Marxist Jews Attack The United States

Synagogue Of Satan
2nd Edition: Not all Jews are Marxists, some American Jews appreciate the U.S. Constitution very much, yet the attacks by many Marxist and Talmudic Jews have severely deceived, harmed and slaughtered many Americans, especially throughout the 20th century.
Communism is of the Jews.

2) The names Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are infamous. Yet, they were only two of the many subversive Jews who betrayed the nation who gave them freedom and a home in America. Born in New York, Theodore Alvin Holtzberg who changed his name to Theodore Hall, was another Jew who gave away American classified atomic information to the brutal Soviets. He did this betrayal during World War ll.
Communism is of the Christ denying Jews, the Synagogue of Satan. Subversive American and foreign Jews, spied at our nuclear weapons facilities and supplied Stalin and the Communist Jews in the USSR with the information they needed to produce nuclear weapons. These Jews gave away the tremendous advantage that decent Americans had, over to their fellow Communist Jews and their leader Stalin. Stalin and his Bolshevik Jews are among the most ruthless mass murderers throughout world history.