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The search for food in Venezuela. Bergoglio does not call immoral or condemn the crimes of the …

Bergoglio does not condemn as immoral the dictatorship of Maduro that is killing the people with hunger or condemn his crimes against Humanity of his socialist utopia government
Angie W.


Pablo1720: Benedict XVI forced to resign, so that the usurper Bergoglio took power. Benedict, bloodless martyr
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Radikálny Kardinál Martini bol promotérom padnutého monsignora

On patril k free masonom:
Francis was the Candidate of the Freemason Cardinal Carlo Martini…/francis-was-the…
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Cardinal Brandmüller Corrects Francis, German Proposal Contradicts Canon Law

"Catholicism à la carte is impossible.” Bravo your excellency God bless you
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Washington Post's Amazing Editorial - By Bill Donohue

Does this guy realize that there is an entire NETWORK of gay predators in the hierarchy? McCarrick is only the very tip of the iceberg. The swamp must be DRAINED. Who cares how small the Church becomes! Like I've said, no one knows 'who knew what and when' but I'll guarantee you some ABSOLUTELY KNEW and some were covering for each other.

A world without the SSPX

Something I didn't put in this piece, because the timeline wasn't right: the motu propio on the ancient mass proclaimed by Benedict XVI was in 2007, the seat down with the SSPX Bishops with the excommunications lifted was around 2009, so... perhaps the motu propio was indeed designed with the SSPX in mind and the Franciscans took it and with it, but that we don't know.
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Poland: Western Regimes Promote Leftwing Gay-Ideology in Poland

Mother Russia did in no way endorse the grizzly event.
Mother Russia and Vlad have international homo issues to contend with.

Vladimir Putin has now banned imagery that illegally implies "the supposed nonstandard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.”
nonstandard sexual orientation

Dlaczego Papież Franciszek nie klęka podczas Mszy św

Why Pope Francis does not kneel during Mass ?
This clip is taken during Holy Mass on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, Milan, Italy, 25 March 2017. Pope Francis can be seen informing his MC at the start of the Creed that he wished to kneel during the 'Et Incarnatus Est'. It was, of course, at the Annunciation that God became Man so kneeling during these words is especially … More


Excellent work tearlach,keep up the good work, congratulations, I hope you finish this project soon enough with subtitles in English.

Saint Etheldreda

Your pictures are always a testimony and proof of the beauty of the pre-conciliar Church.

He must increase. Homily for the Birth of John the Baptist

Birth of Saint John the Baptist

Book of Isaiah 49:1-6.

Hear me, O islands, listen, O distant peoples. The Lord called me from birth, from my mother's womb he gave me my name.
He made of me a sharp-edged sword and concealed me in the shadow of his arm. He made me a polished arrow, in his quiver he hid me.
You are my servant, he said to me, Israel, through whom I show my glory.
Though … More
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Obituary for Father John C. REINKEMEYER at Livingston Funeral Home

This morning after mass a lady from Wichita and I were talking about Fr Reinkemeyer--she said he was her all time favorite priest. Maybe mine too. Fr R was a character. Drove a motorcycle all winter. Slept on the floor. Was given the poorest parish in Wichita, and so he had a 7:00pm Sunday mass that attracted people with some money. His homilies were usually sprinkled with quotes from the … More

Pastor Rick Warren Talks to New York Priests About Maintaining Moral Integrity

Why don't these priest just join the protestant church already. Sheesh. Pathetic.
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Pastor Rick Warren Talks to New York Priests About Maintaining Moral Integrity

So the heretic teaches the Catholics on how to be better Christians? Sounds like the Catholics will become heretics.
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Radical Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

No, he isn't just said to be, Francis has said this one and communist Helder Camara are his role models
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Washington Post's Amazing Editorial - By Bill Donohue

He's still a Cardinal because of Bella Figura. The hierarchy doesn't want any bad news to interfere with the Church's message of Joy! Joy! Joy!. It's bad for business. In fact, Cardinal Ratzinger became famous because he was the first important Cardinal to oppose the company line that Vat II documents had dropped down from heaven.

Islam: What Do They Really Believe?

Jesus was born into the JEWISH people NOT the Arab people who were all pagans during His time.
Holy Cannoli

Radical Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

The picture included in the above story appears to be the late Milan Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. This is a photo of Capella.

Radical Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

A Vatican court has found Holy See diplomat Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography and sentenced him to 5 years in jail with a €5000 fine.
Holy Cannoli

Washington Post's Amazing Editorial - By Bill Donohue

Why is McCarrick still a Cardinal?

Good question!

It could be Rome’s desire to maintain the status quo and say nothing so as not to alienate the “other big names” who are just as queer as McCarrick. Or, my opinion, it’s because McCarrick knows where too many of the other N.O. skeletons are buried and if he were to be outed grand scale then he might flip and spill the beans on the other … More
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Radical Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

EN:NEWS: "Martini, a Jesuit and pro-gay and anti-Catholic prelate, is considered Pope Francis' role model" True... but amongst fremasons in Italy, he was one of their own.