Two Sources: Francis Is LYING In Traditionis Custodes

Persistent rumours say that the 2020 survey regarding the bishops' experience with Summorum Pontificum yielded the opposite result than what Francis is claiming in Traditionis Custodes.

Francis is keeping the results secret. However, Diane Montagna received access to a report on the questionnaire. At a RemnantNewspaper.com conference (Catholic Identity Conference), she stated that the results were largely POSITIVE, and that the bishops of the world asked Francis to keep Summorum Pontificum in full force.

A German acquaintance confirmed to Peter Kwasniewski that the outcome of the questionnaire was contrary to what Francis claims in TC. This person referred to Monsignore Gänswein who told him that he had seen the report, "Gänswein was profoundly worried that the pope could lie. I was less surprised,” the acquaintance wrote Kwasniewski.


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It’s becoming obvious that “survey of bishops” was window-dressing for a conclusion already reached in the lib-clerical echo chamber.
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Around two-thirds of bishops responding to the CDF survey on the TLM were “on board with staying the course, perhaps with some slight modifications. The message was basically to leave Summorum Pontificum alone, and continue with a prudent and careful application.”
Where I work they also ask opinions, but they always do what they have planned. What they want to know is if you are an enemy.
If a Bishop does not valueThe Real Mass mo'betta than The Lil' Licit Liturgy one must question their education if not their eyes and ears