Anti-Pope Francis: Former popes ignored mercy in using ‘inhuman’ death penalty

I wonder if Francis thinks that God ignores mercy over justice when He condemns a soul to hell.

Canada’s Supreme Court rules that LGBT rights come BEFORE your religious beliefs

Pray that Canada is severely chastised by God, it might bring them to their knees

Another liturgical a parish in quezon city manila, Philippines

Funny how it looks like a Catholic church but the spirit is nowhere to be found. Maybe they could just double as a nightclub

Abolishing Celibacy Will Be Irrevocable - Cardinal Eijk

Just another step in the revolution to destroy the Church. Next it will be accepting openly gay priests, then transgender ones then God only knows what's next.

Luminous Mysteries

Luminous mysteries should not be said by Catholics

Dancing is no liturgy

If Christ appeared he would have a knotted cord in His hands and would drive them out as he did the money changers in the temple. He would say something to the effect that , My Father's house is a house of prayer but you have made it into a circus.

Archeologists: Sodom and Gomorrah literally destroyed by fire and brimstone falling from the sky

I think that those who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah would be shocked at our world today. We are far worse.

It’s not the same religion. – What's Up With Francis-Church?

It's really not. It's protestant and as phony as the day is long.

Flashback: Francis mocked the Tridentine Latin Mass

Those who hate the traditional mass hate the Catholic faith.

Connecticut apostate bishop appoints laywoman to lead parish

Maybe after Francis exits, the bishop can nominate some liberal pro-abort for pope

Women and Men - Then and Now

We will not have Christ as king so this is what we get. It only gets worse.

The Church's Decline Since the Liturgical Reform Is Unprecedented

"St". Paul VI, isn't one. "St" JPII isn't one. After Benedict XVI dies and is canonized, he won't be one either.

Supreme Judge Kavanaugh Has Already Betrayed

He is applauded by other Catholics such as ,Biden, Kerry, Pelosi,etc. However, God withheld His applause and will demand an accounting of your actions some day, judge.

Argentina bishops follow pope's lead with major interreligious declaration

Oh, I had almost forgotten how much we can learn from false religions who reject Jesus Christ. Glad the bishops reminded me.
Niemand kommt zum Vater, außer durch Mich

Pray, wait, be patient and don’t panic.

Seems to me that God is arranging the pieces quickly for the victory that will come suddenly and this victory He has entrusted to the Blessed Virgin.

The Luminous Mysteries (4 of 4 ) Prayed on Thursday.

I guess ,"St. JP II" figured he could improve upon what Our Lady had perfected.

First Gay Mass in St Ignatius, New York

I'm sure that Cardinal Dolan will shut this down quickly