Easter 2020: Expensive “Break of Tradition”

In 2020, a trendy Vatican used a “street-art” motive for its Easter stamp. As to be expected, the oligarchs’ media fell in ecstasy over it calling this a “break with tradition.”

Mauro Oliveri, director of the Vatican Philatelic Office, was stupid enough to tell the tabloid Il mio Papa (My Pope) that he saw the mural while riding is motorcycle and photographed it.

But now, its author, Alessia Babrow, 42, a South African who lives in Rome, is furious although she herself plagiarised the Ascension of the German painter Heinrich Hofmann (+1911) to which she only added a heart with the English inscription “Just use it.”

Babrow wants cash - €130.000 - but when she complained with the Vatican, she was only offered an invitation to a public Francis audience and, later, some free stamps.

Anonymous streetart is protected in Italy by protected by copyright law. The court date is on 7 December. If Babrow gets the money, the owner of the wall she damaged with her illegal painting can sue her for part of the money.

Picture: © Alessia Babrow, Gesù Cristo Risorto, 2019, #newsKpgeyybaps