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St Dominic Raising the Dead Child

"When Mass was over, St Dominic and the cardinals with their companions, together with the abbess and her nuns, returned to the body of the dead young man [the nephew of Cardinal Stephen who had … More
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Moldova: Police arrest Christians for disrupting LGBTQ march in Chisinau

Welcome to the Western "values", Moldova.
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Look at all these fag enablers defending the sodomites. How pathetic. They attack and remove the elderly, women, and children defending Christ so … More
My condolences to the families of Moldova.


Just got word that Eddie Stone the Irish Healer had a dream last night that depicted a vision he believes comes from God. The vision was of a baby resting on weighing scales and was matched on the …
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BBC interview with Rees-Mogg is bigotry

The Conservative MP said during the interview: “I make no criticism of any of my colleagues, but do you believe in religious tolerance?” He continued: “So why do you pick on this view of the Catholic… More
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400 % increase of the Faithful.

Extraordinary growth, and more from Bishop Doyle

Pentecost Sunday saw a record attendance – 82 people came to the Old Rite Mass at 8:30am. This represents a 400% increase in less than three short …
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I have to admit, sometimes you just need Facebook's "WOW!" icon.
"Vice President Goodwin alleges that the student stared at her for roughly five seconds".

Catholic Student Punished For Promoting Catholic Marriage At Catholic University

The vice president of student affairs at Providence College has issued a restraining order against a student for posting flyers that educate students…
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Cardinal Dolan Praises Francis' Comments To Homosexual

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan has praised Pope Francis’ words to the Chilean homosexual Juan Carlos Cruz. Bergoglio told Cruz that “being gay doesn’t matter” and that he is “made and loved by …
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Gesù è con noi
The promoter of the sodomy Timothy Dolan is using the language of the devil "yes and not" to reaffirm the heretical blasphemy attributed to Bergoglio… More
Atanasio de Trento
Bergoglio en colaboración con los pro sodomitas apostatas como Dolan y James Martin y los apostatas ha creado una iglesia gay para los gays y … More
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From the article: So, what should we, as Christians, say to homosexuals? If we are not taking the Pope's purported position, how then can we reach out to a gay person in love but without forfeiting … More

WALSH: No, God Does Not Make People Gay

I do not know if the Pope actually said to a gay man, "God made you like this" and "be happy with who you are." The Vatican, as usual, has refused …
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Atanasio de Trento
Del artículo: Entonces, ¿qué deberíamos nosotros, como cristianos, decir a los homosexuales? (en lugar de la blasfemia herética que le atribuyen a … More

What destroyed the Family in the modern world

“It cannot be too often repeated that what destroyed the Family in the modern world was Capitalism.” — G.K. Chesterton
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Must read. Exposes the fake arguments and fake history of pro-abortion Catholics

Ireland and the ‘Ensoulment’ Myth | Catherine Lafferty

Irish abortion proponents have had to construct a parody Church to make the case for their referendum.
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@Tesa, THANK YOU for this excellent article! I wish I could slip this under Nancy Pelosi's door.
The debate is about abortion, not "choice".

Saint William of Rochester (Perth) - May 23

This 12th century saint was a Scottish fisherman from Perth. As a young man he experienced a conversion and devoted himself to caring for orphans and the poor. One child in his care had been … More
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Christ Descended Into Hell: The Levels of Hell

What are the levels of hell? What does the Church teach on hell, purgatory, the limbo of infants & the limbo of the fathers? For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail … More
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Swiss Nuncio Blames Youth For Vocation Crisis

Archbishop Thomas Gullickson (67), the Apostolic Nuncio in Switzerland, has changed his mind regarding the vocation crisis. He writes on his blog (May 13) that …
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Jim Dorchak
Can you hear that????? Just listen close........... Yeah there it is! It is the sound of a Bishop knowing that his ill placed efforts were and are … More
Dr Bobus wise Catholic who knows what attracts vocations would implement in practice. Abp. Lefebrve didn't criticize youth or ask to do job for him.… More
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Archbishop Wants „New Pastoral Journeys“ For Homosexuals

Amoris Laetitia has inspired modernist Archbishop Matteo Zuppi of Bologna, Italy, to find “new pastoral journeys” for homosexuals. Writing on the Jesuit (May 21), Zuppi praises…
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Utter madness.

3 things that Concern the Pope - Perspectives Daily

saltandlighttv on May 22, 2018 Good evening and welcome to Perspectives Daily, Im Noel Ocol. From Rome today, the Pope met with members of the Italian Bishops' Conference, sharing with them 3 of his … More
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Save the Family, Save the World (Michael Matt, London)

At the Family Life International Conference in London, Michael J. Matt delivers a powerful lecture on the restoration of Christianity through the defense and restoration of the Christian family. … More
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Another papal bombshell: the confusion is intentional

Another day, another papal bombshell. Another statement attributed to the Holy Father that is clearly at variance with established Church teaching. …
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Yeap, it's happening, it is intentional... saddest part is that no one wants to see it, they prefer this "new bergoglian" Church, in the dominican … More
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio maliciously does not correct the heretical blasphemy because his double pseudo-magisterium is aimed for corrupting the young.
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Mary Wagner: The problem is not the baby

Mary pleads with Ireland to keep abortion out by voting no on the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution that protects the life of the unborn babe. If Ireland were to repeal… More
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