TC simply codifies the 30 year unofficial Vatican line that opposed the Old Mass. 90% of the Bishops were not generous or embracing of the Old Mass. When they questioned the Vatican on how to respond to requests for the Old Mass TC was the party line. The Language and instructions of TC are so recognisable and typical of the response received by 90% of bishops since Ecclesia Dei. TC is a the broken record of the shadow Masonic church, nothing new to see here.

In one sense, it only formalises and brings out into the open what is already the case - even after Summorum Pontificum 90% of the bishops still obstructed the traditional Mass. I think the other 10% will go on trying to quietly support traditional Catholics, but Pope Francis will go after these bishops and depose them, one by one.…ts/20210716-motu-proprio-traditionis-custodes.html