Woman refused Communion after ordination to diaconate

Dear Kathleen, please leave the true Church and become the pope of your own.
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Point well taken, Mr. Belloc.

A thousand times more true today than ever before.

Mexican women marry trees

What exactly is the name of this mental sickness?

If God wants to save a soul, he will send a missionary

Some one , some where, bought the grace for this persons conversion by prayer and sacrifice

Another Gay Seminary Is Blowing Up

They only act when they get caught and it's in the news. Otherwise, it's all good.
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The Vortex—Pope Francis Must Act

M. Voris, are you serious? You can't be that naïve.
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Fraud : Sister Lucy I (Pre-1958) and Sister Lucy II (Post-1958) are Definitely NOT the Same Person.

Glad to see it validated but it was pretty obvious. The evil forces in the Vatican will ignore it and go on their merry way. Most people don't even know about Fatima.

Did "Conservative" Lincoln Seminary Have Homosexual Subculture?

If the Church were a building then, when you opened the door you would be inundate with cockroaches.
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Pope Against Pope

Francis would never use strong language like this when speaking about abortion. Shows where his priorities are.