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Gloria.TV News on the 5th of December 2016

Evil Popes: L’Osservatore Romano has republished parts of an Advent message of Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo, Malta. Gozo claims that, under Pope Francis, there has been a paradigm change and implies that John Paul II and Benedict XVI cultivated a … [More]
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Gloria.TV News on the 18th of March 2016

A Setup: On March 15th L’Osservatore Romano mourned the death of three migrants who died while crossing a river on the border between Greece and Macedonia. The paper never reported that the victims took this dangerous route because of a German … [More]
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Veni Sancte Spiritus

Veni Sancte Spiritus, tui amoris ignem accende. Veni Sancte Spiritus! Veni Sancte Spiritus! Come Holy Spirit and kindle the Flame of Your Love Performed by Doina Buzut and Lucia Starinski
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Gracias :-)
Grace Isabel
Veni Sancte Spiritus,
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Victimae pascali laudes - Eastern Hymn

The Easter sequence of the Roman Rite, sung during the Easter Octave before the Gospel.
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To je hrozne
Grace Isabel
Reginald Smith likes from Irapuato
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O Sacred Head Surrounded

The hymn is based on a long medieval Latin poem, Salve mundi salutare, with stanzas addressing the various parts of Christ's body hanging on the Cross. The last part of the poem, from which the hymn is taken, is addressed to Christ's head, and … [More]
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Reginald Smith
These are the words I know best. I am always struck by "Yet angel hosts adore Thee And tremble as they gaze" [More]
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Gloria.TV News on the 15th of November

Growing Again: The Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts has been without a regular Old Mass since 2008. But now Latin Mass will be offered four Sundays a month by Father Tomasz Parzynski. Pastor of St. John the Evangelist … [More]
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Archbishop Bergoglio who said in June 2010: ”The Argentine people must face a situation whose result may gravely harm the family. It is the bill on … [More]
Why is it that Bishop Thomas John Paprocki reacted after the law had gone into effect? I suggest he stop whining and dancing around the condemnation … [More]
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Gloria.TV News - September 6, 2013

The Central Dogma Is the Eucharist Not the Papacy Italy. If you meddle with the Holy Mass, the papacy will collapse. This is the gist of an editorial for RAH di cant tee “Radicati nella Fede” which was translated by “Rorate Caeli”. The text warns … [More]
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Thank You very, very much for your help . Blessings to You and all that are dear to You.
Don Reto Nay
We have enjoyed your news presentation very much. I hope you will be back:
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Gloria.TV News on the 31st of July 2013

To watch all the news click here: @Gloria.TV News He would like to go for a walk: Aboard the Alitalia plane from Rio to Rome, Pope Francis told reporters about his security even before being asked – quote: "My security staff is very, very good and … [More]
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Wanting to learn to surf, Fr Fournié turned up at the beach in his cassock asking for surf lessons. After a while friendships developed: … [More]
The Holy Father told reporters that he sometimes feels trapped inside the Vatican; he thinks Rome is a beautiful city and would really like to be … [More]

The triumph of the Cross of Christ (John 3,13-17)

On this the Feast for Triumph of the Cross Father Ted gives a homely on the The triumph of the Cross of Christ. Dominus vobiscum. Reg.
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Pange Lingua

Images and video of the Holy Sacrifice set to the Thomas Aquinas hymn "Pange Lingua Gloriosi Corporis Mysterium".
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Lutheran Airlines

Although this clip is for "Lutheran" Airlines anyone involved with parish life for a while will be able to have a wee chuckle.
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O Sacred Head Now Wounded

My favourite passion hymn with images from The Passion of the Christ.
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Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silent

A beautiful ancient hymn. It is drenched with Cathlolic/Orthodox docrtine. Apparently protestants sing it a Christmas time by leaving out the second stanza.
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Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima

A clip from the 1952 movie Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima as the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared for the first time to the three seers Francisco, Jacinta & Lucia at the Cova Da Iria, Fatima, Portugal in May 13, 1917. (I've never seen this. Has anyone else seen it lately?)
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Credo III

My favourite Credo. This is a video prepared to help learn Latin.
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O Sacred Head Now Wounded (Bach)

A great instumental rendition ofO Sacred Head Now Wounded. Perfect for contemplation and meditation.
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O Sacred Head Now Wounded (Bach)

A well done guitar solo. Great for meditation, especially during Holy Week.
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Tridentine Mass


One of my favourite Mass parts -- I learn from repeating my faith.
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Et lux in tenebris

A beautiful video posted on YouTube. Praise be to the creator of the universe. God bless, Reg.
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@scottywolf777: why cant you go here and click full screen? works for me.. PAX - plus if you enjoyed that you will enjoy these [More]
Hi thought it was great and didn't have to go to youtube to see it. My computer hates youtube for some reason. Wish it was longer and i could make it go full screen. Very peaceful.