Gloria.TV News on the 21st of February 2017

Secrecy: Referring to its source in Santa Marta, the blog Anonimi della Croce reports of secret meetings of Pope Francis with the Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby and other Anglican and Lutheran dignitaries. Protestant representatives participate … [More]
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Pope Francis Praises Soros-Funded Organization; Encourages "Resistance"

On 17 February, Pope Francis released a letter written for those gathered for the World Meeting of Popular Movements held in California from 16-19 February — a meeting organized by the Vatican. Such meetings regularly take place in the Vatican …
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Feature Video-The Music of The London Oratory Schola Cantorum Boys Choir

AimHigher Recordings on Feb 11, 2017. Cardinal Sarah Blesses Debut Album of London Boys Choir. Release of new recording coincides with worldwide tour that includes the U.S. in October.…/cardinal-sarah-…
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Ah how wonderful. This is my parish church. We have three choirs. The schola cantorum, the junior oratory choir and the senior. And our Organ … [More]
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Ana Luisa M.R
Robert Colquhoun, the Director of International Campaigns visited Croatia last week. There are abortions happening in approximately 30 locations in … [More]
Ana Luisa M.R
When we pray, hearts and minds are changed

Holy Rosary Mother Angelica Sorrowful Mysteries Video.mpg

The Blessed Virgin Mary promised to Saint Dominic and to all who follow that "Whatever you ask in the Rosary will be granted." She left for all Christians Fifteen Promises to those who recite the Holy Rosary. Imparted to Saint Dominic and Blessed … [More]
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【Movie】Fiddler on the Roof (Part 1 of 3) ╬ A 1971 musical film by Norman Jewison

G § Fiddler on the Roof: A 1971 American musical comedy-drama film, an adaptation of the 1964 Broadway musical of the same name ※ Directed by: Norman Jewison ※ Produced by: Norman Jewison & Walter Mirisch ※ Screenplay by: Joseph Stein ※ Based on: … [More]
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Great film
This movie was very interesting and different then I've thought before watching this. It has beautiful music pieces with great actors. The music … [More]
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Holy Visionaries of Fatima

Today, 20 February, is the feast of two of the visionaries of Our Lady of Fatima, Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco Marto. The brother and sister, who tended to their families’ sheep with their cousin Lucia in the fields of Fatima, Portugal, … [More]
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Melania Trump prays at the President's Florida rally

The First Lady Melania Trump introduces her husband with reciting the Lord's Prayer.
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Other former presidents were toppled in SATANISM. BUSH senior, BUSH Junior, both Clintons and OBAMA. ALL of THEM satanists. All of them in freemasonr… [More]
Expressing own faith publicly we have to call bravery. God bless Mr. Trump and his family. JESUS and MARIA
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To be a winner is first in the brains. The new Church, unfortunately, has a loser mentality...
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100th Anniversary Of The Apparitions Of Our Lady (1917-2017) - Westminster Cathedral -Cardinal …

JackSoriano on Feb 19, 2017. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima Statue and the Relic of the Fatima visionaries, Blessed Jacinta and Francisco came to Westminster Cathedral … [More]
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Dr Stuart Reiss
very nice...i was there to venerate the relics..but skipped the part with cardinal Vincent...god alone knows what he thinks...and i didn't want to … [More]
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Miracle baby without brain

Noah's parents Shelly and Rob were told that if he survived the birth, he wou...
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His brain GREW! Incredible!
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Cardinal Zen: Pope Francis is naive and may have sympathies for the communists

Cardinal Zen: Pope Francis is naive and may have sympathies for the communists
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PF is a communist and plays naive
Vered Lavan
I pray for the real underground-church in China! Unfurtenately Pope Francis is contaminated by the Liberation theology.
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Gloria.TV News on the 20th of February 2017

Ungodly Speech: Last Friday Pope Francis visited the Third Roman University. Francis spoke 45 minutes and never mentioned God or Jesus Christ, although they were contained in the written text, but Francis chose to drop these passages. Bergoglio … [More]
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Vous n'y êtes pas : comment François pourrait-il gagner le monde entier, s'il parle de Dieu et du Seigneur Jésus-Christ dans ses discours aux … [More]
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So ist es halt, man bekommt schon bei der Geburt ,ein paar klapse auf den Hintern wenn man nicht leben will...Gott sei Dank ist dieses Baby gerettet … [More]
schüttel, schüttel, Baby lebt und schreit...Deo gratias!