Schneider: Covid-Measures Indicate World Government - No Conspiracy Theory

The response to the coronavirus shows “signs of a world government,” Bishop Athanasius Schneider told (September 20, German video below).

He admits that there are no unambiguous proves for this because the planners of such a dictatorship are clever enough to act covertly. Nevertheless, for Schneider there are “firm hints” for a world government which cannot simply be dismissed as "conspiracy theory."

He refers to influential personalities who said already years ago that the establishment of a new world government would need an epidemic.

Further, all people around the globe are now treated like children, including dress codes and rules such as masks and social distancing, Schneider stresses, “A scenario develops in front of our very own eyes which shows clear traits of a world government.”


California officially declared hell.
F M Shyanguya
Hmmm ... the relevance of your comment to the article 🤔

But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more

It is a battle for sure that Our Lady will win.

A mother and two children praying outside a chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.

The other pic self-explanatory.
They make a world, where God is kept out. Like California like the rest of the [One]-World. A place without God is by this fact alone hell.
F M Shyanguya
We are under the reign of the Antichrist that’s for sure

Ex-Diplomat Jens Jerndal: Ex Diplomat: What the Covid-19 Agenda is Designed to Achieve - NewsVoice
F M Shyanguya
Duh 😒!

How they did it as we ignored the warnings: We’ve all been lied to- 60 year old recording proves everything.
Our Lady of Sorrows
" 50 million Americans will die straight away if they have the Vaccine" -Dr Judy Mikovites