Archbisohp Viganò, “Bergoglio Wants To Demolish The Church”

The Covid measures are “a crime against God and humanity,” writes Archbishop Viganò in a March 25 Statement.
He observes that effective Covid treatments and drugs are boycotted, while ineffective vaccines, lockdowns and masks are adopted by nearly all nations.
Therefore, Viganò believes that an "artfully provoked pseudo-pandemic" has been used as a tool in order to plan a general crisis.
Viganò sees "a single script under a single direction" in collaboration with politicians, scientists, bishops, journalists and intellectuals. Their goal is to make the "Great Reset" inevitable in order to pass from the Kingdom of Christ to the Kingdom of the Antichrist, from a virtuous society that punishes evildoers to a wicked society that punishes the good.
Ecumenism also shows today its anti-christic charge by incorporating false religions into a pantheon and proscribing the Catholic Religion, Viganò analyses. He expects that Catholics will soon be considered criminals.
Presently, Viganò sees a situation where doctors are not curing, the state is not intervening against crimes, politicians obey a faceless lobby, and Francis demolishes the Church "to replace it with an infernal Masonic parody.”
Viganò hopes that this conspiracy is a clay-footed colossus that will collapse “on its own lies and its own crimes.”