LA archdiocese to file criminal complaint against nuns accused of embezzling cash for gambling …

Any "Religious Sister" who dresses in secular fashions has insufficient commitment in her soul to her "chosen Bridegroom".
The Nuns "Bridal" habit is a formal robe, meant to pronounce her virtue and purity - they attire themselves by the Will of God in a gift of charity given them by their order. Their Veil is a similar attribute - it depicts that they are Brides of Christ.

A Nun's appearance … More

Erste Bank: #BelieveinChristmas

Dr Taylor Marshall gives evidence that Jesus Christ REALLY WAS born on Christmas Day......outstanding scholar.…/yes-christ-was-…

Did the Vatican just cover-up for Austrian bishop implicated in financial and moral scandal?

The link is causing problems - this should work, God Bless you Tesa - hope your Christmas is a lovely one for you and your loved ones !…


God Bless you - Happy Christmas!

Click and Read - The Church Fathers on Rom apostatizing

Mélanie Calvat (1831-1904)
Our Lady of La Salette declared to Melanie: "The Church will be in eclipse." "Eclipse" means hidden; covered up; seeming to disappear. The Holy Scriptures say: "Where there is Peter, there is the Church." Melanie understood that Peter would be hidden along with the Church, and that his "eclipse" would be a prelude to the disappearance of the Mass. For, in commenting on … More

Creepy, Mom Sings Lullaby She Says Her Baby “Gave” Her Before Aborting

The Maria Laach Monastery prophecy was long ago recorded in a German monastery in the 16th century.

“The twentieth century will bring death and destruction, apostasy from the Church, discord in families, cities and governments; it will be the century of three great wars with intervals of a few decades. They will become ever more devastating and bloody and will lay in ruins not only Germany, but … More

La Virgen de Guadalupe

A scientific documentary on the miraculous aspects of Our Lady's Tilma of Guadalupe is linked below

She appeared on December 12, 1531 and the stars on her cloak are an exact representation of the positioning of the constellations in the solar system on the date of the apparition

The eyes of the image, respond like human eyes - and when magnified - it can be seen that 12 figures are mirrored in … More

Old Rite Priest Claims that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist

Has this got anything to do with the fact that Abp Lefebvre said during an audio recording that he had received a note from "Paul VI" in 1988 (long after Paul's death in 1978) In the note he asked Abp Lefebvre to "Consecrate many Bishops? "

Or was Abp Lefebvre speaking of Cardinal Siri's election?

What happened to the note received by Abp Lefebvre? Has anyone kept it? Has the handwriting been … More

Conversion miraculeuse d'Alain Boythias

Can you provide a written transcript - so English people not fluent enough in French can understand? Thanks. God Bless

There Is High Percentage Of Gay Priests In Pope Francis’ Argentinia – Archbishop

That's no surprise - there's scores of them in his "Rome" there's even MORE of them in his "everywhere" - he seems to prefer the "gay" ones to the TRUE Priests who serve Christ.

Strange that he allowed James Martin to criticise him without exiling him to Outer Mongolia. I wonder why? Poor Cdl Burke and Archbishop Schneider are the Priests Francis is restraining. His actions speak for themselves.… More

Holy See Now Officially Promotes Abortion and Contraception

Ahem! Excommunicated! Our Lord states in Scripture that those who promise to serve Him, who then commit spiritual adultery by accepting false gods and allowing worship of them are damned. King Solomon had his Kingdom conquered then split in two for his luke-warm attitude. God took nearly everything away from him as punishment

"These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, who is … More

Flashback: Francis mocked the Tridentine Latin Mass

Nothing's changed! The Sacred Magesterium's a big book that he clearly doesn't like to pick up. He STILL doesn't like the Latin Mass, and he's STILL doing a bad imitation of being a Priest - and Yes! He continues to say the weirdest things... He thinks it's fun? We're wondering how he managed to convince the Priest that he was fit to enter the Seminary

Connecticut apostate bishop appoints laywoman to lead parish

This MIGHT work if the laywoman involved runs the entire Diocese. She could throw out THE mad Bishop - retire off the Base Clergy and get some TRUE Latin Rite CATHOLIC Priests in to replace them....
Then SHE can resign and pray the Pope invites her to do the same in Rome!

Women and Men - Then and Now

"the sins which bring most souls to hell are the sins of the flesh. Certain fashions are going to be introduced which will offend Our Lord very much... the Church has no fashions; Our Lord is always the same..."

Some days, Jacinta while in the hospital, was very saddened by the worldliness of the visitors, the women dressed in fashionable clothes, often with low-cut dresses. "What is it all … More

Look at the hand of Theodore McCarrick

Ancient Jerusalem Targum version of Gen. 19:24 - Guess what HERE'S JESUS! prior to His incarnation into the world as "The Word who became FLESH! " (John 1) and YES! He's there - condemning the unrepentant sinners at Sodom.

And the Word of the Lord Himself had made to descend upon the people of Sedom and Amorah showers of favour, that they might work repentance from their wicked works. … More

How a miraculous image of Jesus’ face may have thwarted St. Gallen Mafia at 2005 conclave

Thanks for the link - but it isn't working. The word "Local" before Lifesite News wouldn't be needed...

Pro-LGBT priest promotes ‘rainbow’ rosary with prayers for ‘full acceptance’ of gay couples

I'm sure this poor deluded pawn of Satan wants to go to hell. He can't honestly believe all this LGBT bosh is approved by God. Scripture makes it perfectly clear that those who act contrary to Christ's Laws are damned.

Personally - using the Holy Virgin's Rosary to pray for things that are clearly the will of Lucifer is likely to bring down the wrath of Christ on his poor miserable silly head. … More

Facebook against image of Santa kneeling before baby Jesus

The moderators of "Facebook" ban Jesus but say "YES" wholeheartedly to Sodomy, Satanism and Blasphemy.

They play God, issue a new set of Commandments and create a foul new transexual image to suit Satan who wills mankind to imitate HIMSELF and not God.

" I say to you: but unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish."
[Luke 13:3]

" the name of Jesus every knee should … More

Francis behaviour towards known homosexuals

@Jim Dorchak St John teaches us that Jesus Christ is "The Word"

St John writes "The Word became FLESH and came and dwelt amongst us"
In the Aramaic Targum version of the Hebrew Texts - we can see whom "the Word " is. He is a Divine personality making lots of appearances throughout the Old Testament. The Aramaic for "The Word" is " Memra" & throughout the Targums ,"The Word" is shown to be a … More