Any New Information On The Catholic Martyrs Of The Vendee?

So, today, I re-made the entire website for the Remember The Catholic Martyrs Of The Vendee and has all the old but great information on what happened, please click the link and take a look. Now, I … More

McCarrick's Victim Speaks Out on McCarrick and St Gallen w James Grein (Dr Marshall #188)

"What is the connection between the St Gallen Mafia meeting in Switzerland and the early studies of ex Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in Sankt Gallen Switzerland? Informed Catholics know that the … More

McCarrick, Pope Francis, St Gallen Mafia w James Grein

James Grein, the victim of ExCardinal Theodore McCarrick, explains his recent testimony to Catholic Vatican Officials regarding ex Cardinal McCarrick and further explains McCarrick's connection to … More

Meditations On The Holy Mass and Eucharist

Once Again, we read from The Everyday Meditations of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, soon to be Saint! 1. The Holy Sacrifice 2. Holy Communion 3. The Food For The Soul Again, try to locate a … More

Daily Catholic Meditations By Blessed John Henry Newman

1. Meditation is: The Mental Suffering Of Our Lord 2. Meditation is: Behold The Man 3. Meditation is: Our Lord Refuses Sympathy…/1115448589 More

A Message To The French People and Police

All Saturday through Sunday, people getting hurt physically, Police rounding up high school students who support the Yellow Vest Protest,…/107177683274219…,…/1071642289… More

St. Anna's Church becomes a Supermarket, with restaurant and wine bar

Read The Original Article In Dutch The Delhaize department store chain wants to build a supermarket in the monumental Sint-Anna Church. The plan was referred to by the Ghent Maritime College as the …

The Players

"TRANSCRIPT If you want to make sense of all this evil being exposed in the Church, why cops are busting down the doors of church offices and raiding them, why charges are being made against the … More