Analysis by Henry Sire ("Dicator Pope")

Pope Francis’s Chilean Sacrifice

A few days ago Pope Francis told the bishops of the Catholic Church that they need to be prepared to resign when the right time comes for them. He …
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Bishop Cancels Ordination After Deacon's Gay Affair

A Michigan cleric's ordination to the priesthood is being called off over a sex abuse allegation. Image Jerome Green This week, Bp. Joseph Cistone of the Saginaw diocese sent an internal email …
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‘Crying’ Our Lady of Guadalupe statue in Hobbs Church

Some are calling it a miracle. People are coming from all over to visit a Hobbs church after hearing it's Our Lady of Guadalupe statue started to cry during mass.
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Sensus Fidelium
I’d be crying too with that horrible music and ugly dance going on in an ugly parish.

Atheistic "Logic"

On the Witness of Christ's resurrection.
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It was Bishop Schneider celebrating the Pontifical High Mass at St Mary Moorfields in London
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Holy Communion Is Not Like Beer or Cake Shared Between Friends - Cardinal

Protestants who wish to receive Holy Communion should become Catholic, Cardinal Francis Arinze,85, told Catholic News Service (May 23), “Come, be received into the Church, and then you can receive …
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Every now and then I wish Gloriatv had a, "LOVE THIS!" button. Thank you, Cardinal Arinze, for stating the very obvious.
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Secular Outlet: Francis Is Undermining Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality

Pope Francis' recent claim that God creates and loves homosexuals the way they are, contradicts Catholic teaching, Damon Linker has noted in (May 23), a secular outlet. Linker realises…
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Does God Make a Person Gay?

Does God create a person with a homosexual inclination? Father Philip Bochanski discusses why this idea is incompatible with Catholic theology and the Church's understanding of the human person and … More
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St Dominic taken up to Heaven

"With eager words he built this ladder, which the Virgin Mother with her Son drew up to heaven." This carved scene by Alfonso Lombardi was added to the tomb of St Dominic in 1532. Source: Lawrence … More
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Dolan praises Bergoglio's heretical blasphemy ‘Gay’ Remarks

Bergoglio told a heretical blasphemy to homosexual Juan Carlos Cruz "God made you gay" and the apostate Timothy Dolan of New York instead of correcti…
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Atanasio de Trento
Bergoglio in Argentina taught psychology, where he corrupted a student confirming him in the vice of sodomy. Yayo Grassi himself testifies that … More
Atanasio de Trento

Dialogue 36

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #36
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Francis: Homosexuals Cannot Enter Seminary

If bishops’ have “the slightest doubt” that a young man is homosexual, it’s “better” not to let him enter the seminary, Pope Francis said in a closed door meeting with the Italian bishops. According …
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It seems, they only let them enter if their homosexuality is certain
Peronist standard operating procedure, confusion as policy.

Pentecost Schola - SUNG Mass

Latin Mass St. Patrick's Wilmington, Delaware
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"I am a young, proud, ambitious Irish woman..."

"I am a young, proud, ambitious Irish woman and I am sick of being told that without the right to kill, without the right to take a human life, I am somehow not equal"
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Save the 8th
Anne T.
Once upon a time in Hungary I expected my son-I was a wordly girl without the knowledge of God..But Then God showed His Almighty Love toward me too,… More

The Cruel Death of a Loving Mother

On December 29, 2017, gunmen attacked Coptic Christians leaving a church on the southern outskirts of Cairo. Nermeen Sadiq, the mother of Nesma Wael, 13, and her sister Karen, 8, was one of the nine …
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Kids, we pray for you.
Let us pray for these and all Christians in the middle east...

U.S. bishops’ pro-life chair defends denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians

They need to be held to 'accountability.'
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Liturgical Arts Journal: Before and After: St. Mark's in Peoria, Illinois

Before and After: St. Mark's in Peoria, Illinois
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@Don Reto Nay will like this!