If you have Coronavirus you're Chances of Dying from it are 0.5% to 1%

What are your chances of getting infected? Now combine that with the dying odds and the odds are very low. It's a conspiracy.

World total: 21,297 deaths/471,794 cases = 0.0451404638465093
4% of all cases of people infected died of coronavirus. Also, that's an average of the whole world where healthcare isn't as good as 1st world countries. A person is more likely to die in a car accident heart disease, cancer, etc. It's manufactured hysteria. A conspiracy.…

Of all cases in America so far only 1% have died from the virus. Compare that to the flu in the winter season of 2017-2018 where 10% of people that had the flu died from it in America alone.…/flu-season-2017…

Other odds of dying:…/odds-of-dying