Germany: The Decision Will Remain Empty Paper

Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing, the presiding German bishop, supported in a March 24 statement “expressly” the revolution against the Vatican’s assessment that homosexual liaisons cannot be blessed.

“A document that closed itself so blatantly off to a progress [= error] in theological and human-scientific knowledge [= ideology] will be ignored in the [dying off] pastoral practice,” he protested, and repeated the falsehood that homosexuality needs to be "revalued" by the Church.

Cologne Cardinal Rainer Woelki defended the Vatican document (Ga.de, March 24) as it “strengthens the Catholic understanding of marriage and family.”

Münster Bishop Felix Genn announced on FaceBook.com that he will not sanction pastors attempting to “bless” homosexual liaisons. He calls on a further “development” [=reversal] of the Catholic doctrine and on a "dialogue" [= capitulation] with the “reality" [= sin] of people's lives, and the insights [= errors] of human "sciences”.

2000 German priests deacons and pastoral staff announced to organise on May 10 throughout the country “Blessing Services for Lovers” including homosexual liaisons.