Drunk Man Buried Alive For Pachamama?

Victor Álvarez, 30, got drunk and then fell asleep at a Mother Earth [= Pachamama] festival in El Alto, Bolivia, on 1 August.

He told NyPost.com that he woke up a few hours later with the need to pass water and found that he was lying in a glass coffin covered with earth, destined to be offered as a human sacrifice ("sullu") to the demon Pachamama.

The man managed to free himself. The incident took place in Achacachi, a town about 50 miles from where the Pachamama festival was held.

When Álvarez reported the incident to the police, the latter considered it a story fabricated by a drunken man. News18.com suggests that Álvarez was thought to be dead, put in a coffin and buried alive.


Wow! If that isn't proof of the offering of human sacrifice, I don't know what more proof we need that this whole mother earth movement is directly from the devil!
Cassandra Laments
Why am I not surprised. I have no problem believing this could well be true.
Jeffrey Ade
Nor I!
Carlos Santos
And what does the Pope believe Pachamama represents?
Live Mike
It was an act of love for the good of "mother earth."
Jeffrey Ade
By their fruits you will know them. How can anyone say that he is not a member of the synagogue of satan?