Francis Knew a Transvestite Was Among Candidates for Foot Washing

Francis was surprised the news had leaked, when Lucio Brunelli asked him at the phone if a “transsexual” was among the twelve inmates for the 2015 foot-washing in the Roman Rebibbia jail.

Brunelli, a personal friend of Francis, was the director of the Italian Bishops’ TV2000. Francis told him that he hadn’t chosen the names, and it didn't seem right to him to cross anyone off, adding, "Why, isn't he a child of God too?".

Gender propaganda immediately used Francis' action for their goals.

The claim that the transvestite, a Portuguese who calls himself “Isabel,” was chosen without Francis’ knowledge, is likely a lie.

Brunelli tells this story in his Italian book “Pope Francis as I have known him.”


Well, I'll tell you something: I know the Antichrist more than anyone else!
Novella Nurney
Who is wasting $ and priceless brain cells buying and reading this book? Of course he knew, and likely requested the person be there to add to his " pope of woke" optics. He has his major public appearances planned down to the most minute detail. As does every other public figure.
J G Tasan
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