The Favourite Jesuit “Saint” of the Jesuits’ Superior General

The embarrassing Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Father Arturo Sosa, told (July 15) that “my greatest devotion to a Jesuit saint is to Pedro Arrupe.”

Arrupe (+1991) was the Jesuits’ superior general from 1965-1983, and no saint. He was instrumental in the Jesuits’ dramatic downfall with a 56% decline since Vatican II (1965).

According to Sosa, the cause for Arrupe’s “beatification” is “progressing well." He expects the diocesan part to be finished in 2021.

La Cigüeña De La Torre (July 15) comments, “This fool who said he doesn't know about the words of Jesus Christ because there were no tape recorders back then, is now telling us that for him the saint of the Society of Jesus to whom he has the greatest devotion is Arrupe who is not even a saint. Ignatius of Loyola is for him a second-rate saint.”

And, “To think that such a guy is the general of the Jesuits explains what is wrong with the Society of Jesus today.


Oh paus Franciscus wordt zijn dood al Heilig verklaart.