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Let's Pray for Mr. President DONALD TRUMP,! Say ROSARY! Ask Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ for HELP! Let's ask St Michael Archangel fight devil … [More]
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The rise of the far right. [More]
“A land drenched in blood and washed by tears”, RC

Coptic Christan Martyrs: We'll Never Forget

February marks the second annivserary of the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians at the hands of the Islamic State. They were not murdered. They chose to die rather than deny Christ and convert to Islam. They are martyrs in the true sense of the word.
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Susan Creamer, a teacher at Merritt Brown Middle School in Panama City, took to the Atheists of Bay County’s private Facebook page to vent her frustrations about students in her class who invite her to church or teasingly yell “God Bless You” when … [More]

Susan Creamer, atheist teacher, says she feels 'bullied' by students saying 'God bless you'

A Florida public school district is investigating social media posts from a middle school teacher who complained on an atheist group’s Facebook page that she was being “bullied” by her students. Susan Creamer, a teacher at Merritt Brown Middle Scho…
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Fatima and the Sacrament of Confession - Father Isaac Relyea

01:11:08 Fatima and the Sacrament of Confession - Father Isaac Relyea - Chicago 2017 - OLA IL 09 FR Rey 1
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Early plowing

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Vered Lavan
Das wird alles wieder kommen. Wenn der Herr die Demut der Menschheit einfordern wird.
"Im Märzen der Bauer die Rösslein einspannt"..
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Man pulls knife at Planned Parenthood

A man threatened to kill a pro-lifer with a knife on Wednesday morning outside a Planned Parenthood in Ventura, California, local police report. Police said the man, Brandon Beechum, 30, was taking a female companion to the Planned Parenthood when …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Is that surprising? Hes about to kill a baby, so it follows that he'd kill another living human being too...perfectly logical

Bergoglio was conjured by the Indian witch shaman.

Apostay: Bergoglio defends the "rights" of pagan tradition, while attacking Christian Tradition.
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The Immaculate Heart vs. the New Paganism - John Vennari

01:14:21 The Immaculate Heart vs. the New Paganism - John Vennari - Chicago 2017 - OLA IL 03 JV 1
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St Bernadette: My Duty is to be Sick and to Pray

St. Bernadette once spoke of how she was not worthless while lying in bed but had a duty to be sick... the bishop added "and to pray". For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest
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Hermit of Loreto

Although I am happy that Trump got elected, I would believe that this is a fake.
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I don't believe he is priest ,he's a fake.
Holy Cannoli
I would believe that this is a fake. If you fast forward to approximately 3:52 of the video you will see this "priest" making the sign of the cross. … [More]
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We Must Fast to do Reparation

The situation regarding Lent today is more relaxed now than ever before in the history of Holy Church. Those pagans of old known as the Ninevites listened to the preaching of Jonas and did penance. They fasted completely from all food and drink. … [More]
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God or Money. Homily for the 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A.

Fr. GeoffreyPlant. Book of Isaiah 49:14-15. Zion said, «The LORD has forsaken me; my LORD has forgotten me.» Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget, I will never forget you. Psalms … [More]
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The Catholic Church in De Facto Schism: What’s to Be Done?

Knowing that the episcopate is divided on de fide doctrines of morality, Pope Francis needs to lead his brother bishops to face frankly this crisis in the Church and to resolve firmly to overcome it. Meanwhile, lay Catholics should not allow …
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Prominent Jesuit priest tweets support for transgender bathrooms to 100k followers | News

Fr. James Martin criticized President Trump for rescinding President Obama's transgender bathroom mandate.
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This priest is a perverts best friend. He obviously doesn't care if a little girls get molested by grown men in a bathroom . Satanism at its worst! … [More]
Another fraud out of the closet

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from your Valentine.
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Blessed Sebastian Of Aparicio - February 25

breski1 Also known as Angel of Mexico Sebastián de Aparicio Prado Memorial 25 February Profile Born of Spanish peasants. Shepherd as a child, and a hired field hand as a young man, helping to support his family. Gentleman’s valet at Salamanca. He [More]
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