Ohio teacher says she was fired over pregnancy, files suit against Catholic archdiocese

Ohio teacher says she was fired over pregnancy, files suit against Catholic archdiocese DAYTON, Ohio — An unmarried Catholic school teacher who said she was fired after telling her principal that she was pregnant is suing the Roman Catholic …
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I can understand the firing from the perspective of not being a good Catholic example, but the woman who was not married and expecting Children was then placed in a more precarious postion that she may have done something awful. Thank God she didn't. I just feel that maybe something else could have been done to be more merciful to this woman who placed herself into this predicament, and also tried to encourge the woman to get married. The Church really doesn't need another complicated lawsuit that tries to push for more secular society inside of it.
I entirely agree with the posting below, I feel simpathetic towards her in the fact that she is a woman with children, but I think we ought to stand for what we believe in and follow God's commandments and the church's teachings.

I do hope and pray that she desists when she already knew the terms for employment and it was entirely fair as she broke those terms.

She could have gotten married, not just have a party with her body. May God bless her, and give her some light so that she deists and so that she does not talk bad about the Catholic Church or the Archdiocese. God Bless.

It wasn’t because she was pregnant, but because she wasn’t married and was pregnant. Hence the “morality clause.” That said, I think they should have put her on leave immediately and given her time either to rectify the situation by getting married, or to find another job.

She signed the contract with a morality clause. She was over the age of 18 and had a college degree and a state license. She should have enough mental capability to read a … [More]