English Carmel Goes Fully Old Rite

The nuns of Birkenhead Carmel, near Liverpool, England, are about to make a full transition away from the Novus Ordo to the Roman Rite.

The Carmel was founded in 1918. The sisters wear the full Carmelite habit and follow the 1990 constitutions. They lead a life of unceasing prayer in silence and solitude.

The Carmelite life is free from the constraints of the world. Enclosure is essential to it.


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This is the way forward for young girls with a vocation to religious life.
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How wonderful. So many good things are happening in the NW of England.
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We need to pray for them more than they for us. There are many who will resist.
please pray for us also. Thank you
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Maybe one day altar boys will again be altar 'boys'. That's when we'll know that the homosexual scourge has ended.
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Should say “soon to be suppressed.....”
Hopefully filthy Frank"s abuse cover up efforts will distract him. Most English bishops aren't belligerent Modernists like in, say, Italy.
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God protect them. I was thinking the same thing.
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