Voices in Virtue Lectures: Fr. Chad Ripperger — Demonology Function & Psychology

New sheriff in town if only it was that easy. Great commission teach all nations and what exactly is being taught last 60 years
Rand Miller

Dr. Pierre Kory reveals treatment protocols for covid vaccine INJURIES and spike protein toxicity

Try the water fast and sunshine.
Rand Miller

Did Francis Permit Bishops' Ordinations For PiusX?

To consecrate bishops without the approval of the pope is a schismatic act. If there is no pope, well, that's a different question.
Rand Miller

It Isn’t Just the Economy That Is on the Verge of Collapse

All problems are basically moral problems. With no pope to act as a moral compass the whole world is sinking into a horrible depravity.
Rand Miller

Half of All New German Citizens are Muslims – There will not be a Germany in a generation – Allah's …

@philosopher Your comment doesn't make sense for it implies Hitler was forced to act with "meekness and flabbiness". He certainly didn't act with timidity towards freemasons and communists; those whom he considered enemies of his country. It is also true that Hitler greatly respected the Christian religion.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori

Did Francis Permit Bishops' Ordinations For PiusX?

I'd support the SSPX priests,religious, and lay people before I'd support Pope Francis and his homo crew of associates and appointees any day.

VOC Applauds Passage of Organ Trafficking Bill in House, Urges Senate Approval

Pray the Senate does the same.

Bill Gates wants the jab in our food!

The animals are given the jab, then their bodies fill with spike proteins/nanoparticles and graphene oxide and tumors, then people eat/drink it. What could go wrong...?
Carol H

Francis “Stubbornly Stuck" to His Ideology

Please, we do not need more unapproved messages; especially ones that spout what you want to hear and add to the division within the Church. This is not the voice of heaven; its just more dissenting human drivel that pulls the soul down. Stay with Fatima and Padre Pio :)
Mary 17

"Long Night of the Churches": From "Tattoo Service" to Prison

Everything on offer bar worshiping God ,which is the purpose for which they were built.
Just me

3nemy of humanity. #A2030

There was a petition for this man already in place that less than 200 people signed back in 2022. All talk and no action I guess.
Sign the Petition
Hound of Heaven

CNN: Women Marrying Themselves as ‘Symbolic Expression of Self-Love’

Diametrically, and diabolically, opposed to the Gospel message. Woke math - one shall remain one (sort of like the way they do economics except there it is 'one shall become none'.)
Tony Smith

Important news!

More empty speculation without any substance.

Madrid Archbishop: The More Anti-Catholic the Better

No. Another huge tidal wave of opposition and Her intervention. Pray, pray, pray -make sacrifices. Remember Lepanto!
Tony Smith

Did Francis Permit Bishops' Ordinations For PiusX?

Just typical hogwash from know it all sspx lay people. Nothing new.
Laura Yunque

New Meat en 3D

I'm going to puke.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori

Did Francis Permit Bishops' Ordinations For PiusX?

I hope they get six new bishops. That's how much the SSPX and those faithful to it has grown.