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Announcing "Extraordinary Faith"

Announcing "Extraordinary Faith": A Locally-Produced EWTN Television Program About Sacred Tradition and the Extraordinary Form

We are delighted to announce the production of a monthly half-hour television program entitled Extraordinary Faith, the first video series to showcase the resurging interest in classic Catholic art, architecture, sacred music, and the Tridentine Mass. Almost three years in the making, the program is an effort to promote the Extraordinary Form and the culture and arts that surround it to Catholics and non-Catholics with little or no experience of sacred tradition. We hope to reach the sort of folks who wander into our churches and wonder why no one has told them that this form of Holy Mass exists, people who may be vaguely dissatisfied with the liturgies in their parishes but don’t know where to turn. We intend to get the attention of this audience with a high-production-value, glossy, and relentlessly positive program focusing on the appeal of timeless Catholic culture and liturgy, unencumbered by heavy academics. Souls will be won over by simple beauty.

Program Format and Broadcast Distribution

Each episode includes tours of historic churches and interviews with accomplished figures on the Latin Mass scene. A travelogue/human interest format provides rich visuals to grab the attention of those with no knowledge of the Tridentine Mass.

EWTN, the largest Catholic television network in the world, has agreed to carry the program. Five episodes have been filmed thus far, with many more in the pipeline. The series is expected to debut on EWTN in March, April, or May, 2014; the broadcast schedule will be reported in this column once it has been set.

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