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Youth Delegate: The Church Should Be "Open to All" - Really?

Practicing Homosexuals allegedly "live their faith within the Church too" and "should feel as children of God and not as problems,” Silvia Teresa Teresa Retamales Morales, a Chilean delegate to the …
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Lisi Sterndorfer
"I have resisted to the best of my powers the spirit of liberalism in religion." John Henry Newman Maybe we start resisting with truth and God's powe… More
paul grech
To really feel like children of God practising homosexuals should stop fornicating and repent of their disgusting behaviour!
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Gay Youth Synod: "Change" for the Sake of "Changing"

Father Bruno Cadoré, the Master General of the Dominicans, talked like a gay propagandist around buzzwords like “diversity”, “welcoming attitude”, “openness” and “openness to diversity” a the …
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Lisi Sterndorfer
Human nature (and sin) doesn't change. Technology, environment... some details change. But who we are? Nothing new under the sun.
Dr Bobus
I am definitely in favor of more change: Start by eliminating the picnic tables from the sanctuary, and say mass as orientem. Then begin the return … More
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SSPX: “We Refuse to Accept Second Vatican Council”

The Society of Saint Pius X refuses to accept the Second Vatican Council as “just another council”, its new superior general, Father Davide Pagliarani, said. In a interview (October 12) …
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So, he doesnt follow GTV then? Booooooooooooo....he's right about VII though..of course he's right. VII was a disaster..worse than these poxy Franky … More
@eticacasanova true, they aren't saying much about the Pope and Bishops, but we are just seeing the fruits of the Vat II Council. Vat II was meant … More
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Beloved Francis Wants to “Shake Up" Church

Pope Francis told Corina Mortola Rodríguez, a Mexican delegate at the Youth Synod, during a coffee break that young people must “shake up" the Church. Talking at a press conference (, …
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Frank believes, al right. He believes in POWER, as the gnostic kabalist-communist that he is. As his fathers, Karl Marx, Shabbetai Tzevi and Jakob … More
@alex j vox populi. I hadn’t read your comment before posting mine. The Holy Spirit spoke to both of us of the same thing. Presto that’s now ordinary… More
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Spanish Bergoglio-Cardinal Expects Creation of "New Kinds of Families”

Barcelona Cardinal Juan José Omella called on “us old folks” to embark on the “new path” Pope Francis is pointing at. Talking at a press conference on the Youth Synod (October 13), Omella claimed …
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alex j
"Memories Are Made Of This" (Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me you can't beat the memories you gave-a me) Take one fresh and tender kiss Add … More
This is code language. If you can’t say what you mean out loud this is willfully deceitful language.

Null and Void: Francis "Laicises" Abuse Bishops

Pope Francis has "laicised" on October 13 two retired Chilean Bishops as a "punishment" for alleged homosexual abuses. The first is former La Serena Archbishop Francisco José Cox, 84, a member of …
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Don Reto Nay
@CatMuse: A part from the fact that this "Rite of degradation" is quite obscure (was it ever applied?), the question remains: On the basis of what … More
There was a Rite of degradation. See below for a description.…/history-the-rit… More
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Another Gay? New Vatican Sostituto Edgar Peña Parra in Hot Water

Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, handpicked by Pope Francis, will start as the Deputy of the Vatican Secretary of State on October 15. But last week a 25-page dossier was emailed to some Vatican cardina…
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eticacasanova, I am an American and thank you for your post, I had no idea about the Guerra Federal. As I was reading your post it reminded me of … More
Bum chums propped up

Is Francis’ Condemnation of Abortion A Prelude For Another Betrayal of the Faith?

Pope Francis' strong condemnation of abortion and linking it to hiring a hitman (October 10) could be a bad omen, Maria Madise of the Pro-Life organisation SPUC has warned. She reminds on LifeSiteNew…
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Dr Bobus
IHMO, the recent statements on abortion by the pope are meant to distract from the synod.

Francis Was Against Ouellet’s Answer, Preferred "Silence"

Robert Mickens - who called Benedict XVI in in 2014 a “rat” - has refuted the idea that Pope Francis encouraged Cardinal Ouellet to write his open letter against Archbishop Viganò accusing him to …
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All this divisive scandal could have been avoided if Pope Francis had directly addressed all of Vigano's 11 pages of charges on August 25th. He … More

A Certain „Angelo Becciu“ Denies on Twitter Coccopalmerio’s Gay Party

The Twitter-Account “Angelo Becciu” (October 11) denied a report according to which Cardinal Coccopalmerio was present at the famous 2017 Vatican gay and drug party thrown by his secretary. The "…
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la verdad prevalece
If this sect has been willing to desecrate their own bodies with the vice of sodomy, adding another sin lying does not mean anything to them because … More
Why covering up sin ?

Bishop Changes - Calls Homosexuals Now to "Conversion", "Change of Life"

Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron was confronted at a Youth Synod press conference (October 12) with his 2017 statement according to which homosexuals are “beloved children of God” and the …
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evil deceives
Okay, that's a step in the right direction. Next step, call for an end to this Synod!

Mud Instead of Music in Catholic Churches – Cardinal Sarah

Sarah has stated that certain forms of music used in Catholic churches go against the soul's "elementary right" to intimacy which he puts on the same level as the "human rights". Such music causes …
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alex j
@ St, Cuthbert Mayne Ora pro nobis. You state the obvious, "The entire Church is in crisis." A large part of the Church's problem has been the … More
Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the … More

Benedict XVI “not as Agile as a Few Months ago” - Cardinal

Former Benedict XVI is “not as agile as he was a few months ago”. Therefore he will not attend the Sunday canonisation of [the highly dubitable Saints] Oscar Romero and Paul VI, according to …
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De Profundis
The Vatican Press Office also said Pope Francis invited Benedict to participate at the Canonisation Mass tomorrow, he declined. Benedict did not … More

Remember the Cadaver Synod – by Dr Geoffrey Brushwood

Do you know your synod (Greek: σύνοδος) from your council (Latin: concilium)? Apart from the obvious difference in language, the two are synonymous. However, in general, a synod is meant to be a …
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No doubt the Cadaver synod accomplished more than the synod of youth (and the other two family synods) looks like Ed Pentin might have a Trilogy to … More

"Are You A Homosexual, Bishop?"

Oakes Spalding’s blog "Mahound's Paradise" published on October 2 an interview with Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Mark Bartosic. The interview was recorded on September 23rd, after the 8:00 AM Mass at …
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Voilà une jolie société dans laquelle vous désirez aller, n'est-ce pas ?

Francis Reaches New Low: Appoints Fox to Guard the Chicken

Pope Francis knew that pro-gay Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio was present at the 2017 gay and drug party of his secretary, Monsignore Luigi Capozzi. Nevertheless he consulted him about inflictin…
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alex j
@Tesa, Well put!!!
"In these sad times they want free-love for the laity and marriage for the clergy. If you perceive in this apparent illogicality an implacable logic … More

These People Will "Write" the [Already Written] Final Synod Document

The Vatican has released on October 10 the names of those in charge of writing the Youth Synod's already drafted final document. (October 10) writes that "based on the composition of …
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He was invited 2 weeks later to Torun, Poland to Wyzsza Szkola Kultury spolecznej i Medialnej, radio Maryja an applauded by these people ... JEZUS i … More
Arcybishop Bruno Forte ,,, I see him... he was famous heretic during synod about family and he written passus in midterm about value of homosexuality… More

Youth Synod: Crazy And Other Statements

Bombay Cardinal Gracias was “struck” and did “not expect” that the young people were asking for “better liturgies”. “For me this was a revelation”, he added (press conference, October 9). Mexico Card…
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Cardinal Coccopalmerio Was Present at Drug Party – Francis Knows

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, 80, was physically present during the famous 2017 gay and drug party in the flat of his secretary, Monsignor Luigi Capozzi. The party was terminated by a police …
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I am frustrated standing by and watching this train wreck keep unfolding before my eyes. Now, I hear the Vatican will now try to put as much blame … More
Lisi Sterndorfer
Anybody surprised?
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Abuse Hoax: Michigan Cares Only about “Catholic Abuses”

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced on September 21 that he will launch a statewide investigation into (homo)sexual abuses in the Catholic Church. But Catholic League’s Bill Donohue …
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alex j
For once Donohue has a point.