The Holy Souls - Please pray for them.

The Holy Souls in Purgatory are crying out for our help. They long to be with Jesus but cannot help themselves. So we have to pray for them. Even just a small prayer such as "Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls" can help. But there is a prayer that … [More]

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Hello Justin, thanks for posting the link to your song. I will check it out soon. I have a channel on that website but have not been able to upload videos to that website.
Wow - I just finished reading one of the revelations to St. Birgitta about a man in purgatory. I am going to enter into penance with more charity.

I will post my purgatory song "Get That Soul."

-Justin Stroh
excellent. thank you so much for sharing!
Excellent Video! :)
Thank you so much 1Hope4All for posting/sharing this!
I pray that All people become more aware of the need to pray for those who have passed on.
I ask this In Jesus' Name,