What Satanist are legally allowed to do every day practically Everywhere

The truly tragic thing is that the good majority of Catholics support abortion and have no trouble with voting for those who embrace it.

Pope Francis Suppresses Ecclesia Dei, Transfers Duties to CDF

Who would ever want full communion with apostate Rome?

Ireland's "Progress"

I bet many of these young people are poorly educated in the faith and therefore are ripe for converting to the devils faith; Islam.

Updates from David Daleiden

Everyone should be praying for David and that this court case causes the death of the satanic PP

Medjugorje Shrine Will Be Enlarged

Medjugorje is not only false, it is demonic. Utter garbage!
Medjugorje is Heaven on Earth. I can't wait to go 😎😍😇💪🏼👍🏼👌🏼🙏🏼💋❤

Ecumenism Isn’t An Option, Pope Affirms - ZENIT - English

For Francis, ecumenism isn't an option. Neither is converting others to the faith so that they can save their souls.

LGBT Drag Queens Given Access to Little Childen: Join the Protest

When I look at this pervert dressed as a woman, I see the face of satan. Eternal shame on these parents who bring their children to this filth.

Catholic apologist expresses bewilderment over hierarchy silencing a faithful priest but not dissen…

The bishops silence those who love the faith and encourage those who hate it. Simple.

Jewish Guest Removes Crucifix in Church Hall – Diocese Keeps Quiet

Don't want to offend anybody now , do we? Christ said that those who were ashamed of Him, He would deny at their judgement.

Good Morning All.

Every Catholic should start their day, on their knees. with 3 Hail Marys. She will open Heaven to you if you do so.

Cheated by the popes

The Novus Ordo is pure sugar and rots the soul. Many prelates hate the traditional mass because they know it is intrinsically beautiful and attractive to the young. They are terrified that the real mass will cause the implosion of the protestant ,"mass" they love.

Two New Order Bishops for the Neo-SSPX

If Francis approves of a bishop, you know he can't be good.

US Cardinal, Jesus Was "Reborn in Grace” – What?

Another example of a prelate who doesn't know Catholicism 101.

Arab Christians clash violently with police in Haifa over ‘McJesus’ sculpture

God bless these Arab Christians. At least they are willing to fight for Christ.

How very, very, very rich people talk about divorce.

As the bible says; The rich have slept the slept and found nothing in their hands.
Poor Bezos, he will have nothing to present to Christ at his judgement.

Heartbreaking abortion story

I guess the professor thought he could get away with this, the arrogant bum. He should be immediately fired but of course, that won't happen. Now, if he had made a remark that was perceived as anti-semitic, his teaching career would be instantly over. However, since he only assigned an disgustingly blasphemous book about the , Mother of God, he can happily go on his way.

Homosexual Abuses: Liberal Bishop Admits the Truth

The homosexual crisis is as bad today as it has ever been. The homosexual priests are just better at hiding it and when they are caught, chances are the bishop will cover for them.

Francis Favours And Uses Morally Compromised Prelates

The morally compromised ones are very easy to control.

Traditional Benedict Center Answers De Facto Interdict

I personally know the brothers at the , Saint Benedict Center and they are as solid as a Catholic as you would ever want to meet.

Polish bishop Antoni Długosz dances Tango in a church

The bishop makes a total fool of himself and the sheep clap and record it all. The depths to which the Church has fallen!

Headlines—January 7, 2019

The charges will not be tossed out at his particular judgement.

Hardliner Bergoglio Bishop Exiles Priest For Being Catholic

Stalin would be proud of how the bishops treat their faithful priests

Vatican investigates Catholic group after exorcism claim that Francis is devil's man

The demons only speak truth when they are forced to. My opinion is that Francis is an enemy of the faith and the demons must be pleased with many of his actions.

Francis Feels “Annoyance" At the Church

Francis has annoyance at all things Catholic!

Neoconservative Steubenville Declines Fast: Mother of God “Had Sex”

At the very least, the professor should be tarred and feathered then thrown into the river
This professor has been possessed.

Superior orders outspoken priest on sex-abuse scandal to ‘cease and desist’

New rules for priests from Newchurch.: If you speak things Catholic, we will find you and destroy you!

Heresy Cardinal Kasper Plays the "Fear" Card

85 years old and he has no fear of God or the particular judgement.

Irish Archbishop Opposes Pro-Lifers, “I Am Not For Protests”

The bishop is against protests to save an unborn child of God? Sooner rather than late, He will meet this bishop.

Again: Francis Refuses to Bless

Francis doesn't bless with the sign of the cross for a reason. I think you can figure it out.
He says fairly clearly that he doesn't believe except in Jesus as an historical proto Che Guevara.

Edelweiss - The Sound of Music, Little Singers of Armenia

Very beautiful and very talented.
Sonia Chrisye
Die dt. Übersetzung:
Sehr schön und sehr talentiert.

Vatican investigating third accusation of abuse against ex-Cardinal McCarrick

It is impossible to calculate the physical and spiritual harm that McCarrick has done. Worse yet are those who covered for him for decades, allowing this snake to continue destroying souls.

My abortion failed and I had to give birth to a live, crying baby who died an hour later in my arms

Just like in Nazi Germany, imperfect children are not welcome in this ,"perfect" world of ours.

Bergoglio tries to Cover up serial predator McCarrick by blaming the victim

Disgusting but to be expected by the apostates that control the Vatican.