Ex-Jesuit witness: Bergoglio knew in 1979 all about the massive abuse in Bolivia

When Bergoglio visited Bolivia in 1979, "it was the time of greatest abuse," says the former Jesuit Lima

The former Jesuit Pedro Lima, who has become one of the most visible faces that denounces paedophilic priests, points out that in a meeting in 1979, in which the current Pope Francis participated, they knew about "the issue of John XXIII College."
Former Jesuit Pedro Lima affirmed this Friday that when, in 1979, Jorge Bergoglio, current Pope Francis, visited Cochabamba it was "the time of greatest abuse" that priests committed against minors. Faced with such a situation, Lima believes that the leader of the Catholic Church should also rule on whether, at that time, he already had knowledge of the acts of pedophilia.
"At the time he came, it has been the time of greatest abuse, so the Pope also has to rule (on) what knowledge he had of the case, to what depth," Lima said in an interview with EL DEBER.
According to Lima, Bergoglio came to a Latin American meeting in his capacity as "Argentine trainer" and that, according to his version, at that meeting some complaints of abuse at the Juan XXIII school in Cochabamba were already known.
“In that Latin American meeting they knew about the John XXIII issue and that they were not quick or harsh in their decisions, and that is what you have to ask them (those who participated in the meeting). But, in 1979, the topic of John XXIII had already been put on the table. In that meeting of trainers, where the current pope was a trainer of Argentina, (…) the subject of John XXIII was already known, ”he pointed out.
According to a publication published on the website jesuitas.org.bo, in Cochabamba there was a meeting of those "in charge of the studies of the Jesuits of the Southern Cone", from August 7 to 8, 1979.
On the same website, a photograph from that time is published which, according to its own text, "testifies this meeting took place because it portrays both Father Pedro Arrupe and the now Pope Francis, at that time Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who participated in this meeting ”.

This new version from Lima comes hours after it was known that Francisco responded to a letter from President Luis Arce. The Pope, in his response, expressed his pain and "feelings of shame and dismay" over the acts of paedophilia committed by some priests in Bolivia.

Ex-Jesuit witness: Bergoglio knew in 1979 all about the massive abuse in Bolivia (cathcon.blogspot.com)