Stop the Conquest of Islam

Stop the Islamic Conquest ! Staqe one: INFILTRATION : Moslems are movin to non- muslim countries in increasinq numbers and beqinninq of cultural conflicts are visible,but often subtle ( Canada: …

March 25,1998 12:20 pm - Rod of white Light strikes the top of Holy of Holies

Experiencing mystical agony of my brother-in-law A.Karim ever since 8 am that Wed,Annunciation Day ,having just prayed Angelus,reminding Jesus and Virgin Mary of the Saturday devotion promise,the … More
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Joy of Her heart...

Saturday,October 7,2000 - Feast of Our Lady of Rosary,I dissapointed my daughters and Monika by refusing to go with them to the County Fair and went to Washington,DC as I did the day before for … More
Sat. Oct 7,2000 6 pm -Our Lady of the Rosary expresses Her joy in support of exposing the lack of reverance and belief in The Eucharistic Real … More
Fifteen minutes before my arrival at eve Angelus,when my daughter and her friend stopped by the house the Morning Glory vines were dead and dry as … More

"Behold,My Beloved Son,listen to Him! " - March 25,1998 5:20 pm

March 25,1998 5:20 pm - During Hour of Mercy was heavy overcast;the heavy burden was lifted at 4;45 pm,I knew this was the moment of Karim's birth to Eternal life,I went back to my usual happy self -… More

" What a beautiful day to die! " - Jesus Christ 3/25/1998

Noon Angelus 12:20 ,Angels and saints still running into the Holy of Holies that formed above me the day I experienced A.Karim's agony from 8 am - 4:45 pm. Visible below the roof of the pharmacy

Holy of Holies - Annunciation,3/25/1998 Noon Angelus

At 8 am as I was walking to the bus stop praying Angelus in my heart,I felt sudden heaviness,as if huge boulder was placed on my soul( it was not physical discomfort,nor mental worry,it was purely … More
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Virgin Mary comes in haste before the Intnl Eucharistic Congress 2000...

... Monika whispered urgently : " Baba,what are they doing ?" I took the picture of Virgin Mary,descending lower, milky white trail behind her and first then I looked back to check,what got Monika's … More
The silhouette of Virgin Mary leading the joyful heavenly porocession is clearly visible on the first picture,titled: Virgin Mary comes with Heavenly… More
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Virgin Mary comes with Heavenly Court at eve Angelus 23 IX,2000

Saturday 23 IX 2000 at 6 pm,eve Angelus I and Monika Marie went out the door to go grocery shopping,intending to pray Angelus on the way . I was still by my door,when I noticed against the … More
Virgin Mary came with Heavenly assist to celebrate Padre Pio's Anniversary,Sat September 23,2000
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Priest martyr taken into Heavenly Glory,April 3 ,1998 apparition

Fr Herman Urango Correa - ( Good Friday April 3,1998) at 3 pm I sat on the balcony of my apartament overlooking the Merrifield Garden Center.As I looked at the immaculate blue skies to reflect … More
Verified( organizing my papers I found the Catholic newspaper announcement: The priest martyr is Fr Herman (German)Urango Correra butchered by … More

Face of Christ above Monika Marie,close up

May 3,1997 Noon Angelus : ' Light out of Light - Face of Christ in the pink tripple pink light above her head. The white dot under His right eyebrow close to nose bridge inducates the place the … More

Monika Marie's Spiritual Baptism,June 20,1999 Sun. Noon Angelus

Heavenly Glory -girlands of faces kept vigil as usual over my house ,pulled themselves together forming a pillar,led us joyfully to the swimming pool,spread out as girlands of faces above it.I … More

Monika Marie's Spiritual Communion.May 3.1997 Noon Angelus,St James;close up

Year later,when I ordered enlargements I noticed the drop of Blood that was not in the original picture,made from the same negative May 3,1997. Note: the flow of fresh Blood clearly visible

Monika Marie's Spiritual Communion.May 3.1997 Noon Angelus,St James

" Come to the steps of the Altar" echoed in my heart as little Monika Marie,sensing I was crying inside ,when my younger daughter refused to sit for the First Communion picture disenheartened by her … More

" Let us turn to the Lord,let His Face shine upon us,so we may know we were saved "

Saturday ,May 3 ,1997 7:30 pm by the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes by Mother of God of Czestochowa Polish parish on the day of Mother of God ,Queen of Poland feast,the day of my younger daughter I … More

Out of Heart of Mary grew the Solidarity Movement

St Ann's Feast Day - July 26,1999 after praying Eve Angelus I as I was taking picture for my mom of the rose that bloomed as a topographical mapm of Poland forty days earlier,kept it's shape for … More
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Rose blooms as a topographical map of Poland

June 16,1999 a rose bloomed overnight as topographical map of Poland on my names day ,in October I sent this picture to the Holy Father John Paul II ;two years later will I get to know that very day … More
Z martwego korzenia wyrosla rozkwitajac o swicie 16 czerwca1999 jako topograficzna mapa Polski,by przypomniec moim rodakom komu zawdzieczja Solidarn… More
16 VI 1999 roza zakwitla jako topograficzna mapa Polski w dniu moich Imienin;w pazdzierniku poslalam to zdjecie do Ojca Swietego wraz z listem.dwa … More

Menorah-sign of God's Protection

May 3,1998 - Eve Angelus on Mother of God,Queen of Poland Feast Day,I took picture of bitter herbs,mint in the garden of my new house to send to my mother. Note: Jewish Menorah,the sign of God's … More

One nation under God - Heaven witnessed the National Mass of Mourning

Psalm 119 : Sun 9/16/2001 ,2 pm " Lord,what meaning has this,what happened in NY for us,for America ?" I asked looking at two towers formed by Morning Glories that never bloomed before,now ablaze … More

One nation under God - Heaven witnessed the National Mass of Mourning

Psalm 119 :Sun9/16 2 pm " Lord,what meaning has this for us,for America?" I asked Jesus looking at morn. glories ablaze forming 2 towers,flag. "If you want My blessings and protection,you must live … More