The Papacy vs. UnOrthodoxy

Today we celebrate the feast of the Chair of St. Peter at Rome. For the first 1,000 years the entire Church honored and obeyed the Popes until the Orthodox heretics/schismatics decided to go their own way. A way that led to Islam conquering their capital Constantinople and ZERO evangelization to the four corners of the world. Who was it that took Christ to the Far East, to the Barbarians, to the New World? It was the Catholic Saints and Martyrs, not the UnOrthodox. Let that sink into your minds. If the UnOrthodox were the true Faith they would have converted the world but they did not because they are a branch cut off, a cursed fig tree that has broken into several sects each with their own little 'popes' their patriarchs who no one knows or cares to listen to. There is NO salvation in the Orthodox cults and no Catholic should ever attend their illicit liturgies.
Defeat Modernism
The 'Orthodox' Masquerade - Unholy Orders for Unholy Sects: