Francis de Sales, Why you shouldn’t fear the future

St. Francis de Sales: "Do not look forward to the trials and crosses of this life and fear. Rather, look to them with full confidence that, as they arise, God, to whom you belong, will deliver you …
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"Pange lingua" by Anton Bruckner (Concordia Chamber Choir; Bradley Naylor, guest conductor)

Concordia Chamber Choir (Athens, GA) sings "Pange lingua" by Anton Bruckner during its spring concert at First Presbyterian Church of Athens, GA. Jason Bennett, director; Jacob Coleman, piano; … More
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Francis Attracts Only Very Small Crowd For Youth Meeting

Pope Francis met on January 17, during his journey in Chile, young people at the National Shrine of Maipu. He asked them to help the Church “to be more faithful to the Gospel” although Francis himsel…
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Those are long shadows. If it's a "sunrise event" it wasn't terribly well planned. If it's a "sunset event" for youth, this is the worst news, … More
Uncle Joe
Never did like
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“Catholic Doctrine is Not Subject to Paradigm Shifts”

Cardinal Piero Parolin's claim that Amoris Laetitia has resulted from a “new paradigm” was sharply criticised by Father Gerald Murray, a canon lawyer and New York priest. Talking to EWTN (January…
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Conscience will override everything. If you feel good about yourself, all is OK, you can receive Holy Communion, etc.
We'll end up in a position where the doctrines are there in an advisory capacity only. Follow their wisdom if you will, but nothing is actually binding.
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Saint Margaret of Hungary

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"Almighty God, by the working of the Holy Spirit, you made the virgin, Saint Margaret, renowned for the grace of self-denial. Grant that we may never oppose your will, but always faithfully carry … More
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The Anger of Jesus - Jan 17 - Homily - Fr Matthias

Fr Matthias explains that in today's Gospel Our Lord gives us the example of how a Christian should manage anger. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Anthony of Egypt - Mem Readings: Wednesday 2nd Week of Ordinar… More
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The Holy Year of 1950

A film about the Catholic holy year celebration in the Vatican in Rome in 1950. To purchase a clean DVD or digital download of this film for personal home use or educational use contact us at … More
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BREAKING: First U.S. president to address the March for Life

President Trump will be the first U.S. president in history to address the March for Life which will take place this Friday, January 19. From the article at LifeSite News: Previous Republican preside…
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Apostolic Journey to Chile - Visit to the Female Central Penitentiary of Santiago 2018-01-16

Santiago - Visit to the Female Central Penitentiary “San Joaquín”
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Francis Attacked

Newspaper Thrown at Francis: Pope Francis was pelted with a newspaper on Monday before celebrating Mass in Santiago del Chile while driving in his Papa Mobile. Users commented on that he … More
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Uncle Joe
Newspaper Thrown at Francis: To be serious for a moment, there are more appropriate ways to express ones displeasure with a public figure (including… More

Multiple Muslim bakeries refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple in Dearborn

Multiple Muslim bakeries refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple in Dearborn Michigan - all received a copy of this video, and refused to report.
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Good for the mulins. Of course, if the gays really pushed it, heads would roll.
if it was a christian bakery they would be sued
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President Trump to address March for Life via live stream

The March for Life is honored to announce that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will address the 45th annual March for Life live from the White House Rose Garden via …
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Bishop Taylor refuses to attend pro-life march given the keynote speaker, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, "worked tirelessly to secure the executio… More
I am astonished at a media so curious about Trump's health when they couldn't ask a single question about Hillary's "pneumonia."
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Sunamis 46
My oh my
Sunamis 46
Or he thinks what if someone gets dubia?

Cognitive Assessment for the Hierarchy?

On January 10, 2018 a physical and cognitive examination was given to President Donald Trump. The results were presented in an hour long Q & A session with the loons in the American press corps yest…
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Uncle Joe
A small twist to the cognitive testing..Every priest in every parish would have their own section of the parish website where each priest would list … More
@Uncle Joe , not having English as mother tongue may result is much poorer values either for Catholic hierarchy members or myself - eg. I am not … More

Who is the HOLY SPIRIT

How do we get to know HIM?
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Gloria Thomas
The Holy Spirit is the Divine Spirit of Truth, who by grace inlightens the faithful soul.
This is a topic that Catholics must be comfortable with, and wise in our discussion.
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The most precious thing I've seen all week!!! He is so cute I just want to kiss his little cheeks!!!
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Sunamis 46
Can someone translate that word dubia? Could one type underneath the cartoon
De Profundis
Pope Francis in Chile, "It's important that you speak, that you do not stay silent. That you speak with courage and say what you feel. Let us help … More

Today is the 30th anniversary of the first-ever press conference of the Pope

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It was organized in Vatican with John Paul II.
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THIS with JPII was the New Evangelization, "New in Method".
In honor of this special anniversary, I will share two of my favorite photos in-flight here and here.
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Vindictive Archbishop Ousts Contemplative Nuns

San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller who was named by Benedict XVI, ousted three Poor Clares from his diocese, writes Mary Ann Mueller on (January 11). The sisters were …
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Jim Dorchak
Key phrase: Noticeable drop in Income $
Joseph a' Christian
"As a consequence, the parish left San Antonio archdiocese and joined the Anglican Ordinariate,.." The amount of division the vatikan ll false … More
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these are true presecuted catholics ,pray for them