Gay Week at heretical Jesuit University of Mexico

Ibero University in México is a youth corruption center Warning TIA Today starts the Fifth Human Diversity We...
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Atanasio de Trento
ACI. The Ibero-American University, in charge of the Company of Jesus, welcomes the fifth consecutive year in Mexico City the "week of human diversit… More

Update On Alfie Evans

Well, the Hospital Alder Hey used the same Judge, Justice Hayden and the same ruling, an unjust ruling. He will not allow Alfie and his parents to go to Italy to save Alfie's life, he wants Alfie to … More
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We would have been like that with Obamacare.
Sunamis 46
For the safety of everybody it is time to close THIS hospital
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Alfie Evans, execution day - April 23, 2018 Press release regarding Alfie Evans. Medical and State Tyranny. Press release, regarding Alfie Evans: Medical and State Tyranny From the … More
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18:30 Novinár prítomný na súde priniesol správu o tom, že rodičia si možno budú môcť vziať syna domov, ale nie do Talianska. .................. Alfie… More
mike084…/1382702 Neuveriteľný a zúfalý boj o život: Talianske občianstvo malému Alfiemu nepomohlo, Briti odpojili chlapčeka od prístro… More

Tomorrow, April 25, our dear QUEEN and our SOVEREIGN will speak! QUEEN of Peace prays for Alfie …

Tomorrow, April 25, our dear Queen and our Sovereign will speak! Queen of Peace prays for Alfie and for the whole world! AND ALL HER SONS WILL REPLY! Domani 25 Aprile parlerà la nostra cara Regina … More
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@Sunamis 46 My Queen will say something, Elizabeth is not my queen and I do not know if she will say to the people who say they are hungry and … More

Pope Francis personally intervenes to dissolve flourishing, faithful priestly order

Rome has dismantled the Fraternity of the Holy Apostles, a thriving, orthodox order in Belgium.
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Stonka Ziemniaczana
Apocalyptic persecusion of the faithful made by hands of the Antichrist forerunner.
What? They were attracting good , holy young men to the priesthood? Francis says, "Off with their heads!"
The show includes an exhibition of women's dresses modeled after clerical clothing worn by priests and bishops. It also includes a dress showcasing a naked Adam and Eve that has a revealing … More

Vatican lends sacred vestments to fashion show featuring female-priest clothing

Along with the Vatican items, the exhibition includes women's dresses modeled after clerical clothing worn by priests and bishops.
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Anne T.
I am speechless .So Satanic !!

Saint Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad - April 24

Epoch Times Sverige on Mar 7, 2016 Saint Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad, who refounded the Bridgettines and worked to restore the order in Italy and Sweden, saved the lives of over 60 people by hiding … More
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Sunamis 46
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Polemics: Francis Rebrands Faithfulness as "Rigidity"

Pope Francis co-presided on April 24 a New Mass in Santa Marta with the nine cardinals who are members of his council. In his homily, Francis railed again against “doctors of the law” denouncing …
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Perhaps he was simply making the important distinction between vital faithfulness and "rigidity".
Stonka Ziemniaczana
It's not far from the final rebrand: God is Satan and Satan is God.

Medical Ethics Alliance - Press release regarding Alfie Evans. Medical and State Tyranny

Medical doctors started a petition on We are deeply concerned and outraged by the treatment and care offered to Alfie Evans. Wanting to withdraw treatment so that he will …
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Sunamis 46
Would they do the same for williams and kates children,too? Keep them in hospital, and execute them the same way, if they would be in the same … More
Sunamis 46
i hope the get nightmares for keeping him in the hospital, so they let him go
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De Profundis
Sire added on twitter "Since my necessarily brief remark on last night's webcast on Mgr Lefebvre has generated so much commentary, I should expand a … More
On his feast day, Saint Michael descends into Purgatory and returns to Heaven with many souls, especially those who have been devotees to him during … More
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Abyss Between Francis and the Dutch Bishops

The Dutch bishops “change into a refrigerator when the name [Francis] falls”, according to Jan-Willem Wits, a former spokesman of the Dutch bishops’ conference. Writing on (April 24), …
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i would say more political role than a sheppard ,role ,
This Dutch orthodoxy is a blessed relief, given how Dutch bishops led the attack on Catholic teaching and the Mass of All Time after V2 (eg the … More

Hard Times and Strong Men

Strong Men and Good Times.
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And so shall it ever go
Vered Lavan
An analysis very true.

More Kasper Contradictions: Protestants And Catholics Are "One Church"

Speaking in contradictions, the de facto Protestant Cardinal Walter Kasper has claimed that Catholics and Protestants are members of the "one holy Church of Christ" but at the same time "not in full …
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“My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, … More


“[T]he most holy Eucharist contains the Church’s entire spiritual wealth: Christ himself, our passover and living bread. Through his own flesh, now …
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Our Lady of Sorrows
Saint Leonard of Port Maurice, who said: “If you practice the holy exercise of spiritual Communion several times each day, within a month you will … More