Non vaccinated people being made second class citizens
Cuthbert Mayne
There’s a great deal of virtue signaling going on.
Where are all the wymyn who burnt their underwear in public in protest saying ‘my body my choice’?
Happily, it depends entirely where a person lives and it ain't happenin' here. Reason #42,861 why I live in this dismal ice-box of a state.. :)
George Obregon
/What Would Jesus Do
HALTON region: A Catholic school board in Ontario will vote next week on a motion to fly the rainbow-colored homosexual pride flag at all board-run schools during the month of June.Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) Trustee Brenda Agnew gave notice of her motion titled “supporting our diverse school community” during an April 6 board meeting.
Parents ! Wake up !