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Absurd Justification, Vatican Calls Order Of St Gregory An Insult

Vatican officials believe that awarding the ruthless Dutch pro-abortion and pro-gay politician Lilianne Ploumen with the Pontifical Order of St Gregory the Great was meant as a “snub”, Edward Pentin…
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Sunamis 46
They need to go to confession
I dont believe it .Vatican just got cought and this is their best excuse ?
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Vatican Prevented A Future For Mariawald Abbey

The German Kölner Stadtanzeiger (January 23) has published more information on the imminent shutdown of the Old-Rite Trappist Abbey Mariawald, Germany. During the last weeks, the ten monks of …
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Sunamis 46
So sad
The modernist infiltration is coming to a head.
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Cardinal Burke Slams Contradictions Set Forth By Malta Bishops

The confusion in the Church is growing “almost exponentially” according to Cardinal Raymond Burke. Talking to the blog Thinking with the Church (January 22), Burke criticised applications of Amori…
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Vatican Asked Catholic Bishops To Resign In Favour Of State Bishops

The Vatican has asked at least two bishops of China’s underground Catholic Church to leave their sees to Government bishops. AsiaNews (January 22) reports that Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian, 88, of …
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You must love The Catholic Faith to be willing to suffer for it, protect it, and not molest it. In my eyes Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian loves the … More
Last week the scandal was Francis esteeming and validating a Catholic abortionist with $400 million to kill babies This week the scandal of Francis … More
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Francis, Aboard-Marriage Was „Regular“

During his press conference on the flight from Peru to Rome, Pope Francis said that someone told him that he was "crazy" to perform an airplane marriage. Francis insisted that he had asked the spous…
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re: The comment I made regarding St Michael further down the page. There is a half hour program on YOUTUBE which discusses the apparition of St … More
Contempt is a very good word used to describe how Francis sees the historical Church and its teachings.
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Francis Stands Firm Despite Opportunistic Advisors

On his flight from Peru to Rome (January 22) Pope Francis again defended Chilean Bishop Juan Barros whose skin the insatiable abuse propaganda is asking for, although there is no evidence against …
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Pope Francis Comes Up With “Moral Of Discernment”

Pope Francis called “discernment” the special charism of the Jesuits while meeting Jesuits in Chile. According to an article of Father Jonathan Marín Cano SJ on (January 19) Francis said…
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Above average semantical accuracy in objective discernment of the subjective discernment. Neo-marxists from frankfurt school have revolutionized … More
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Francis Making Fun Of The Contemplative Life

On January 21, Pope Francis tried to be funny while meeting contemplative nuns in Peru, “Seeing you here, I get the impression that you took advantage of this visit to get out for some fresh air.” …
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If gossiping nuns are a problem, how much more must heretical, dissident, homosexual,... prelates be?
Gwaredd Thomas
From a new book: THE DICTATOR POPE by Marcantonio Colonna "The inside story of the most tyrannical and unprincipled papacy of modern times. Jorg… More
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Vatican Prepares Drowsy Church for Abolishing Celibacy

The prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Beniamino Stella, a blind partisan of Pope Francis, announced that the Vatican is “studying” ordaining married men to a part-time priesthood. …
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@Rafał_Ovile Francis' & his subjects attitude towards "damned" Martin Luther exposes him as a continuer of the Protestant Reformation from within … More
amni_jane paraphrised [We are allowed to change and the church must change as the world is changing.. ] Luther's heresy as an erroneous idea. In … More
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Church Complains Because of Money - Not Because of Abortion

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau requires organizations like the Church to sign off in favour of abortion if they want to receive money for funded students jobs in summer. Since this is about …
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Archbishop Terence Prendergast says it’s “logically impossible” for Justin Trudeau to reconcile his Catholicism with his support for abortion (ongoing for a Decade).
Does Pope Francis make deals with PM Trudeau? Truly, does this happen?
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Is the Pope Catholic? - By Christopher Manion

Over the years a popular riposte to questions with painfully obvious answers invoked the Holy Father, the Successor of Peter and the leader of the Catholic Church on earth. For centuries, the answer …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
No........job done.....Mr Manion could have saved his time for cutting his toe nails or ironing his Y fronts
Is Francis Catholic? If we judge using Catholic criteria, no. His view of the Church is not the view that the Church has historically had of herself.
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Preacher Wears Dog Mask

Twitter-User Kevin Acker published on January 20 the picture of deacon Anthony DiIenno preaching with the mask of a dog on his head. Acker commented: “Only in Philadelphia is this not a weird scene …
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Animalizing the human and humanizing the animal. Many people have confused the hierarchy of God's earthly creatures by erroneous cognition of … More
De Profundis
Liturgical innovators return to their vomit.
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Irish Exorcist Doubts that "Modern-Day Priests" Believe In Demons

In recent years the demand of people who look for exorcists to deal with demonic possession “has risen exponentially”, said renowned Irish exorcist Fr Pat Collins. The Irish Catholic writes on Januar…
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Like St Padre Pio - the stigmatized Priest said to the man who said he did not believe in Hell. "You will - when you get there!" I know it's true! … More
Gwaredd Thomas
Fr. Pat Collins looks like this chap who ran a pub I used to frequent prior to moving to the states. Put a collar on Father so us blokes can tell who you are. Just sayin'.
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Cardinal Believes, Francis' Words Are "Source Of Great Pain”

Pope Francis’ defence of Chilean Bishop Juan Barros were “a source of great pain for survivors of [homo]sexual abuse” according to Cardinal Seán O’Malley writing in a statement on…
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During the news conference (January 22), the Pope said that he had seen Cardinal O’Malley’s statement and that he has appreciation for the cardinal: … More
De Profundis
O'Malley is already the second cardinal distancing himself from a papal statement or action this week. Cardinal Eijk, the Archbishop of Utrecht, did … More
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Priest: “My Mother Was Told To Abort Me”

Father Martino Choi shared during a homily the story of a pregnant woman who was told after her ultrasound that the child’s organs were not developing properly, that the child would not survive the …
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We know Fr. Martin well! He served in our parish as a seminarian. I'm so happy to see he is sharing this awesome true story. Thank you, Gloriatv!
De Profundis
"Well, countrymen, they are going to hang me, I forgive them and my Father God also forgives them, and always, Long live Christ the King!" said … More
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Vicar General, “I Would Have Suspended A Priest Acting Like Pope Francis”

An unnamed vicar general has commented on Pope Francis’ marriage on an airplane, “If he were a priest in my diocese I would ensure he was suspended, and at his age retired from a public liturgical …
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The pope knows all of this yet he doesn't care. That's how tyrants behave.
Dr Stuart Reiss
I don’t think the situation is different than in the papal aeroplane in some diocese in UK. It’s a well known fact that in Westminster Joseph and … More
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Francis Celebrated Mass At Empty Places

During his apostolic journey Pope Francis celebrated on January 18 a mass in the city of Iquique, in northern Chile. Preparations were made for over 300,000 faithful, but according to pro-Francis …
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Popemania didnt work in Chile ?
Jim Dorchak
I am in Chile.......... and as I said before......... Pope who?
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Francis’ Airplane-Wedding Was Planned Beforehand

The wedding ceremony with Pope Francis in the airplane on January 18 was apparently not a “spontaneous idea” as claimed by Francis’ partisan Father Antonio Spadaro. The Chilean newspaper El Merc…
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I suppose he and his cronies thought this would be a perfectly HEARTWARMING event that would tug at the heartstrings of the faithful. Oh LOOK how '… More
Joseph a' Christian
@Dr Stuart Reiss Exsellent summary of the deseitful absurdities that Bergoglio infliktes upon our great Church. God bless you.
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German Old-Rite Trappist Abbey Will Be Closed Down

The old-rite Trappist abbey of Mariawald, Germany, will be closed down. The Vatican, the Trappist order, and the Diocese of Aachen on whose territory the abbey is located, have announced this in …
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What is source for this news?
Far too much money and no kindness...Money can´t buy it.…/-Vatican-Corrup…
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The Old Rite Is “Breathtakingly Beautiful”

Father Cassian Folsom, the founder of the Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy, experienced the Old Latin Mass first in the 1990s while vising the monastery in Le Barroux, France. Folsom told onepete…
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