L’évêque refuse de réembaucher une enseignante divorcée-remariée

11 octobre 2017 L’évêque d’Almeria en Espagne refuse de réembaucher une enseignante d’instruction religieuse divorcée et remariée, malgré une injonction judiciaire. Mgr Gonzalez Montes, évêque d’…
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Des furies féministes et antichrétiennes assiègent la cathédrale et tentent de l’incendier

Ville de Resistencia, Argentine-19 Octobre 2017 La marche annuelle des mouvements féministes est à chaque fois synonyme de violences antichrétiennes. En soirée, la cathédrale a été à nouveau assiégée…
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Spina Christi 2
En effet chère Sainte Blandine En même temps, quand on voit des églises prêtées à des musulmans pour leur culte satanique, des cathédrales transform… More
Sainte Blandine
Elles sont pilotées par le démon !
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François aspire à une pleine communion avec les méthodistes

Selon François, "Les méthodistes peuvent nous aider à nous rapprocher encore plus du Seigneur et nous stimuler à offrir un témoignage plus fidèle à l’Évangile !" (RV) François a reçu ce jeudi matin, …
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@Adrien Merci de votre message précis sur les croyances des méthodistes (que je ne connaissais que de nom). Je reste optimiste sur la possibilité - … More
@Sylvanus @Roy-XXIII Les méthodistes ne possèdent pas un ensemble cohérent de croyances dogmatiques. Ils ont une liberté dans leur "Foi" dans … More
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Archbishop Ganswein Denies Rumors That Pope Benedict Is Close to Death

By uCatholic -October 18, 2017 The reports of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s imminent death have been greatly exaggerated, according to his personal secretary Archbishop Georg Ganswein. In posts sprea…
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adeste fideles
“The holy Father will suffer much. I will be with him until the end to receive his sacrifice.” the Blessed Virgin Mary, La Salette
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Anti-Catholic gay activist named chair at Santa Clara Jesuit University

Comedian and CNN host W. Kamau Bell has been named the Frank Sinatra Chair in the Performing Arts at Santa Clara University for 2017-18. The Jesuit university’s website says, “Bell will mentor and …
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The Jesuits love those who think like them
is this a joke?
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Short Forms of the Readings: Distorting the Gospel?

by Matthew Hazell -Wednesday, October 18, 2017 As chance would have it, this last Sunday (OF: 28th Sunday per annum, Year A; EF: 19th Sunday post Pentecosten) the Gospel reading was the same in …
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Mary Carberry a.k.a. Maria "Divine Mercy" betrayed by her own deception!

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Francesca F.
She is a guru bitch. False mystic and possessed.
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The true Origin of "The Book of Truth"

-The true Origin of "The Book of Truth" by Mary McGovern Carberry a.k.a. Maria Divine Mercy. -Read my analysis in the comment section. -MDM-operation failure: Mary Carberry a.k.a. Maria "Divine … More
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@Adrien Yes Adrian, I am waiting for your answer, are you defending Catholic Doctrine or you want to destroy it? I have no time to investigate your … More

Puisse cette cérémonie ... enterrer euh entériner notre relation !

Clédun-Cap Sizun, Bretagne: Maï-Line et Nicolas ont choisi un druide pour les unir... Saint Jean-Marie Vianney, Curé d'Ars disait: « Laissez une paroisse vingt ans sans prêtre, on y adorera les … More
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Le Vrai Visage de Martin Luther - Conférence de l'abbé Jean-Michel Gleize

Conférence en français! Conférence de l'abbé Jean-Michel Gleize: Pour l'écouter, cliquez sur le lien dans la section des commentaires
Conférence de l'abbé Jean-Michel Gleize⇨⇨⇨ ks. Jean-Michel Gleize FSSPX - "Prawdziwe oblicze Lutra"
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The deep crisis of Faith within the Catholic Church¹

LITURGY, THE MIRROR OF FAITH Many Catholics are losing their Faith due to the liturgy of the New Mass, but are they realizing why? We need a spiritual life to keep the Faith and other good works. … More
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Sing along with Mitch or karokee night at the Knights of Columbus. Give them a microphone and watch out.
Sunamis 46
a person from opus dei said the brotherhood of saint pius, is splitting the church? i do not believe it- the vc2 did split it More
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Before the creation of the New Mass, there was the modernization of the Ancient Roman Rite

Friday, October 13, 2017 1967: Reaching the Bottom of the Slippery Slope Gregory DiPippo Here is an interesting bit of history from the post-Conciliar period, a new set of variations to the order of …
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United-States-led coalition ‘annihilates Syrian people and protects ISIS’ – Syrian FM

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has reiterated Damascus' calls to "dissolve" the international coalition led by Washington in Syria, accusing the alliance of not fighting terrorists, but …
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This is condemnable.
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Protestants celebrate a gay marriage in the church of Saint Bridget of Sweden

Sweden, September-23-2017 Protestants celebrate a gay marriage in the Vadstena Abbey Church in which the relics of Saint Bridget of Sweden are kept for 700 years. Catholic pilgrims were surprised …
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Hugh N. Cry
abomination and a sham

Cardinal Cañizares : « Nous célébrons le rétablissement de la foi catholique, qui avait été éliminé…

Le 29 septembre 1238, après 18 mois de siège, les musulmans qui occupaient Valence capitulèrent devant le roi Jacques Ier d’Aragon, dit le Conquérant – né, disons-le en passant, à… Montpellier… Le …
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Thousands of Poles Pray on the Border Against ‘Islamisation of Europe’

Thousands of Catholics formed a human chain along the borders of Poland on the anniversary of an historic victory by Europe over the Ottoman Empire officially to pray for peace and “against the …
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Two Divisions Of Radical Islamists Are Formed IN Germany… More
The courageous Polish people are some of the very few Catholics who are willing to fight for the faith. Most roll over without a fight. Cowards!

Pope Leo XIII on the Holy Rosary 2017

For the third year in a row, we commemorate the feast of the Holy Rosary with an excerpt from the writings of Pope Leo XIII. In the course of his …
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"Satan would enter the highest realms of the hierarchy"

For the sake of brevity, we will focus on only four cardinals: Cardinals Villot, Benelli, Casaroli, and Sodano. Three of these Cardinals have held …
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This is based on the condemned Bayside event.