Mr. Alejandro Bermudez - Aciprensa' director -Cyber bullying on Twitter and Facebook

Mr. Alejandro Bermudez from Aciprensa director and host of EWTN's Cara a Cara program, this man humiliates their male opponents in Twitter and Facebook and call them cockroaches, stupid, gay, little girls , etc. .
This is cyber bullying when is aimed at teenagers and young can be a criminal offense . THIS IS A GRAVE SIN AGAINST CHASTITY AND PURITY. I KNOW HOW DAMAGING THIS IS SINCE I’M A DOCTOR in MEDICINE, specially the psychological IMPLICATIONS this type of verbal and psychological abuse can have on sexual identity disorders could trigger and emotional damage this kind of pejorative labels causes its victims. The case of Mr. Alexander is in the category of psychological violence. The "Cyber Bullying " is a psychological assault.

Proverbs 8:13
To fear the Lord is to hate evil ;
I hate pride and arrogance ,
bad behavior and perverse speech .

Mr. Alejandro Bermudez uses a vulgar and derogatory vocabulary, mocks his opponents on his Twitter and Facebook accounts . He suggests to men that they are homosexual, or treat them as a woman with this harassment, cyber bullying . This is a wolf in sheep's clothing, this is not the language of a Christian. In his Twitter account he calls stupid his opponents and gay , etc. .
My God and this is the man we all admire here at Gloria tv but it is true that the fish dies by its mouth!! THE BIBLE BANS TO CALL A FELLOW CHRISTIAN BROTHER “RACA” which is a derogatory term that denigrates the mind of a man telling him stupid.

Stupid, - da adj. / S . m . and f . It applies to the person who shows clumsiness or lack of understanding to understand things .

I do not understand how Mr Alejandro Bermúdez who claims to be a Christian, a man claiming to be of God can call another man gay to humiliate him.

Luke 6:45
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good : and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks .

Scoffer is one who makes fun of a person, in this case a Christian, in a cruel and humiliating manner.

Mr. Alejandro Bermudez on his Twitter and Facebook insults users who question, use sarcasm, ridicule, insults and doesn’t use the Christian apologetics to defend the faith.

Mr. Alejandro Bermudez shows pride and not humility when he challenges :
Alejandro Bermudez @albermudezr Jan 2
Eso es lo q venía diciendo @BaldemarGro citas a Jsús xq eres un gay psicológico,no xq sigas a Jesús

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Jan 2
Xq precisely d fold your tongue and your psychological homo @ BaldemarGro are the cause d this discussion, not your faith in Jesus

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Jan 2
Probably not see xq not deserve @ BaldemarGro cockroaches x example with light disappear .

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Jan 2
You insult as a little girl @ BaldemarGro I refer to the facts

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Jan 2
Forward worm nobody! @ CesitarSource try ! give me the best shot from your vile filth d!

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Dec 11
I do not dedicate 1 second to the traditionalists oligophrenias d @ EnriqueMaragnon you read it and tell me what you think.

Soldier of Christ @ EnriqueMaragnon Dec 12
@ albermudezr thanks for enriching my vocabulary with " oligophrenias ". Crazy enough to say, crazy or stupid .

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Dec 12
You will be a supporter or member of schismatics ? @ EnriqueMaragnon

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Dec 12
No, deserve and I feel like calling them oligophrenics @ EnriqueMaragnon

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr Dec 13
For those who have language recharged 200 words @ EnriqueMaragnon oligofrenia is a mental condition is not only stupid

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr November 10
Yes @ ofetreybal @ AlbertVillasana the problem is Catholic Pharisees and traitors like you

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 31
A psychopath speaks d mature exhibitionist ? JoVidaVen ignaciorenace @ @ @ @ CNNEE porfa Vzla see a psychiatrist!

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 31
For sample : you! AlejaSanchezLAM josegacol @ @ @wiltamayo dq stupid spare

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 28
nothing what I say embarrasses me @ oboterodiaz don’t know what offends you to call someone phony or stoner ? It's the truth!

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 27
That recommendation I take from someone who have moral values @ Gatompiro not from a clown like you! # NoMasPirryRCN

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 28
Seriously @Discovery does not need a stoner nor as @ @ canalrcnmsncom PirryTv , that x # NoMasPirryRCN

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 27
And you seem to like how it burns right? @ ajorgez I’m glad, x be bootlicking of @ PirryTv # no more sPirryRCN

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 27
I understand your frustration @ harrystereo playing video games at your age and only 57 followers? Q + t is ? # NoMasPirryRCN

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 27
Q What is a lie is that a little guy like you have brain froyj91 @ q @ PirryTv paid x cures , be honest

Alejandro Bermudez @ albermudezr October 27
But you're an ignorant homo amargadita and you ignored @ AngieJaraM1llo step d and q wasting time with you…/419000297034244……/418918925452050……/411461119455141…

1 Corinthians 8:12
Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)
12 Thus, sinning against your brethren and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ.

I ask the brothers of goodwill please make the claim to EWTN

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