Religious Liberty Prayer Card

Religious liberty - what garbage. God demands that we worships Him as He wants, not as we want. The Catholic way is the only way.

Cardinal condemns God for separating families

The cardinal places himself above God. Satan never dared to do such a thing, he just wanted to be God's equal.

Melinda Gates Slams President Trump for Defunding International Planned Parenthood

Blood thirsty, elitist butcher. Her father, the devil is proud of her. May God in His mercy somehow save her soul.
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Where Have All the Catholics Gone ?

Where have all the Catholics gone? The bishops abandoned us and we faded away.

Polish Church Says Goodbye to John Paul II

JP II was a modernist and no saint. These polish bishops should instead be reminding adulterers that hell awaits them unless they repent. They a re apostates for not doing so.
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Brady group, Jesse Jackson confront Chuck's Gun Shop

If there is a camera around, Jesse will be found. Fraud!
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Fantastic news coming from the Diocese of Wichita

Yes, but are they Novus Ordo entertainer priests or priests that will preach the gospel fearlessly?

Irish laypeople lead funerals - Catholic priest numbers drop

And to think that at one time Ireland had so many excess priests that they exported them all over the world! Thank you , Vatican II

Ireland: Catholic Hospitals Will Be Forced to Kill Babies

Bet the bishops will say; Oh well, what can we do. Might as well go along.
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This new “church” in Bavaria cost $17.5 million

looks like it would make a good masonic hall
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Irish Archbishop: Homosexual Couples Welcome At "World Meeting of Families"

The Irish Church was silent on the murder of unborn children but speaks now that they can send more souls to hell via homosexuality.
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When Did I Start Believing in God? - Putin Answers "Very Intimate Question"

How can you trust a communist? Can't . That would be like trusting Planned Parenthood, a democrat or the vast majority of republicans.

Irish PM: Doctors will be forced to refer women for abortions

Satan is just getting started in Ireland. He won't be satisfied until every last Catholic is eliminated in St. Patrick's land.

Catholic university bans ‘proselytizing’ on campus

God forbid Catholics convert others to the faith so that they can save their souls.