Late-term abortionist Carhart-2nd ambulance transfer in one month (updated)

On Tuesday, January 19, for the second time in one month, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart sent a woman to hospital by ambulance. This week alone he has seen an estimated 29 women.

Does LeRoy Carhart realize his 7 days-a-week circuit ride is for the purpose of affirming babies are better off dead; that women are better off with dead babies? Does he recognize that he is trapped, the one with no choice, because he must deliver on his promise of giving each woman a dead baby?

LeRoy Carhart is known for describing late-term abortion as "safer" than natural childbirth, another manipulative sales tactic irrelevant to this latest adult victim.

What an oppressive, horrible, miserable place. There is always good news. The truth is, LeRoy Carhart is free to change his mind this very moment, stop the killing and begin affirming life is a gift, always.

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Thank you for documenting the Carhart horrors in Germantown. This is also an attempt to save Carhart's soul which is doomed to go to hell.