Catholic family branded 'bigoted' for not wanting a homosexual couple to adopt their kid

Photo ~ Judge: Yesterday, the country's most senior family judge, Sir James Munby, upheld the adoption plan, but criticised the social workers for the way they condemned the parents because of their views

A Catholic family were labelled bigots by social workers after they complained about the adoption of their children by a gay couple.

The parents, of Slovak Roma origin, protested after they discovered that their two youngest boys, aged four and one, were not going to be adopted by the Roman Catholic family they had asked for.

They claimed the gay adoption would humiliate the children and deprive them of their Roma heritage and Catholic faith, and said the decision amounted to ‘social engineering’.

The row comes at a time when social workers are under pressure from the Government to abandon rules which have meant that adopted children can be placed only with new families of the same ethnic or cultural background.

The doctrine has been blamed for preventing ethnic minority children from being adopted by a stable family, because there are two few people from ethnic minorities are willing to adopt.

Four children of the Roma family were taken into care last year while the family were living in a four-bedroom house in Kent arranged for them by a charity.

Social workers found the children were not going to school or getting medical care, and were ‘over-chastised’, dirty and unkempt. They said the parents failed to keep one of the younger boys in a ‘smoke-free area’.

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