Mantra Cardinal invoke Poor, Peripheires and Plague

After the coronavirus, the middle class go become "the new poor," na weting Bologna Cardinal Matteo Zuppi invoke first Francis mantra, as im dey do internet chat with some Family associations (IlMessaggero.it, April 21).

The second Francis mantra follow immediately, when im tok about to "reconnect the wires with the peripheries" wey for am be "psychological and existential."

Him say e dey "beautiful and spectacular" say Francis create hostel for "poor" people next to Saint Peter's although dem don rent the place as hotel.

For the coronavirus lockdown, Zuppi read The Plague by Albert Camus (+1960), French author wey be atheist, womanizer, anarcho-communist, Marxist and anti-Christian.

For Zuppi, the lockdonw don "open spiritual dimension."

Foto: Matteo Zuppi, © Presidenza della Repubblica, CC BY-SA, #newsDebexasgbv