Mystical vision.

I just had this dream vision.
Francis was a wooden doll, sitting inside a wooden train making quick rounds.
He just looked straight ahead, he looked at nobody and that is normal for a wooden doll. Suddenly the track and the train became bigger everything became bigger but because of it, the rounds became slower.
Then I found myself in another place, restrained and looking at seven giants and a small man. Somehow I knew that the giants were four evil gods and there were three giant avengers of the God of Israel. The man was a lawyer.
The evil gods wanted to fight with the Avengers, and the trophy was to be the dead corpse of the queen of the heavens who was kept alive by the prayers of the faithful.
I pleaded that after the fight, the corpse of the Queen would go to the hands of the lawyer, outside the hands of the evil gods, so the lawyer could place the corpse inside a worthy mausoleum for the queen.
My plea was rejected by the kings and the lawyer.
The lawyer said that there could be no fight because four against three did not meet his criteria of justice.
Then suddenly I was able to rent the orange T-shirt that had held me captive, and I ran towards the giants.
It was now four against four, but I was no giant.
Even so, the judge found justice in the situation and authorized a fight. The biggest of the evil gods ran straight towards me.
He kicked me merciless three times, one kick in the stomach, one kick on the chest and a final kick right in my face.
It was incredibly quick, like two seconds. I went down miserably. I am not a fighter, I have no idea how to fight.
After I went down I was still aware of the situation.
The three avengers received also kicks from the other giant gods, but they kept standing.
The giant gods seemed to have grown even bigger and the biggest that floored me was now even shining with an odd light.
The avengers seemed to have shrunk a bit.
One angel appeared and his voice cried out: Rome has fallen.
The judge said: no not yet.
End of vision.