be easy to mock this, but it really is good advice.)
Dr Bobus
His relationship with Maradiaga, financial crimes, homosexual nest in seminary, and all propose lying, is a disordered attachment.

Saint Radegunde, Poitiers

placestoseein on Apr 6, 2018 Places to see in ( Poitiers - France ) Eglise Sainte Radegonde. The Church of Sainte-Radegonde is a medieval Roman Catholic church in Poitiers, France, dating from the … More
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Dialogue 64

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #64
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The Grotto at Lourdes

As we approach the feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, it seemed fitting to look up at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, perched on top of the Rock of Massabielle where Our Lady appeared to St … More
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Great photo.
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Make no mistake: In the tragedy unravelling before us that has been with us a very long time, the mainstream media is only interested in drawing blood in the Catholic church. They are not interested … More

In the Midst of Clerical Misdeeds, a Crucial Moment for the Laity

It is hard to overestimate the storm that is brewing. Only penance and a complete housecleaning can restore credibility and trust.
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Well said!
Last week, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had changed the Catholic catechism. After 2,000 years of teaching that a moral use of capital punishment for murder is consistent with Catholic … More

Pope Francis Rewrites Catholicism . . . and the Bible | National Review

The notion that it is immoral to execute any murderer is an expression of emotion, not of reason or biblical theology.
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This is not a church of "make it up as you go." As the apostle tells us, hold fast to your traditions. No pope has the authority to change any of … More
How can anyone still trust Bergoglio when we read this?
When Kathleen O'Connell Sauline came forward for Communion at St. Luke Parish in Boardman, Ohio, the priest placed a cloth over the bread and said he could not give her the Eucharist. Likewise, a … More

Woman refused Communion after ordination to diaconate

When Kathleen O'Connell Sauline came forward for Communion at St. Luke Parish in Boardman, Ohio, the priest placed a cloth over the bread and said …
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Joseph a' Christian
This article is trash, written by some kreature who does not know the faith. The Holy Eucharist is NOT “the bread.” Also there are no such beings- … More
angry bob
Go join the episcopal church.