BREAKING: Pro-abort U.S. First Lady dead at 92

The BBC article linked here describes Barbara Bush, wife of one U.S. president and mother of another, as needing to "tone down" her pro-abortion views that were at odds with her husband's party. …
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Sunamis 46
This presidents that brought so much bad luck to the world- And did so much damage to the people in amerika and elsewhere More
Sunamis 46
"Another one bites the dust" A song from "queen" More
Boys. Oh boy...

WALSH: The Four Terrible Things That Are Destroying Boys In Our Culture

Our culture is very bad for boys. It's bad for girls, too. It's bad for everyone. But I think we fail to recognize and appreciate the unique struggle…
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Pity the poor innocent children that have to grow up into todays cesspool of a world. Woe to those responsible!
Things that are distroying boys are feminism and corrupted polititians with corrupted laws
Too bad Facebook's "Big Cheese" wasn't "grilled" today, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

It's National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Food Network's Chopped Junior Champion and Moseley's own, Claire Hollingsworth made us a classic grilled cheese sandwich. Check out her pro tips.
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@Dr Bobus ours will have tomato and sauteed red onions, even the kids'.
Dr Bobus
I didn't know it was nat'l grilled cheese day. My favorite way is with extra sharp cheddar cheese and sourdough bread (buttered)

Ben Sasse on Executive Unilateralism - Full Speech

This is a 2015 video of Ben Sasse (Nebraska), the senator who took down The Zuck in hearings this week discussing the reality of Facebook squashing conversation they do not like.
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Your great-grandmother: 12 kids Your grandmother: 6 kids Your mother: 2 kids You: More


Abuse without end - II
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Abuse with no end - I
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Come Lord Jesus. Come soon.
This is great satire piece on Planned Parenthood calling for Disney to create a princess who has had an abortion.

Exclusive Reveal: 7 Upcoming Progressive Disney Princesses

Our investigative team at The Babylon Bee (consisting of one 16-year-old kid on the internet who told us he had some good computer hacking skills …
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NARAL calls Wal Mart's removal of magazine a "perversion" of #MeToo

All-things-abortion advocate NARAL has called retail chain Wal Mart's decision to remove Cosmopolitan magazine from their check-out lines a "perversion" of the #MeToo movement that brings awarene…
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Planned Parenthood: We need a Disney princess who has had an abortion

PLEASE share far and wide! From The Daily Wire: When the lovely folks over at taxpayer-funded abortion mill Planned Parenthood aren't snuffing out life and haggling over prices of body parts for …
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Here's an excellent satire piece from The Babylon Bee.
Sunamis 46
If these people had to share the live of the homeless people they would dtop talking nonsense They were busy to collect empty bottles to … More
Less than two weeks after the U.S. gun protest walk out, this student is organizing an abortion protest.

California Student Organizes School Walkout to Protest Abortion | National Review

16-year-old Brandon Gillespie organized the protest just weeks after students walked out across the country to protest for stricter gun-control laws.
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Thousands demanded college condemn gay rape threats against pro-family student.

Providence College president finally condemns gay rape threats against pro-family student

This Dominican priest 'comes across as exhausted by a rigid Church,' the targeted student says.
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This is an excellent summary of facts surrounding Francis' "eleven little booklets".

Far From Continuity, Here There Is a Chasm. The True Story of the Eleven Booklets

> Italiano > English > Español > Français > All the articles of Settimo Cielo in English * As the days go by it is ever more evident that Francis …
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Living through the meltdown

Living through the Meltdown: An Imaginary Biography - OnePeterFive

You were born in 1938. You grew up in a parish where multiple Sunday Masses were packed with Catholics. Some of your earliest memories are of the …
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Bishop Tobin commends Resident Advisor threatened after affirming marriage

Michael Smalanskas had to be moved to an undisclosed location in the middle of the night after a bulletin board he created at (Catholic) Providence College explaining Catholic Church teaching on …
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Viganò: Fired...and Rehired

Fr. Z (Fr. Z's Blog) informs us that Viganò, sacked for the poor handling of Francis' "booklet" roll-out, has been rehired to a sort of second in command in the very same office where he erred. From…
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SECRETUM MEUM MIHI Carta de Francisco con la que la acepta (la renuncia como prefecto) , pero “nombrándolo como Asesor para el Dicasterio de la … More
Dr Bobus
@Atanasio de Trento Canon 1391 says it is possible that someone be punished (puniri potest). You say that he must be punished.

Chloe has a message:

Wear odd socks on March 21st to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Day!
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Don Reto Nay
What a great girl! God had very good reasons to create her.
What a lovely little girl - God bless her parents for looking after her

California teacher put on leave for questioning walkouts

California school teacher Julianne Benzel was put on leave for her in-class discussion of the politics of pre-planned student walkouts taking place across the country in response to the recent … More
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