In Lowest Percentage Range: German Homosex Report for Francis' Synod

The number of German Catholics surveyed for Francis' synod is "in the lowest single-digit percentage range," says the 13-page summary of German dioceses released Friday.

Their compilers call for lay preaching, women as presiding ministers, lay people officiating at baptisms and marriages, services in [even] simpler language, and the elimination of the [long since dismantled] distance between the meal-table space and the congregation.

Ironically, particularly privileged groups feel "marginalised," in the church, it is said. The report names widely acclaimed heretics, homosexualists and adulterers. It complains that women and married men [and the many who are not called or baptised] are "excluded" from church offices.

Ironically, the perennial issues of the last fifty years - anti-baby pills, abortion and homosex pseudo-marriage - are labelled "taboo subjects". Theologians who openly voice their opinions on topics below the belt fear revocation of their teaching licences if they speak out openly about them, the report claims. In truth, heresy is like a prerequisite for becoming a bishop or a professor of theology.

Furthermore, the report complains that the Church whose voice has long been silenced, is perceived as a "defining and non-listening institution".

Particularly sarcastic is the smug assertion that there is a high-quality liturgy in all German dioceses.

Picture: © Pressebild, SynodalerWeg.de, #newsLvlawtukfk

Fr Dan
The German would be a complete joke if not for all that state money. If they really want to be radical cut the state apron strings and live off the donations of the few faithful
John Fritz Logan
This whole synod is actually discrediting the infiltrators and heretics' agenda and not even the media is helping them, partially I think cause Francis lost favour by remaining to friendly with Putin and China, and because the amazon synod results probably disappointed leftists.