To Cardinal Sarah

Anonymous author.
Oh, Sarah, Sarah ... that you are dumb before the coven of every Holy Thursday where Bergoglio washes the feet of unrepentant transvestites and then before your sight they commit Eucharistic sacrilege by giving them the Holy Eucharist. Poor souls
Oh! Sarah, Sarah ... that you are mute and do not act before the abomination of the idols in Rome, who desecrated the Basilica of St. Peter.

Oh! Sarah, Sarah ... who to believe? To the Sarah who writes beauties of the liturgy or to the Sarah who mute allows aberrations and liturgical abominations in Rome?
Oh! Sarah, Sarah, will you oppose Jesus Christ by signing the "new Pachamazonic rite," the liturgy of "deaconesses and married men"?
Oh! Sarah, Sarah is always good to remind the apostle that on Good Friday he ended up hanging from a tree, of his own will...
Oh! Sarah, Sarah ... you're right, as you said you don't oppose Bergoglio and we're stupid.
Ouch Sarah, Sarah who are the stupid ones, those who follow Jesus Christ or those who follow the Profane Heretic you serve? (published by a user in Religión la Voz Libre)
Gesù è con noi
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