Gloria TV News on the 6th of June

I don't see what is wrong with using an iPad for celebrating Mass. Although I think that the Missal as a book should be the norm, but I see how this technology can be useful for Priests.

Gloria TV News on the 22nd of May

I'm always amused and somewhat shocked when I hear such language on gloria tv!

Glaube Blut und Vaterland | There be Dragons

Kommt er jetzt endlich im deutschen Kino? Ich habe ihn auf dem WJT in Madrid gesehen.

Gloria TV News on the Feast of St. Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão

Wait...what is the name of the film? I understand: "Dancing Wolves"...but that can't be right.


FSSP Vocations ~ Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary DVD

I absolutely love this video!I watched it twice.

-especially the part where a seminarian plays the bag pipes! - so random!!