Former President of Vatican Bank Stole 60 Million Euros

Vatican prosecutors want to put Angelo Caloia, 81, the former president of the Vatican Bank (1989 to 2009), for 8 years in prison.

Caloia is accused of having embezzled €60 million by selling almost all of the Vatican Bank’s real estate to himself and his accomplices through offshore companies.

His accomplices were the lawyer Gabriele Liuzzo (requested: 8 years) and his son Lamberto (requested: 6 years).

Caloia succeded Monsignor Paul Marcinkus (+2006) at the Vatican Bank. The trial began in May 2018. The judgment will be pronounced on 21 January 2021.

According to the prosecution, the defendants acted out of greed and kept the most valuable properties for themselves.

During the interrogation, Caloia justified the millions of euros found in his bank accounts with an inheritance from his mother-in-law but before the court he couldn't even remember his mother-in-law's name.


Alex A
How many more times must the faithful be scandalised by the "root of all evil" within the heart of our Lords own Church?
Thousands sodomitical Cardinals, Bishops and priests have been used Vatican bank money to pay off their sexual abuse victims. Angelo is just a plain thief who is no sexual pervert. Less evil?