CONSTRUCTION OF PANIC for World Governance

BRIEF WORDS: “What makes man a man is not freedom, morality, religion, sociability or the word, but reason; because from the reason all the other notes are deduced” Réginald GARRIGOU-LAGRANGE: “Sens Commun”

In his book “Homo Videns. The Remote-Control Society”, Giovanni Sartori develops, as the title of his work implies, the question of the manipulation of modern man. In the first part of his book, the author deals with the primacy of the image and the impoverishment of the ability to understand. Sartori affirms (the book was written about 22 years ago) that “the so-called virtual reality is an unreality that has been created with the image and that it is reality only on the screen. The virtual, the simulations greatly expand the possibilities of the real; but they are not realities”. In homo videns, “conceptual (abstract) language is replaced by perceptual (concrete) language that is infinitely poorer: poorer not only in terms of words (number of words), but especially in terms of wealth of meaning, that is, of cognitive capacity”. The author uses a clear and still current example, the image of a man without a job. The same, however clear it may be, however painful it may be, will never allow us to understand the causes of unemployment and how to solve it.

In the second part of his book, Sartori affirms, emphatically, “that the “sovereign” people (the quotation marks are ours) “opine” above all, based on how television induces them to express an opinion. And in driving opinion, the power of the image is placed at the center of all the processes of contemporary politics”. It is then about the “authority of the image. [...] The essential thing is that the eye believes in what it sees; and, therefore, the cognitive authority in which he believes most is what is seen. What is seen seems "real", which implies that it seems true ".

Information is not knowledge; it has to be sustained with Sartori. "By itself, information does not lead to understanding things." “Television gives less information than any other information instrument. Furthermore, with television, the criteria for selecting information or among information radically changes. The information that counts is the one that can be better filmed; and if there is no filming there is not even news, and, therefore, the news is not offered, since it is not “video-worthy” does not count for the media marketing.

These times allow us to see how distortion, lack of common sense, and evil intention continue to generate innumerable debates without solution, and the total collapse of society, of the real economy, that is, the destruction of human labor. Sorry, let's be clearer, the very destruction of man.

Alexis de Tocqueville teaches it: “while most of them are doubtful, they speak; but, since it has been irrevocably pronounced, each one is silent, and friends and enemies then seem to unite according to the same chariot. The reason is simple: there is no monarch so absolute that he can bring together all the forces of society, and overcome resistance, as a majority with the right to make and execute laws can do. [...] Most draw a formidable circle around thought. Within these expression limits of the writer is free, but alas if he dares to get out of it! […] Before publishing his opinions, he believed he had supporters; it seems to him that he doesn't have them anymore, now he has discovered them all; because those who censure him express themselves out loud, and those who think like him, without having their courage, keep quiet and walk away”.

Despotism, “to reach the soul, grossly wounded the body; and the soul, escaping its blows, rose gloriously above him; but in democratic republics, tyranny does not proceed in this way; leave the body and go straight to the soul. The Lord says no more: "You will think as I do, or you will die” - but he says: " [...] You will remain among men, but you will lose your rights to Humanity. When you approach your fellow men, they will flee from you as from an impure being; and those who believe in your innocence will abandon you themselves, because they will flee from them in their turn. Gone in peace, I grant your life, but I leave it worse than death”.

Today many of us try to get out of the circle, confront the totalitarian word that imprisons and destroys. Today the Truth is silenced from the Amazon jungle by the same ones who should announce it from the bell towers, breaking spears with those who run over the flock. But oh no! They prefer to weave GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL AGREEMENTS financed and sponsored by those who work for the abomination. The risk is high, but whoever wants to save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for Him will save it.
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