Falsely Convicted Australian Archbishop Appeals – No Resignation

Archbishop Philip Wilson, 67, of Adelaide will appeal his kangaroo court conviction for allegedly “concealing” homosexual abuses of a priest, 42 years ago.

Wilson will not resign as archbishop while the appeal is ongoing.

He maintains his innocence and wants “to exercise my legal rights and to follow the due process of law”.

In Australia, a furious anti-Catholic media campaign is ongoing. It takes as a pretext alleged wrongdoings in context with homosexual abuses.

Valiant Woman
I'm inclined to think this is bogus.
De Profundis
Henry Sire (Dictator Pope) wrote on twitter: "A former pupil of the Pope has told me that a school-friend of his, who had a son at the same Jesuit school by the early 21st century went to Bergoglio, then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and reported that his son had been indecently propositioned by the chaplain of the school."
Holy Cannoli
kangaroo court conviction

Guilty as charged.