Francis’ Partisans Defend Cardinal Pell, Even His Enemies Admit Innocence

Pope Francis’ biographer Austin Ivereigh, 52, has defended Cardinal Pell and criticised his iniquitous conviction. Ivereigh writes on Twitter (December 13) that he knows many [heterodox] Australian …
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“Liberal” Bishops Turn Hyper-Authoritarian Against Catholics - Cardinal Müller

Liberal Bishops undermine their authority by demanding obedience to false teachings and violations of the moral law, Cardinal Gerhard Müller wrote in a statement on (December 12). …

Pell Witch Trial: "Total Astonishment" Over Bogus Conviction

There was a “total astonishment” in the court-room after a Melbourne jury convicted Cardinal George Pell on December 11, reported. Those present in the court-room spoke of a “terribl…
If he is innocent ,somebody worked really hard to incriminate him
De Profundis
Sources say that the hang Jury in the first Hearing was deadlocked 10-2 in favor of Pell.

Fifth Mass-goer Has Died

Heleno Severo Alves, 84, died on November 12 after he was shot a day earlier in the Cathedral of Campinas, Brazil. A gunman had opened fire at the faithful who were assisting Mass. Police responded …
The answer to anyone who talks about the surplus population is to ask him whether he is the surplus population, or if he is not, how he knows he is … More

The Council of Cardinals Shrinks

Pope Francis decided not to replace the Cardinals Pell, Errázuriz and Monsengwo who are leaving his Council of Cardinals. The Council now consists of the Cardinals Maradiaga, Bertello, Gracias, Marx,…
Why are these cardinals leaving the council???
Jim Dorchak
Homo clericalism at work

Holy See Now Officially Promotes Abortion and Contraception

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, participated on December 10 at the Marrakesh conference which agreed upon the U.N. Global Compact for Migration. Its final draft contains 23 …
alex j
Fake News? Possibly! But then we get a barrage of fake Catholic utterances from Francis. o what's new?
Could this possibly be Fake News!?

There Is High Percentage Of Gay Priests In Pope Francis’ Argentinia – Archbishop

“I can assure you that, in some dioceses, the percentage of homosexual priests is high", retired La Plata Archbishop Héctor Aguer, 75, said during a reflexion aired by TV Canal 9 (December 8). Homo…
once in awhile a good will clergy comes out courageously and speaks up the truth .thank you
Gesù è con noi
“Someone who lived practicing the vice of sodomy will suffer more pains in Hell than anyone else, because this is the worst sin” Saint Bernardine of … More

More Details on the Secret Conviction of Innocent Cardinal Pell

The bogus conviction of Cardinal George Pell on December 11 – reported yesterday - was based on an unanimous verdict of the jury, writes the anti-Church (December 12). The …
So here we are, they tried for years just to pin him on knowing something about some sicko wolf in sheep's clothing, but couldn't there wasn't even … More
Dangerous business to be a target of homosexual freemasons in high positions.

Sweden: Catholic Church Entangled In Pro-Abortion Organisations

Stockholm Diocese and Caritas Sweden are partners of pro-abortion and pro-contraception organisations, has found (December 10). One of them is the Swedish Mission Council, an …
please pray for Cleansing of the church from evil
So gooooood Lepanto and Hitchborn nailed their ... Now, go deceive your grannies, libtards!!!!! Removes Report: Outcome of Secret Australian Kangaroo Court Must Be Kept Secret

On December 11, under this URL a [truthful] piece of news about the outcome of Cardinal George Pell’s retrial was published. The news was based on first hand information. received an email …
En fait Vatican News nous apprend que Pell a été condamné mais que cela ne sera confirmé ou infirmé que dans quelques mois. L'Antéchrist en a … More
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Scandal-Hit Bishop Resigns in India

Pope Francis accepted on December 10 the resignation of Cuddapah Bishop Prasad Gallela, 56, South East India. Two Catholics had filed a criminal complaint against him in a court in Andhra Pradesh. …
At least the alleged lover was a woman not male like the typical Euro-American Episcopal live interest eg Tobin.
Holy Cannoli
While the bishop maintains his innocence and far be it for me to publicly condone any form of unrestrained violence either physical or verbal, there … More

German Philosopher Robert Spaemann R.I.P.

The German Philosopher Robert Spaemann, 91, has died on December 10 after long illness, has learned from his son Christian. Spaemann taught at the Universities of Stuttgart, Heidelberg …
Spaemann wrote in the beginning of his book about ethics that it contained hopefully “nothing new”, because “as far as the good life is concerned, … More
Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.

French Bishop Joins Yellow Vest Demonstrators

Bishop Bernard Ginoux of Montauban, France, joined on Sunday the French yellow vest demonstrators wearing a yellow vest himself. According to (December 10) he told the demonstrat…

Supreme Judge Kavanaugh Has Already Betrayed

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday rebuffed efforts to block funding to the abortion network Planned Parenthood. It refused to discuss two lower court opinions claiming that states violate federal law …
Comme quoi, il ne faut pas s'y fier.

Abuse Hoax: Boston Globe Rejects Request for Data Used for Sham Article

A Boston Globe front-page story alleged on November 4 that according to a study more than 130 U.S. bishops were accused of “failing to adequately respond to sexual misconduct in their dioceses.” …
Holy Cannoli
@limey twit writes: GTV is a haven for nutters like yourself to splatter comments throughout that aren’t Catholic at all... Actually, little man, … More
Holy Cannoli
@limey twit I thought rather naively that there might be some things posted here by GTV without your nihil obstat. But by placing a like on the … More

Burke: Francis' Idea that "Some New Magisterium" May Be Created Is "Simply False"

Pope Francis' September Apostolic Constitution “Episcopalis Communio” on Bishops’ Synods is “problematic”, Cardinal Raymond Burke has declared. He told (December 5) that this …
The obvious effect of frivolous divorce will be frivolous marriage. If people can be separated for no reason they will feel it all the easier to be … More

Casually Dressed Bishop Becomes Successor of Cardinal

Bishop Abel Gabuza, 63, of Kimberley, South Africa, was appointed by Pope Francis on December 9 as Durban coadjutor-archbishop and therefore as the successor of Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, 77. Gabuza …
If he shows disrespect to his office (a post V2 cliché), that earns him credit with Francis. Now to see about the other requirements of a FrancisBish… More
Annunced on Sunday, and no curriculum of the coadjutor provided in the bollettino. (Anyway, a "Justice & Peace", pastoral, successor for Cardinal … More

Argentinean Bishop Needs Cash For Jazz Mass

In a December audio, Buenos Aires Auxiliary Bishop Alejandro Giorgi announced that the Argentinean bishops are collecting money in order to send twenty musicians to the World Youth Day 2019 in …
Here is the bishop with his plastic ears
The logo is horrible- a snake swallowing a cross?

Bishop Ordered Disposal Of Possible Eucharistic Miracle Without Investigation

When a consecrated host fell on the floor in St Vincent de Paul, Buffalo, USA, a deacon put it in an ablution cup in the tabernacle. On November 30, in the ablution cup a red substance was detected …
The Bishop was wrong in not doing an investigation ,and iam sorry for that ,but Jesus will be with us until the end of times
How was it clear to anyone that the presence of of Lord had left the host as the normal dissolution of the host did not occur? Is it not true … More

Pagan Celebration In Greek-Orthodox Cathedral

The India Association of New Orleans, Louisiana, celebrates on December 8 its annual observance of Diwali Saturday. The event takes place at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in New Orleans. Acco…
De Profundis
Even Martin Luther, the arch-heretic, believed in the Immaculate Conception.
Is it surprising that a schismatic church allows paganism.