Rorate Caeli - Catholic Gregorian Chant Hymns

This is one of my favourite hymns of the Catholic Faith. Taken from Isaiah and other sources, it is a reverent and humble supplication to the mercy of God. A hymn of repentance and sorrow. On top of … More
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Women and Men - Then and Now

Mankind in trouble.
We will not have Christ as king so this is what we get. It only gets worse.
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Connecticut apostate bishop appoints laywoman to lead parish

NEW YORK - Less than two months after serving as delegate in the Bishops Synod on Youth which called women’s leadership within the Church “a duty …
@mccallansteve your suggestion is not far-fetched.
Maybe after Francis exits, the bishop can nominate some liberal pro-abort for pope
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Flashback: Francis mocked the Tridentine Latin Mass

From the children's book titled "Dear Pope Francis" (2016)
Those who hate the traditional mass hate the Catholic faith.
Ivan Tomas
In fact, the similar "fun" story could easily be told by them all: JXXIII, PVI, JPII, and BXVI! And sadly, many, many, many, other too!
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"From my perspective as an atheist as well as a career college teacher, secular humanism has been a disastrous failure. Too many young people raised in affluent liberal homes are arriving at elite … More

MercatorNet: ‘Comparative religion is the true multiculturalism’

Camille Paglia on the dearth of meaning in youthful lives and how to remedy it.
i believe he is a courageous man ,and a voice in the wilderness ,of Canada ,God has worked before with people that are not catholics to do good … More
No such thing as Judeo-Christianity. That's an oxymoron. juden peterstein is a charlatan and shabos goy. He's fooled many Christians and conservative… More
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Shooter during Mass in Brazil Cathedral

A man has killed 4 people, and wounded 4 others before committing suicide, during Mass this morning at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Campinas, just north of São Paulo, Brazil.
Holy Cannoli
Hours after paramedics were seen taking bodies and injured out of the church, authorities identified the shooter as 49-year-old Euler Fernando … More
My God prayers
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Francis welcomes the formal adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration

Cardinal Parolin's intervention at the Intergovernmental Conference on Migration in Marrakech to Adopt the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (via Mr. Secretary-…
Jim Dorchak
How about something from the Holy Father on the salvation of Souls? Crickets...............
What do they think the Holy Crusades were for? These wolves in shepherd's clothing welcome the enemy so Christians can be raped, killed, and enslaved… More
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Cardinal Napier "less Catholic than Ian Paisley"

Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier OFM was once a reasonably orthodox Catholic, but his history may be regarded as the Rake's Progress in 3 parts. Warning …
Lolz. Big Ian is longer with us, but even alive more Catholic than Bergie it his boosters. Napier still got retired, no extension for his recent … More
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Sweden: Catholic Church Entangled In Pro-Abortion Organisations

Stockholm Diocese and Caritas Sweden are partners of pro-abortion and pro-contraception organisations, has found (December 10). One of them is the Swedish Mission Council, an …
please pray for Cleansing of the church from evil
So gooooood Lepanto and Hitchborn nailed their ... Now, go deceive your grannies, libtards!!!!!
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Connecticut Bishop appoints woman to lead parish. She will have “decision-making authority over a team of priests who will be responsible for sacramental ministry”

Connecticut bishop appoints laywoman to lead parish

Bishop Frank Caggiano has named a woman to head the pastoral team of a Connecticut parish.
Time to leave that parish and find a traditional one. Or, maybe the faithful can standup to the "bishop."
De Profundis
This is the left feminist Woman
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That's new - Niveau of Australian's Politicians

Hon David Templeman, ALP, Member for Mandurah Australian Labor Party
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Early Image of Jesus Christ Discovered at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt | Archaeology |

Spanish and French archaeologists excavating at the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus have discovered what could be one of the earliest known …
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6 5.7K Removes Report: Outcome of Secret Australian Kangaroo Court Must Be Kept Secret

On December 11, under this URL a [truthful] piece of news about the outcome of Cardinal George Pell’s retrial was published. The news was based on first hand information. received an email …
If you're interested in great injustices, you should research the hell Abp Pell put abuse victim John Ellis through in what is known as the Ellis … More
paul grech
The jurisdiction of this kangaroo court in Melbourne is limited to Victoria in Australia and the suppression order is not binding anywhere outside … More
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Comfort Ye!

"Behold, the Lord God comes with might, and his arm rules for him; behold, his reward is with him, and his recompense before him. He will feed his flock like a shepherd, he will gather the lambs in … More
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It’s not the same religion. – What's Up With Francis-Church?

In a single photo, the Faith you’ll die for and… that other thing.
It's really not. It's protestant and as phony as the day is long.
@Don Reto Nay , what a beautiful collection, thanks for sharing
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Scandal-Hit Bishop Resigns in India

Pope Francis accepted on December 10 the resignation of Cuddapah Bishop Prasad Gallela, 56, South East India. Two Catholics had filed a criminal complaint against him in a court in Andhra Pradesh. …
Holy Cannoli
While the bishop maintains his innocence and far be it for me to publicly condone any form of unrestrained violence either physical or verbal, there … More
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Beautiful!!! I will never be able to go to Jerusalem, thank you so much!!!
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Generation Identity Ireland - Don't Mention African Gangs

Irish Activists went to Balbriggan, a town beset by African Gangs whose only aim is to terrorise the locals and make them feel unsafe in their own community. The media tries to ignore their plight, … More
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San Juan Diego

"O God, who by means of Saint Juan Diego showed the love of the most holy Virgin Mary for your people, grant, through his intercession, that, by following the counsels our Mother gave at Guadalupe, … More
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