Today In Catholic History: The Start Of The Second Council Of Nicaea September 24th 787 AD

The Council Documents: “INTRODUCTION A recommendation to summon an ecumenical council, in order to correct the iconoclast heretics, had been addressed to Empress Irene, then acting as regent …
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From Compline Of The Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary!

The Psalm or Prayer For The Persecuted Church! Psalm 128: “Sore have they beset me even from my youth (let this be Israel’s boast); sore have they beset me even from my youth, but never once outmatch…
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Also From Compline: Prayer For the defeat of the present enemies: “May all who hate Sion be confused and defeated. Let them be as the grass upon … More

In Catholic History: Pope Saint Cornelius and Martyr, Saint Cyprian and Others.

His Holiness Saint Cornelius and Martyr “Cornelius whose feast day is September 16th. A Roman priest, Cornelius was elected Pope to succeed Fabian in an election delayed fourteen months by Decius’…
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The Man Called By Jorge Bergoglio To Hunt Down Archbishop Vigano

Here is the man who has been given the task by Bergoglio to hunt down #Viganò. Let us pray that all the Holy Angels bring confusion and obstruction to everything he; Domenico Giani; does to that …
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Gesù è con noi
EDGARIUS tú eres miembro de la secta protectora de pedófilos, la Legión fundada por el criminal Maciel, acaso tienes motivos para reír?
@Gesù è con noi Estas suposiciones son para morirse de la risa.

September 15th Saint Nicomedes: Early Church Martyr

“Martyr. A Roman priest who was beaten to death with whips after refusing to sacrifice to the gods, and he was buried in the catacomb on the Via Nomentana. One tradition states that he buried the …
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Catholic Saint Of September 14th: Saint Maternus of Cologne, Pray For Us!

“First known bishop of Cologne, in modern Germany. He was involved in the effort against the Donatist heretics and was asked by Emperor Constantine to hear charges against the Donatists in 313. …
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St. Eulogius of Alexandria, Pray For The Church Today!

Today’s Feast Day is Saint Eulogius of Alexandria: “Patriarch of that see from 580 to 607. He was a successful combatant of the heretical errors then current in Egypt, notably the various phases …
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The Battle of Lepanto!

The Battle of Lepanto by H.W. Crocker, III: “The clash of civilizations is as old as history, and equally as old is the blindness of those who wish such clashes away; but they are the hinges, the …
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More On The Battles Satan Is Winning!

To The Catechism of the Catholic Church, there are Four Breaches Of Sin: Personal, Social, Ecclesiastical, Cosmic. 1469 This sacrament reconciles us with the Church. Sin damages or even breaks frate…
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St. Nicholas of Tolentino Feast day September 10

“Born at Sant’ Angelo, near Fermo, in the March of Ancona, about 1246; d. 10 September, 1306. He is depicted in the black habit of the Hermits of St. Augustine — a star above him or on his breast, a …
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The Devil Is Winning Battles!

The Devil is winning major battles inside the Church thanks to his minions who were the Roman Collar and Lay Teachers, Catholics; except 2 Percent; Continue To Go To Confession Regularly! We have …
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2 Percent is total Catholics: Laity and Cleric. From Father Wade Mendez of the Fathers of Mercy at Mass at EWTN today.

The Knights Of Malta Lift The Siege Of Malta

In today’s remembering the Great Catholic Victory at Malta by the Knights of Malta: “The Siege of Malta An epic battle between the Ottoman Empire, the Knights Hospitaller and the Maltese population …
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I Support The Call Of The Second Synod Of Sutri!

I Andrew, thrice directly related to the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne From The French, German and Italian Side, by the French Side I am his 1st cousin of 57 Generations, I also the 50th Great …
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Today In Catholic Military History: Battle Of Arsuf!

September 7th 1191 From The Chronicles of The Third Crusade: “The sky was darkened with dust and with travellers were sweltering, especially because of the hot weather. As was said, a very fierce …
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The Ordo Militaris Inc Twitter Page Has Been Deleted!

Here are Screenshots from direct email communication from the President of Ordo Militaris to me about the stopping of the planes in France and JFK airport in New York City: This is what happened …
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UPDATE! At 5:18 AM Central Time, “Okay, I just checked, it appears is back online now, interesting, why would it be offl… More

Commentary On The Thousand Year War Of Islam Against Christendom

“When, in 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams inquired of Tripoli’s ambassador to Britain why the Barbary States preyed on American shipping, they were informed that according to the laws of their …
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Remembering Those Killed In The September Massacres

Today begins the dreaded memorial of the Catholics who died at the hands of demonic forces of the so-called French Republic, called The September Massacres. Even today, we can add to these atrocit…
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An Open Letter to Jorge Bergoglio who is Pope Francis

As my ancestor King Philip IV’s letter to the Pope denouncing him and his writings, made the teachers of the University of Paris to sign, except Blessed John Duns Scotus. This letter will be in that …
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ISIS Is In Germany!

"Germany protects Jihadists, not Christians. Christians and Yizadis left Syria and Iraq for safety from ISIS, but they've seen their captors on the streets of Germany, are now fleeing Germany for … More
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