Bishop Alexander Sample on "ad orientem" Worship

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This homily excerpt focuses on the Extraordinary (Latin) Mass. Most Reverend Alexander Sample, Bishop of the diocese of Marquette, offered the homily on Sunday, Sept. 4th, 2011, while celebrating the Extraordinary form of Mass at St. Peter … [More]

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What worries me is that eventally the Tridentine Rite will be replaced by a hybrid vernacular-Latin mess. I dread that day but from what I have been reading it is coming. Why do you think Liturgists are incorporating more of the Latin translation into the "New Mass." Having two forms of the Liturgy just creates more confusion. Fr Rodriquez in El Paso is an example of a devout priest whose primary mission is to lead his congregation to holiness. He says the Tidentine Mass with daily devotion … [More]
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Bishop Alexander Sample speaks on the Extraordinary (Latin) Mass, while celebrating this Holy Mass at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette, Michigan.